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MEN’S SOCCER – Wake Forest ACC Championship Highlights

MEN’S SOCCER – Wake Forest ACC Championship Highlights

Now Jean-Christophe Koffi. Virginia settling in here after
sitting so deep early, 1-2. Gets back to Opoku. Miss hit the cross,
Odusote got to it anyway. Afamefuna can’t get much on it. And that’s center back for Wake. Nathanial Crofts has a
step on the Wake back like. Shoots it himself,
and fires in wide. Whether it’s out
wide or centrally, he’s been a difference
maker for Virginia today. Now Gdula is on a yellow
card from earlier, this is going to
be a second yellow. Logan Gdula is out
of the ACC final. Wake Forest reduced to
10 before half-time. You have to wonder if,
in the second half, now Wake Forest drops
a little bit more and Virginia starts to
attack now that they have one extra player. Aguilar looking for
darting run from Opoku. It comes out to Bell, his shot
knuckles right to Cases Mundet. Nus stepping forward, Nixon
calling for it off side. Now they chip it
in his direction. Loss at the back post
and cleared out of the 6 by McKenzie for Wake Forest. Denied that. Aguilar turned it over though. Here’s Eddie Folds. Lays it off for Fernandez, the
goal scorer and Caldwell up to it, catches it after knocking
it straight up in the air. Save of the game so far. Sergi Nus, final
minute of regulation. Cases Mundet came out
and flapped that it, he did get a hand to
the ball in the end. Afamefun. Folds at the back post,
it’s blocked and cleared. It was Opoku at the back post
with a chance for Virginia. Prosper Figbe one
goal in his career, came when he was with
South Florida, finds Opoku. Cases Mundet read it perfectly. Bakero, denied by Caldwell
to start things off. Jeff Caldwell again. Edward Opoku, too high. Wake Forest repeats
unbeaten ACC champions!

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