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Miami Dolphins cheerleader says team discriminated against her

Miami Dolphins cheerleader says team discriminated against her

and right now a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader is making national headlines she has filed a formal complaint against the Dolphins and the NFL for alleged discrimination on her squad it’s got a low contenders for the christen della Rossa who spoke with her today and is live now at Hard Rock Stadium with this one for us tonight Christian she says it all started when people found out she was a Christian she was made fun of then she says things got really bad when people found out she’s a virgin they sat me down and they said you know what let’s talk about your virginity and it shocked me at first and still shocks me today Kristen and we’re speaking to ESPN earlier today now telling local 10 News her days as a Miami Dolphins cheerleader seen here on her Instagram pictures was once a dream come true a dream that quickly turned into a nightmare she says behind her smile she was in pain targeted a mocked for her religious beliefs where says it became too much to bear during a meeting with her superiors she spoke to us on the phone where in her attorney now filing a complaint with the Florida Commission on Human Resources where she’s also claiming her superiors told her she needed to develop into a woman we want change we want to add you want and we’re says the whole thing was so bad she ended up quitting before her contract was up in 2017 we’ve reached out to the Miami Dolphins and the NFL and we’re still waiting to hear back we’re live outside Hard Rock Stadium i’m christian de la Rosa local 10 News

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  1. yes you are……… claim to be a christian but wear nothing. do you not think married men look at your body and get arroused?

  2. she's only 23 yours old and beautiful if she wants to give up her cookie when she's married that's her choice how dare the NFL judge her because she's a virgin actually following God's rules so yeah I have so much respect for this woman not giving up her cookie so fast like most girls

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