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Miami Dolphins’ cheerleaders visit Coast Guard Cutter Dolphin

Miami Dolphins’ cheerleaders visit Coast Guard Cutter Dolphin

So we’re down here in Miami and the cutter is actually sponsored by Mrs. Shula, Don Shula’s wife. She commissioned the cutter back in 2004 and we’ve maintained that relationship with the Miami Dolphins organization. And today’s event is something that coincides with that. Keeping that relationship up and running with the Miami Dolphins organization. I think the tour so far has been pretty great. You know the Coast Guard is out there, but no one really gets a chance to see where they stay while they’re out on the water. It’s really great to see all the neat little buttons, the engine, just everything that they showed us is pretty cool. I think its great that Mrs. Shula commissioned this ship and we’re so happy to be here and represents Dolphins. I think it was a great event for the crew. I know the cheerleaders enjoyed coming by. I think a lot of them enjoyed the small boat ride around the base here. I hope that a mutual appreciation from both sides. Aside from just seeing them on Sunday when everybody is cheering the Dolphins on. So it was nice to be able to take them here and show them around the cutter and give them a little perspective of what we do here. Wear you lifejackets!

4 thoughts on “Miami Dolphins’ cheerleaders visit Coast Guard Cutter Dolphin”

  1. This made me laugh- there's so much consternation regarding ODU fabric ball caps, and unit t-shirt moratoriums, and then in htis video you see a dozen cheerleaders parading around a cutter. Perhaps we should take a page from their book; Wouldn't you like to be in Main Control when the OOD stops by on his round wearing an outfit like that and carrying pom-poms! Ha, ha!

  2. @Poopsmif06 Yeah so much for blackened leather safety boots down in the Aux shop, or those long sleeves during GE. Hell at least they wore helmets on the small boat and didn't mind messing up their hair too bad.

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