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Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra on Jimmy Butler: “He’s a winning basketball player”

Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra on Jimmy Butler: “He’s a winning basketball player”

Erik, we knew that Tyler was confident,
but he’s confident. I mean, what’s it like to see him come out
first game he uniform in this stage and do what he did, especially the first half?>>Yeah, it’s great for
young guys to come in and have the confidence to be
aggressive to feel comfortable. I’m sure he had a lot of
nerves coming into tonight and not knowing really what to expect. But I said that before, I marvel at these
young guys coming into this league now. Particularly, guys that play
at a program like Kentucky. It’s almost like you’re playing and
prepping for the pros. Just the entire environment,
the way they’re coach. The system and playing in front of
big crowds, big media, all of that. I think it just prepares these guys for
this next level. [BLANK_AUDIO]>>Jimmy, tonight seemed to really
pick his spots, didn’t force anything. Is that obviously just who he
is offensively [CROSSTALK] but his preseason in the game tonight?>>Yeah, that’s definitely who he is. I think he always tries to
play the game the right way. Obviously, he’ll be more
aggressive when needed. But he’s never been about how many shots
he can get, how many points he can score. It’s about whether his team is winning or
not. And that’s why I say he’s
a throwback basketball player. He’s a winning basketball player,
he does it on both ends of the court. It’s not just that final
line on the box score sheet.>>Coach, what did you like most about
Silver’s performance in just 14 minutes with time on the court?>>Yeah, it made us watch him,
that’s for sure. And he’s had those moments
in training camp too. The offensive rebounding, the pursuits. He’s had great block tonight. But he probably had five blocks
better than that in training camp, where it shocked everybody in the gym. His efforts, his second jumps, his pursuits, all of these things,
that’s a talent. It’s a skill to have a motor like that. He went five minutes and he was gassed,
and he’s in incredible shape. So it shows you how hard he was going. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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