Michael Jordan Mini Shimmy Move (Half Whirl): Basketball Moves

HI I’m Coach Collin Castellaw welcome to Shot let’s learn the half whirl move. The half whirl move is a great finishing move
and one that you want to use when you get close to the basket because you are not going
to be able to dribble afterwards. It starts like this as you approach the key or approach
you defender you are going to start and spin toward the middle of the key now when you
do this you want to hang the ball out because we are hoping to kind of make it a little
bit of a fake and get your defender to shift their weight that direction. So as you plant
you are going to pivot, fake out, and then half whirl back around to shoot either a nice
little jump hook or a little jump shot totally up to you. The key to this is when you spin
around you want to make sure your shoulders square back up to the hoop and you want to
aim as soon as you possibly can. A lot of people have the tendency after a half whirl
to do their fake come back around and just kind of throw the ball at the hoop so make
sure that you locate your target early and then finish with a nice follow through. Alright
now let’s see how Michael Jordan does it. One thing that made MJ so good at this move
is that he had a lethal fadeaway. He begins his reverse pivot towards the sideline the
defender expecting the fadeaway drops his foot to recover this put him out of position
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