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Michigan State Men’s Basketball vs Michigan | Spartans All-Access | March 9, 2019

Michigan State Men’s Basketball vs Michigan | Spartans All-Access | March 9, 2019

(heavy music beats) – Defense wins championships. I talk about the Patriots. I talk about every great football team. I talk about Golden State. Every team that wins a championship, they’re one of the best defensively. Well now it’s for real. Defense can win you a
championship, okay? Today. – [Announcer] The biggest game
in Breslin Center history. This place is a powder keg as either Michigan or Michigan
State, two top 10 teams will go home with a share of
the Big Ten title tonight. – [Commentator] State
rivals, top 10 teams, piece of the title, banners
up, rings were ordered. That’s what is on the line tonight and this is fantastic. – [Announcer] 14,700
plus chanting, hoping. (dramatic music) (sneakers squeaking) Jordan Poole on Simpson for the assist. Iggy Brazdeikis knocks it down for three. – [Commentator] Bounce pass down low in the paint Tillman. Shoots over the top of Teske. You got it. It’s five two. (yelling) – [Announcer] Brazdeikis, trailer. Yes sir. Iggy Brazdeikis who has played the villain all Big Ten season on the road has five. McQuaid has it blocked back into him. Ball loose. And picked up by Michigan. Poole’s trailing to
Julius, Didn’t see him. And they do get the basket. – [Announcer] With them
now. Cash, coins for three. Boy, he got it. (crowd cheering) Ahrens swash buckling for two. Boy is he a tough kid. Look at him! He just puts that crowd,
Ahrens did, from an 8 to an 11 (dramatic music) Henry the drop off And a slam for Tillman (Announcer shouting) (Crowd cheering) So AMSU went to half on a 6-0 run, they get this thing back
within striking range. At the break it’s Michigan 35
and Michigan State’s got 29. – [Commentator] We’re
ready for the second half and we’ll see what changes
Michigan State makes. We’ll see if they can
get those guys on track. (Crowd cheering loudly) Get it going, behind the screen. Knocks it down, Tillman got a 3. Winston, over there. OH!
McQuaid finds 2 and a foul. – [Announcer] Cash is dribbling around, going down the lane. Bank shots
away, Good! And he’s fouled. Ahrens out front, McQuaid
for a wide-open 3-ball. He Got it! – [Commentator] Tillman wraps around, Ahrens the shot, great back cut. – [Announcer] Here comes
Michigan State down by 5. – [Commentator] Uhoh! Goins wide open. (Crowd erupts in wild cheering) – [Announcer] That’s 9 for
the season from Troy Michigan – [Commentator] Mount Breslin has erupted. The entire state on the line. Michigan State can take the lead. Winston… Oh he banked it! – [Announcer] The first
lead of the game for Michigan State 53-50, 10 to go. – [Commentator] Henry squeals
the breaks and scores. How interesting is the psychology between Winston and Simpson, now
with Simpson on his heels. He beats Teske and scores! Time out Michigan. (Crowd roaring cheerfully) It’s a seismic night in East Lansing. Michigan State has taken
control of the winner, shares the Big 10 Title with Purdue. Oh! The stick for Tillman
off hand from Winston. – [Announcer] The bench guys are acting exactly like Izzo game Brown. – [Commentator] Winston
takes Simpson and scores! (Crowd Cheering loudly) Winston dancing for 2 more! MVP of the Big Ten, Player
of the Year in the Big Ten, First team all-American. Cassius Winston. – [Announcer] He gets
hit more with the ball than any kid in college
basketball without a car. How many time you gonna get hit here. – [Commentator] He should get a free game in pinball for this. – [Announcer] Jeez! It
happened the other night too. – [Commentator] Dunk!
McQuaid! Happy Senior night. This place has just been magical, awesome. Awesome! The
moment all these kids got into the stands, an hour and a half before the game, Awesome. Michigan State second half, as good as they have played in a long time. Goins and McQuaid coming out for the final time at the Breslin Center. – [Announcer] Michigan
State is repeating as Big Ten Champions despite
all the obstacles. MSU on the last game
of the regular season. Welcomes in it’s rival Michigan and wins it and wins the Big Ten Championship. The final Michigan State 75, Michigan 63. What a great day to be a Spartan. What a great day to be
in East Lansing Michigan. (Crowd cheering proudly) – [Coach Izzo] I just
want to tell all of you, I’ve said this many times over my years, This was a game when I played for a Championship in the
last game a few times, played my rival in the
last game a few times, but I’ve never played on Senior Night your rival for a Championship. So, So no matter what these guys do, They put their own
footprint. You know my teams’ got a footprint here. Steve
Smith’s got a footprint here. Jerry Jackson’s dad is here,
he got a footprint here. A lot of guys got footprints, now this team has their own footprint here. (crowd cheering loudly) – [Announcer] Kenny Goins
turned down scholarship offers to walk on at Michigan State. A year later he earned his scholarship and has appeared in more
than 120 games in his career, with 44 starts. As a red
shirt senior this season, he has started Every Single Game, averaging 8 points and
9 rebounds per game, ranking him among the
top 50 in the country in rebounds. Kenny earned his Bachelor’s degree in Advertising Management. From Troy Michigan, ladies
and gentlemen, Kenny Goins. Matt McQuaid is a Spartan Co-Captain, and has appeared in more than
130 games during his career. He has been recognized as one
of the team’s best shooters, but through his career has developed into one of the team’s
best defensive players. As a senior he is averaging
more than 9 points per game, and ranks among the best
3-point shooters in the Big Ten. Matt will graduate in May
with a degree in Advertising. From Dunkinville Texas, ladies and gentlemen, number 20, Matt McQuaid. – [Izzo] I’ve got 2 other people I need to bring out here, because
they’ve both had a tough year. We’ve had a lot of
injuries, But Nick Warren, who’s going to be back
next week. There’s Nick. Come here, Joshua! And
Joshua Langford, who isn’t quite as lucky, but this guy has been the best leader that we’ve had in a while. Him and Matt did an unbelievable job. So don’t forget about these
2 guys, cause one’s going to be back and the other one’s going to be back next year.
Maybe we’ll just try to win another one next year. Huh? Huh? Alright, Enjoy another banner in the
sky man! Another Banner! – [Announcer] Spartan fans
it is time to present the 2018-2019 Big Ten Championship
Trophy and banner.

17 thoughts on “Michigan State Men’s Basketball vs Michigan | Spartans All-Access | March 9, 2019”

  1. The only thing that takes away from this is Beilein. The guy is too classy and likable. It takes just a smidgen of the fun out of beating UM when you really like their coach.

  2. Tom Izzo is the best coach in college basketball as far as loving his players and getting to know them on a personal level year in and year out

  3. Go Wolverines! 💙💛 Let’s Go Blue! 💙💛 Go get total revenge on the Green Spartans in the Big 10 Tournament! And take home the Big 10 Trophy! 🏆

  4. This is easily one of the best Michigan State basketball videos ive ever seen. Great editing, great music, bravo! This one is going to stay in my "favorites" til the end of time.

  5. Now starts the anti-climactic tournament usually won by a team that hasn't made the NCAA tourney yet. Why don't they just have a tournament among the teams that aren't in yet?

  6. Michigan State won THREE verse Michigan this year!! Michigan State owns the state of Michigan, nuff said.

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