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Miss Cinnabon | MPGIS S2 | Episode 9

Miss Cinnabon | MPGIS S2 | Episode 9

Note to self: Corn dogs and Mountain Dew do
not mix…especially when they are mixed with popcorn and, jelly beans and also six inches
of a Fruit by the Foot, mozzarella sticks, uncooked bread dough, mango jabanero wings,
and a shot of wheat grass…at least not for breakfast. Try subbing out Mountain Dew for Diet Mountain
Dew. Leave the rest. Trisha, what time did you say she was going
to be here? Well, she said meet in front of the Lids at
4. What if she meant A.M.? What if she meant the Lids at The West Ridge Mall? What if she
meant Eastern Standard Time?!- Psst…psst…psst Psst…pssst…psst! What?! Oh sorry, I thought you might have been fooled
by my disguise. What disguise is that, a lesbian Inspector
Gadget. You know, Ashley, next time you want to hold
a secret meeting, I would suggest somewhere a little bit less public than the center of
Oak Park Mall. Oh well, I was gonna invite you guys to my
mom’s apartment, but tonight’s her bridge night, so… You guys live under a bridge? I will answer
your riddles three. Never mind…Ashley Katchadorian you said
you had some dirt that we would be interested in? Oh, yeah yeah, oh yeah right. Well, word on
the street is Mackenzie Zales got a debit card! What! Wait, does that help us? Wait, wait, here’s the kicker! She got
2011! That added nothing to an already worthless
fact. Alright, okay, strike one. Fair enough. Time
to bring out the big guns. Word on the street is that Trisha is an only child! I am? But what about my brother? Does he appear
only to me? Am I a ghost whisperer? Trisha! What? There’s no way you’d be the ghost whisperer.
Her breasts are insured for millions of dollars. You eat at McDonalds. She’s talking about
the other Trisha! The other Trisha is a ghost whisperer? Pretty juicy dirt, huh? No. How is knowing that Trisha Cappelletti
is an only child going to help us beat Overland Park at Cheer Nationals? Well, um, knowledge is power. Alright, I think we’ve heard enough here.
Tanya- Wait! I’ve saved the juiciest morsel for last. Juicier than the ghost whisperer…ooooohhhhh! Trisha! Word on the street is that Saison Margeurite
is, get this, you guys, she’s pregnant! What’s that? Oh my G! One of the cheerleaders at Overland
Park is pregnant! Um, no, no she’s not actually a cheerleader. Well, then what is she? She’s just a girl that goes to my school. And you told us this because? Well, you asked for juicy gossip. And that
sounded pretty juicy to me. Ok clearly, I wasn’t specific enough. When we said we wanted dirt, we meant real
dirt. Yeah as in soil, like the stuff in the ground,
idiot! No! Dirt as in here’s your life. (Holds out
her hand) Here’s some dirt. (Holds out her other hand) And now I done ruined your life
with my dirt and now you’re dead! In the ground. Which is where dirt is. Full
circle! Tay, you’re at about an eight right now, and
I need you at about a six or less, ok? Yeah. No, say ok, ok? Ok. Now as I was saying, when I said dirt, I meant
dirt that would lead me to victory at Cheer Nationals. Dirt, as in, I don’t know, Overland
Park’s cheer routine! Oh well, I could’ve told you that from the
beginning. It’s actually pretty ingenious. They use pom-poms
and megaphones. They spell out a few words and at the end, construct a human pyramid.
There are also several flips and back handsprings throughout the routine. Oh my G you guys, they stole our routine! That’s everybody’s effing routine, Trisha! I’m sorry for the strong language. I really
am. Just- specifics, Ashley. What I need are specifics. And by that you mean… Like what kind of music are they using. What
words are being spelled out? What color are their pom-pons?! Do they actually have spirit
and do other people hear it? Ooohh. Oh yeah, I actually got to practice
late, so I missed all of that stuff. Going to stores and then buying things, hopefully
I make a stop at the food court. Ahhhhhhh Satan!!! Oh well look who it is, girls. Fancy running
into you here, Deandra. I believe you have me confused with somebody
else. Really, you mean to tell us that you’re not
Deandra, the former handspring specialist of the Atchison High Lady Jaguars Cheer Squad. Nope, my name is um… um… Cinnabon, yeah,
Juliet Cinnabon. Oh my God, Ms. Cinnabon, may I just say that
it is truly an honor to make your acquaintance. I am a huge fan of your products. Well, thank you. May I be so bold as to say that butter is
not only a friend, it is an ally- Trisha! Sorry! One last thing, the Caramel Pecanbon,
is it locked up at night- Trisha! We get it, you had a fat freshman
year, okay! Deandra, I must say that I’m surprised to find you here. Although, where else would
human filth go other than Overland Park? Get it, filth? Yeah I got it. Cause you’re here! Because you’re right here. I see what you did there and it was mean.
It was not kind. It was barely a joke, it was just an insult with no laugh line. It’s like, you’re trash and you’re here! There was no punch line. I don’t know if I should use the word filth
but I did. What am I, in a sewer? It’s nice to see you again too Berkowitz. Wait, is something different about her? I understand that the three of you have been
rattling the cage of the Overland Park Cheer Squad. Yeah, so, why do you care? Take it from somebody who knows, probably
not the best idea. Oh really, Deandra, what are they going to
do? Call us the “c” word and threaten to have intercourse with our butts? Butts are God’s seat cushions. Oh no! Well, I mean yes, you will get a lot
of that from them. But trust me, the “c” word and butt talk are the least of your worries. Did you do something with your hair? Listen, Deandra, why don’t you mind your own
god damn- Taylor- Why don’t you mind your own gosh darn business
and leave the cheer squad to us? And if you try and get in our way, we might
have to let everyone in Overland Park know why you had to leave our school in such a
hurry. You wouldn’t! Would I? Is it your dress? Did you get a new dress? Listen, I don’t know what your game is in
Overland Park- It’s the mall. We want the mall. The mall? You have your own fucking mall in
Atchison- It burned down. This one’s here so we here. It burned down? Even the carousel? Carousel was the first thing to go. RIP Mr.
Clip Clop. Well, regardless, the Overland Park Cheer
Squad will literally rip you limb from limb. Alright, I think we’re being a little- Look at me! You think this was a fucking mill
accident? You think I’m fucking Bethany Hamilton from fucking Soul Surfer! They literally ripped
me limb from limb! And I wasn’t even the one they were mad at! Oooooohhhh! It’s her arm! You guys, she got
a new arm! Tanya, Taylor, Trisha, I suggest you leave
Overland Park and never look back. They did this to me for a bathroom. Imagine what they’ll
do for an entire mall! I get it, Deandra, you want us out of Overland
Park so nobody finds out your little secret. Well, nice try. But we’re not going anywhere. Alright, I tried using logic and I tried to
reason with you guys, but now I’ll spell it right out. Either you three leave Overland
Park of your own accord or I use my Titanium Robot Arm to forcibly expel you from Overland
Park, followed by all of your organs shortly thereafter, got it? Oh please, you wouldn’t hurt a fly. You’re right. Because a fly is an innocent
creature that never knowingly did anything to anybody. You, however, I would maim. Don’t
believe me? You know that girl goes to Overland Park right? Really, I just thought it was a tiny flasher. That was impressive Deandra. However, know
this. If you ever resort to using violence against any member of my cheer squad, I will
make sure that every citizen of Overland Park knows exactly why you left Atchison in such
a cloud of shame. And don’t even think about talking to the
cheer squad about this. Yeah. Because I’ve seen every single Robocop,
and I know how to take you out. I’m not afraid f you, okay, the only three things I’m afraid
of are Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the film adaptation of Mario Brothers, and the word colander.
C’mon Trisha we’re leaving. Goodbye, Deandra!I mean, Miss Cinnabon. Wink! Come to think of it, Cinnabon actually does
sound pretty good right now. Do they still make Surge soda? You guys! I landed in the fountain! Can someone
help me out? It’s pretty deep. It’s a pretty deep fountain you guys. I’m not too hurt but
this jacket is very heavy when it’s wet. It’s like an anchor. Guys? I can’t float for much
longer. Okay seriously. Ow! Who is still throwing coins in? Come on. None of your wishes are
coming true. Can you give me a hand though- No? You’re just going to walk away- Okay,
no I get it, I would walk away from me too.

100 thoughts on “Miss Cinnabon | MPGIS S2 | Episode 9”

  1. "Pssssssuttttahhhhh"
    I found my new favourite word, "PSSSSUTTTTAHHHH" I will yell that at everything that annoys me

  2. “Who is still throwing coins in?! None of your dreams are coming true. Can you help me out th— No? You’re just gonna walk away? No, that’s okay. I’d walk away from me too.”

  3. "…hopefully I'll make a stop at the food car- AAHH, SATAN!" me whenever I see someone I know from school in regular public

  4. "Going to stores and then buying things, hopefully I make a stop at the food court-"


    [points at Tonia] S A T A N

  5. I keep rewinding the part where Deandra throws Ashley Katchadourian into the fountain. I still die everytime

  6. Soooo… I just started watching this show today, and damn am I glad I have! Lmao! Right now I’m gettin drunk and watching it. Great combination! 😂

  7. "Oh please, You wouldn't hurt a fly" "You're right, cause a fly is an innocent creature hat never knowingly did anything to anybody. YOU, however, I WOULD MAME!" <3<3 DEANDRAAAA

  8. if you are wondering why im commenting right now its because i am on my 4th time re-watching all seasons 1-5, and i LOVE MY LIFEEEEE RN!

  9. “The only three things I’m afraid of are Joseph Gordon Levitt, the film adaptation of Mario Brothers, and the word colander” mood

  10. My mom calls my dad Satan

    He’s like Satan-

    So whenever he calls my mom, I scream
    “AHHHH! S A T A N!”

  11. How is it even possible that Deandra didn't know about the Atchison Mall burning down before Taylor told her? Think about it, in a time of social media and even regular media, a story like that would've been all over the place.

  12. "Here's you life"
    "Here's some dirt"
    "And i done ruin your life with ma dirt"
    "And now your dead"

    "In the ground"
    "which is where dirt is"
    "Full Circleeeee"

  13. 0:57
    Me when I psst to someone to pass me an exam answer

  14. Nobody:
    Literally nobody:
    Deandra: “note to self: corn dogs and mountain due don’t mix, especially when mixed with popcorn, jelly beans, six inches of fruit by the foot, uncooked bread dough, a slim Jim, etc… at least not for breakfast…”

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