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Mobsters React to CollegeHumor Videos

Mobsters React to CollegeHumor Videos

(upbeat electronic music) (upbeat techno music) – Katie with I-E. – Katie with I-E. Marovich. Marovich. Computer enhance, computer enhance. – College Humor? I got… What is this? Comedy college? – Gentlemen, it’s time to learn our enemy. (soft electronic music) (woman gasps) – Hi, there!
(smacking) – Hands!
– Ow! (laughs) – Have you decided on your last meal? – No, not yet. – [Man On Screen] Well, you need to choose before you’re executed. – [Gangster In Center] What is it? – Guess. – This, too? – Okay, looks like it’s meeting time. You guys ready? Let’s go. – What are you, a cheerleader? Ready, let’s go! (group on screen laughs) – [Man On Screen] Okay. – This killed Alejandro? – They are so young. – Really, boys? Trying to get a look at my little butt? You flirts! (men on screen groan)
(gangsters groan) – This is. – [Gangster In Center] (mumbles) – Do you think she really poop herself? – You know what? I don’t think we’re getting anywhere watching thess little comedy skits. – Yeah, they all feel the same to me. It’s like there’s one unusual thing, they call it out, and then
they keep heightening it over and over again. – Hey, hey, hey, yeah,
but I do like Brendan. Huh, huh? – He is funny. – Why are you touching me? Why you touching me? – Enough. Time for plan B. Tony, Dante. Find out where she lives. Break in and get as much intel as you can. – You got it. – [Men On Screen] Stop, stop, stop! – How’s Brendan? – Thanks for watching that
preview of “Kingpin Katie”. If you liked it, guess the frick what? There’s full episodes you can
watch right now on Dropout. They’re action packed and
super funny and I’m saying that and I typically don’t
like anything I’m in. Go to and start
your free trial today, and sorry about cursing before
with the whole frick thing. That was inappropriate,
shouldn’t have done that.

100 thoughts on “Mobsters React to CollegeHumor Videos”

  1. There's two minutes of my life I would rather just have taken off the end. I am dumber for having seen this.

  2. Katie's "try to get a look at my little butt" game seems to be just a turd…I mean tad…more touchy than that black hat wearing gangster / drug dealer guy.

  3. Break the mirrored ceiling. Come hang with Katie in our DISCORD. Sign up for DROPOUT:

    Don't live in CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND or the U.S.? Sign up here:

  4. A new high for Brennan. He became the best thing about a clip, where he wasn't even in and was mentioned only once in passing. And the clip is a 100% more funny for it.

  5. "It's like there's one unusual thing, they call it out, and then they keep heightening it over and over again." Oh my, CH is becoming self-aware.

  6. That was a preview of King Pin Katie? I thought that was just a skit about the comment section.

    Brennan is really fabulous btw.

  7. It wouldve been funnier if they found the videos of Katie with cocaine and then thought that she was a drug lord because of it.

  8. Mobster: "Computer, enhance!"

    Adam Conover: "ACTUALLY, enhancing isn't a thing. Digital Photos have a limited resolution, you can't just yell at a computer to get more detail."

  9. just stop collegehumor, nobody thinks your funny anymore. Just become the post grad humor and tell puns in the workplace bathroom ya fuckin mcnugget

  10. they search up college humor and find the show their in and it breaks theminside cause they find out their being filmed which leads to an extisential crisis cause theyve broken all the walls. But thats just a theory , A FILM THEORY !!

  11. How dare they! "I Can't Decide What My Last Meal Should Be
    " is a comedic tour de force! You sirs, cannot appreciate good comedy!

  12. "But I do like Brennen" I find it both funny but also sad how self aware this video shows the writers to be, and yet they never improve despite their self awareness. But yea, usually when we do get a good video, it's Brennen focused. Like Tod Pods.

  13. Nobody is gonna subscribe to your dumbass streaming service there are way too many with alot more to offer than this shit you FREAKS!!

  14. Thank you mobsters for getting me a point from my friends by reiterating how I exactly describe CH whenever we watch almost any video from them, including the Brennan comment!

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