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Mom Returns to High School to Become Cheerleader

Mom Returns to High School to Become Cheerleader

at thirty two year old woman in green
bay wisconsin her daughter’s identification card and post as a high school student to go back to high school and be on the
cheerleading team that’s awesome onlooker because you had a terrible childhood she
uh… she explains and she wanted to go back and make up
for a part of her life issues dot that’s it this is uh… my fancy mission without
goblets are no not god bless america kitchens attended trouble for a check
charges identity theft obviously he could she faces artist six years in
prison and a ten thousand dollar fine i’d letter dinosaur creepy it’s a little
creepy don’t let her go here’s my real question who bought that she was uh… seventeen-year-old nobody teachers i had an interview and
she says circles in another state inspect he had to do you have a high school and and do we know if she uh… made the cheerleader feminist yes she
went god impact is before class so well out the lover lifted ardent revision dispersing some
of us did go back uh… icid active literally true about
it at night to go back a playful poignant do it right in because when i played football in
high school closes ever not interim world into the political
world as a republican but in the football field atlanta democrat and first of all with a defense antibody office and second of all others want to know
this setback i was implanted in states after i was terrific updated the anniversary of the
privacy overcoat marcy level i was like knowing says the company that divide this until you know that they’re frozen late at night and so i’m uh… allied ono happened many many many
years i finally but i think the rollback and plan out of
our beloved you know you could just take your
nephews i_d_ card and go back to high school tragic what’s it like i have said
that there there canisters of tear that would be hiding is selling career has a hello from oven gray-haired obeyed got live what what would it be fair some song was
heavier than i used the right i wanted to be like saying j you know it’s a body this attitude in seattle and but tonight i want to go but she doesn’t
have it feel that i think that’s cast you’re looking at the jury right now and
that is the dream the american dream an election i’m not at all this is something that you’re thing well you got your credit dinner is make cheerleaders it look like they’re these collaborates
uniquely exit notes really there isn’t really look
like that this is the hardest relation neither of them uh… and my high school but really that
worked for me out haha because they have this whole like
aura about you know the more we thought about the
moral going back to my thriller

100 thoughts on “Mom Returns to High School to Become Cheerleader”

  1. While the charges may seem excessive, she has been convicted numerous tims, in the past, for various fraudulant/money schemes. I think that if this had been her first time committing fraud they might have been willing to give a less severe punishment. Also, note that she was only caught this time because she was in jail on an unrealted fraud charge and was unable to attend school, thus resulting in the truant officer finding her in jail.FYIPom pon gurls are hot while cheer are loud/ugly.~Allen

  2. you wouldn't be able to pass as some sort of delinquent who was held back, since social promotion means no students are held back even when they can't read or write.

  3. That guy hsot is like one of those crazy mums who puts her child into pagents to live out the dream she never could've. Get over yourslef you can't change anything.

  4. lmfao im from ashwaubenon no lie.

    it was funny as hell when we found out.

    i love how how you presented this.

    the girls figured out that she was older at the party cause she had varicos veins and stuff.

    we didnt notice cause she was super shy and didnt talk to anyone.

    usually you dont question someones age XD but we asked her and she laughed it off.

    i was one of the kids that said she was a bit old in an interview XD

  5. I disagree with the comment the female News Caster said that in real life high school cheerleaders are not that hot. My senior year the Basketball team was kicking butts the Band on fire and the cheerleaders were all sexy. Now this 33 year old woman I think may need seem mental help and their is no way she would have made it on the squad at my old high school.

  6. listen this woman has commited no crime she has done what all of us have wanted to do. Relived her chool days. I've wanted to do this and I'm only 21. Don't get me wrong I love my life but who doesn't want to go back and relive their school days. Bless this woman for having the ball to actualy do that. She shouldn't do time she should be teaching classes on how to actualy live life. exclusevly for over 18s though

  7. Speaking of totally hot, (which the "cheerleader" clearly isn't),……….
    Anna, would you please consider moving the microphone from in front of you?
    Thank you.

  8. I agree I have a friend thats hates the new year. He now has to file a report with WI, NC, and now AL (he moved 06/08). He got hit with ID thief in 94. He has addresses,names,bank account #,jobs where this guy worked and its gotten him no where. IRS knows and they taken his tax returns since 94. He has proven he has never been in NC now AL. NC cops,city/state DA know the guy is a illegal. He has sent the police reports to everybody and he still cant even get a phone,tax returns, loans etc

  9. there were serious details lacking from this story. how long did she do this? and did her daughter go to a diff. high school or something so she could use her card? where did her family think she was all day?

  10. hey i got the school she tried to get in at haha lol her daughter lived with there grandma in another state and she got her social security and all that crap my older sis goes to the school and for homecoming they toilet paper the school say come back wendy messegge me back if u need anymore info

  11. Haven't you guys seen 'Never Been Kissed'? How about Drew Barrymore passing as 17? Ha.

    You know what. I bet if this 33 year old still actually looked young and cute/hot, they would have let it sly. But since she looks like she's on drugs (at least from that mug shot), she's not off the hook.

    But I also read reports that she's a constant liar/conman, so she probably needs the punishment.

    Repeat high school? Hell no. High school turned out to be just like elementary school.

  12. The guy needs to stop talking about himself and his dream about becoming a football player.

    I bet he fantasizes about being a jock football playing and fucking cheerleaders in the locker room.

  13. this chick is a loser…she has kids…TAKE CARE OF THEM and stop being a selfish immature beotch…get over it. the kids are more important.

  14. I dont understand, she took the identity of her own daughter, so therefore isnt it only her daughter that can press charges of identity theft?

    The $10,000 dollar find seems reasonable, but imo it seems their avoiding the bigger picture by not blaiming it on the school, so what she looks like she's just another teenager, the school should be on top of things like that.

    Oh well, i wonder if she made captain?

  15. theres guys raping children right now
    and your ganna put a wierd lady in jail because she just wants to live a dream she once had. let her goo.

  16. Temple Christian School in Ft Worth once had a mom come down out of the bleachers and start leading the cheers alongside the cheerleaders, because, as she said: the crowd wasn't responding to the cheerleaders. They responded even less to the antics of this middle aged, overweight mom, who should have been asked to stop and go back to her seat.

  17. She needs to get over it but still…
    LET HER GO!!!!
    I understand the some of the punishments, BUT $10,000????

  18. you be funny. you be callin someone dumb but you be using bad grammir and spellin. shee-it. you be callin me a niggah too. fo real.

  19. you calling me "faggot?" is that what's on your mind? keep your gay subconscious thoughts to yourself little man. and if you gonna be hassling someone for being stupid, don't fill your comment with grammatical errors. don't forget to frame that GED of yours numbnuts.

  20. you brought up your homosexual thoughts and i called you on it. i suggest you 1) Frame your GED and 2) get some counseling….and maybe 3) purchase a remedial tape on grammar, or better yet, pop in to a GED class and refresh your english, er ebonics skill set. lol

  21. hey..havn pimples…. really does suck nothing funny to talk about.. it really does suck . . not everyone gets them.. and its got no age limits.. : O!

  22. Baskeball cheerleaders are sexy. Football cheerleaders are either skinny hot girls getting thrown into the air or mountain dwelling cavewomen to be the throwers.

  23. This shit is garbage. Seriously, how do these faggots,(mainly the douchebag host) get so many views? Actually, i take that back. In a world where Justin Bieber holds the record for most viewed vid of all time, this undeserved fame these talentless hacks inherited is absolutely routine. God youtube sucks nowadays.

  24. @billeebo its a great show and utube will never suck! ppl may hav problems with it, but they will always go on it

  25. @billeebo Fame is never deserving nor undeserving. It just falls upon people whichever way society reacts. Learn that nothing ever stays the same; times are always changing. Morals are changing. I wouldn't even call TYT "famous". They're well known, but they're not glamorized.

  26. There was like 2 or 3 hot cheerleaders in the high schools I went to. 2 high schools total lol.
    The rest were average or slightly ugly.

  27. shes awesome. I love that woman, where can i send her a freaking $100 bucks or something… a cheerleader outfit, , anything to show her she is awesome 🙂

  28. What good is locking her away for 6 years gona do? We need to make some serious adjustments to our justice system.

  29. His description of democrats as being intimidated is dead fing on!! As much as I despise run of the mill stereotypical GOP pols, I despise heartless and sacless dems more!! Ron Paul I love you!!

  30. Look up the Jon Cryer movie, "Hiding Out", from 1988. It's this scenario exactly, except that the guy goes back to high school to hide from a mob hitman.

  31. To be honest I think that a lot of judges are idiots. Even when the proof is right there in front of them and the victims are obviouslly hurt emotionally and physically, instead they are gonna listen to a lawyer who is basically being paid to make up as much lies as they can. I really hate the law.

  32. He's Cenk Uygar progressive talk show host og TYT and former member of MSNBC. He has received several college degrees and he started Wolf-Pac which is a group to help get money out of politics by repealing citizens united and not letting cooperation buy politicians.He is a living legend and I respect him greatly…. and I want to give him a hug.

  33. I saw the woman in this news piece.She has an ugly face,,,however,,,she has a great butt.
    When she got caught she opted to work for spanking digest as a cheerleader in a spanking skit.

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