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Morning Routine – Switching Bodies {The Kloons} S1 E2

Morning Routine – Switching Bodies {The Kloons} S1 E2

you ready yeah what the fuck what’s wrong oh my god I forgot we switched bodies last night I’ve never felt a dick in my ass before it’s terrifying my first boner this is awesome okay how do you get this thing to go down or turn off you can’t just turn it off oh I bet you could turn it off still not ready I’m on your period remember you need to take care of that like right now what am I supposed to do you’ll figure it out this thing it’s really crazy which one of these am I supposed to use super the one for heavy flow do you have any pads or something I can use no pads are for pussies there has got to be a better way I need a lady no you don’t have time you took 20 minutes to put your tampon in you have an audition at 10:00 and work at 12 okay I’ve got everything set up for you start with the base and with the lipstick okay you ready yep one two three if you like what we do like subscribe share with your friends click the share button click like right now like this like like it look like

100 thoughts on “Morning Routine – Switching Bodies {The Kloons} S1 E2”

  1. I am so glad… no… amazed you are making this into a series! 😀
    One other thing: @The Kloons , have you considered setting up a patreon account? I would love to support you by sending some bucks every month…

  2. oohh COME ON !!!!   that's so mean, we want more ! i'm dying to know the rest 
    hhhhh evil to cut it at that point , but still creative & brilliant & amazingly hilarious 
    go kloons !

  3. It's little wonder that Part 2 took considerable time to make its appearance, as putting all the pieces together must have been a painstaking process. But the result was worth the wait. Terrific work, Lauren and Mitch, and all the technicians involved.

  4. Best thing I have ever aeen! XD I always wondered what switching bodies would be like, keep up the awesome vods 😀

  5. WUT????!!!!! TO BE CONTINUED??!! ARRGHH! What a cliffhanger!

    Thank god youre making this into series!! Totally my fave skits of yours!

    I want more!!!

  6. This could totally be a movie – no kidding!  This is funny as heck . . . and the voices make it even more!  🙂

  7. You guys need to make these longer and plentiful. Why you guys have only two and you started it in February is insanity! Finish it!!!!!!!

  8. Really like this series, and while I appreciate all the work you did in getting the voices to match up, would also love to hear how it sounds without the voice switch.

  9. Episode 3 will be three days long. That's how long it would take a man in a women's body to leave the house after seeing their boobs.

  10. I can't wait for part 3 of the series. It always seems fun to watch these kind of videos. Because it shows that being some one else can have its drawbacks.

  11. Ha!  Very funny.  I"m enjoying this series and looking forward to the next one.  Hope you're not in a hurry to end the story.  This has potential.   

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