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Mother’s Obsession With Beauty Queen Daughter Looking ‘Presentable’ – Real Stories

Mother’s Obsession With Beauty Queen Daughter Looking ‘Presentable’ – Real Stories

The Benningtons are getting ready To go to their favourite Chinese restaurant. Going out looking good as a family is very important to Jane Jane- What have you got on Daughter- I’ve got a skirt on Jane- What are you wearing? Daughter- The yellow top Jane- The bottoms ‘right The top is &*%$ (Shouting) Daughter- What will the top be?! Jane- You’ve got loads of tops! You need to get your hair dried and straightened Yeah well you start off (Shouting) Jane- Turn ’round! That way! Daughter- Ow! -With Attitude- Well you keep pulling me! Jane- I think it is, important To be a child As long as possible but in this day and age You can’t because, All your friends and your peers, Are growin’ up Alot quicker like, you know They go into town Alot younger than ever I did But, they’ve grown up so much quicker You’ve gotta join in otherwise You know, you’re held back from your friends And then it starts gettin’ to bullying and stuff like that So, think, you know You’ve, you’ve gotta let them grow up at the same rate as everyone else -Arguing Between Mother and daughter- -Outside noises- -door opens- Narrator- With Sasha dressed to impress The family are finally ready to leave… Boy- Wor! -car door slams- ♪ Elevator Music ♪ Narrator- Once at the restaurant, Jane Encourages Sasha to practice her new cheer-leading routine… Jane- 2, 3, 4! -Moaning from Sasha- Jane- Go! Just do it! Sasha- I don’t wanna! Jane- Do it! NOW! – Encouragement from Employee – Jane- See! Come on! Sasha- Mlahh! Brother- DO IT! Sasha- OR WITE THEN! Jane- Alright then, 1, 2, 3, 4.. Jane- Do you know, I kept saying to her, Don’t just stand there you know if you wanna be seen you’ve gotta do something stupid -stuttering- you know if your standing at a bus stop singing, and some guy walks past you know, you’ve made it and it’s that sort of weird scenario go on! haha! Brother- Do it quick! Quick! Dad- you can come back there Jane- Yeah! – chattering – ♪ Classical music ♪ SUBTITLES BY K OF K&J GAMING

100 thoughts on “Mother’s Obsession With Beauty Queen Daughter Looking ‘Presentable’ – Real Stories”

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  2. Anyone who wants to bring up a depressed, anxious, suicidal child, should take parenting lessons from this woman, she's got it down to a T 🙁

  3. Like can I just fix the mum’s makeup then I will be good! It is just annoying the crap out of me how her mascara looks!

  4. If it was my mom and me:
    Mom: show us your cheerleading dance.
    Me: wait, you mean right here?
    Mom: yeah right there show us.
    Me: like literally over here?
    Mom: yeah! Now go!
    Me: starts laughing*
    Mom: why are you laughing?!
    Me: Nothing it's just that…you know there's people.
    Mom: well if you want to impress yourself you gotta do something!
    Me: lol what mom? I never said that you don't even have the guts to do that how about ya do that i'll tecah you!
    Mom: you know what!? Just eat! The foods getting cold!
    Me: technique to make her stop: accomplished.

  5. My mum wants me to look good when we go to restaurant so this is not really a obsession and the girl has a attitude and how come they girl is the only one with a accent. I would hate to show of my new routine because that’s bragging a tiny bit

  6. This woman this her daughter is a Barbie doll she could be out there living her childhood but she think that it her life I can see how sad she looks brat

  7. Literally me my mom is so mad of what i wear, m i just have dreams of wearing the trends but she just gets mad but sometimes she likes the outfits that ONLY match

    Her bra can show!

  8. My mom is like that when I need to get ready, since I'm lazy and too busy on overwatch, she swears and shouts at me to get in the shower and put girly dresses on me when I legit scream because their so ugly and make me feel uncomfortable.

  9. This mommy and mine, shaving my head till I was 7 to 7 mm …. to save time on brushing and washing …. I don’t know what’s worse….

  10. Cheerleading routine in a restaurant? Wtf This Mother needs to be committed. She's lost her bloody mind

  11. poor girl. the only thing your teaching her is that her looks are all she has in life, just like all youngsters think these days. shame

  12. Here's the math:
    Beauty pageant + overcontrolling mom + spoiled brat + Kim Kardashian as a roll model = child abuse and body abuse

  13. Yo u gotta her let her be herself that why she like dat xd jeez just listen to your kid out lound plus if she doesn’t want to do it she doesn’t want to do it xd

  14. Really Jane? Would you really want to ruin your daughters beautiful platinum blonde hair for the sake of "beauty"? Her hair looks like something a dead person would have. I mean it looks SUPER DEAD!!!

  15. This lady is sick…the poor girl should be loved for her self..not her beauty…because she will find out soon being pretty lasts only a short time..inner beauty lasts a lifetime..

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