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Move Over Trade War, We’re In A ‘Straw War’ Now

Move Over Trade War, We’re In A ‘Straw War’ Now

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92 thoughts on “Move Over Trade War, We’re In A ‘Straw War’ Now”

  1. "Directed by J.J. Abrams" 😂😂😂 I'm amused that they clearly used action figures to film the "duel". 😂😂

  2. Has anyone, of any political affiliation, ever used a paper straw? I've seen reusable metallic straws but paper?!

  3. For the same ten-dollar cost of a TRUMP straw one can get a handful of silicone straws that collapse into a carrying case (and reform back).

  4. You know instead of CGI Jabba the Hutt in the next one, maybe they could just get the yam in a bathing suit; he'll be looking for work by then. His entire goddamn cabinet would make good filling for the canteen scene, too.

  5. Paper straws are shit! If I get a large drink at lunch it’ll take 1 to 2 hours to drink it… the other day I started sucking up paper 🤮 they don’t last long enough!

  6. You all realize that this is a literal straw man argument, right?  trump: turning the blatantly obvious into the patently absurd since June 14, 1946*


  7. This dude is gonna say, suck ,fuck ,jump, talk,make ,take ,do what ever he has to in order to keep the lights on and milke everything with his name on it .till he's out ..what else can he do.right

  8. Here’s the bottom line
    Plastic straws will never decompose and continue to harm our environment forever hurting ocean life and more
    Paper straws will add much more carbon emissions to create and contribute to climate change

    Solution: don’t use straws if it’s not necessary

  9. I agree that paper straws don't work but my first instinct was to buy a reusable metal one… Maybe global warming is a good thing after all. At least all the idiots will be dead. .-.

  10. What a bunch of BS and the only reason Starbucks is getting away with not giving straws away is because they're framing it is environmental friendly when the truth is is that they're looking at their bottom line and exploiting an opportunity

  11. If you seriously cannot be so bothered to not drink with a plastic you, please go drink salt water. We dont need you.

  12. Buy plastic straws now before the tariffs go up! If the name Trump's on it you don't know where it's coming from where it's been or who's been sucking on it.!

  13. Well I guess this is one way to speed up his bankruptcy.
    Probably spend $1 million on those things and sell them at a loss.

  14. You know, I don't mind if you want to live like there's no tomorrow, but to do it to your children and to their children too is way harsh man. So go ahead an use your plastic straws. they're a symbol of your obtuseness. for those to whom I write I know you need a definition. Obtuseness: "not quick or alert in perception, feeling, or intellect; not sensitive or observant; dull. not sharp, acute, or pointed; blunt in form. (of a leaf, petal, etc.) rounded at the extremity."

  15. Buy trump straws, and spite the left/liberals/somebody. At 15 bucks, you're bank account is the only one protesting since everyone else is probably laughing.

  16. The climate menace

    The material wars

    Revenge of the plastic

    A new idea

    The companies strike back

    Return of the paper straw

    The Consumer Awakens

    The Last Straw

    The Rise of Cupdrinker

  17. You have to be such a cynical pos to deliberately thumb your nose at efforts to protect the enviroment.The man truly cares nothing about this country it’s enviromen,resources,futeur or people. How ignoble can you be? Another morally bankrupt display by trump.

  18. Ttump’s straws aren’t recyclable. Another lie from THE ORANGE ONE.

  19. $15 for 10 straws… $1.5 a straw… and they are STILL going to make a crap tonne from MAGA fans… how does the world work…?

  20. really, paper straw not working ? why they work in canada, maybe that fat orange shithead should stop sticking them up is nose

  21. The union shop that Trump campaigned at and made news for "encouraging cooperative supportive attendance" was a petro chemical plant that made plastic.

  22. To be fair, the paper straws are pretty bad. I'd rather just use no straw at all at this point. How did civilization survive without straws again?

  23. I showed this many times before and
    Now The Late Show with Stephen Colbert showed this so I will paste again:

    In case you had doubts that Trump is nothing more than a carnival barker using his presidency to enrich himself financially.

    And if you had further doubts whether or not he is trolling liberals.

    Allow me to simply, easily and naturally remove those doubts.

    Because Trolling Liberals is his favorite hobby.

    Check out the email I found in my trash bin. I pasted it as is, removing only the links and other unnecessary items.

    He is sellling feckin Trump straws and lying off his arse to do so.

    His email is in quotes to allow it to standout better.

    “I’m so over paper straws, and I’m sure you are too. Much like most liberal ideas, paper straws don’t work and they fall apart instantly.”

    “That’s why we just launched our latest product – Official Trump Straws.”

    “Now you can finally be free from liberal paper straws that fall apart within minutes and ruin your drink.”

    “Trump Straws are custom made with the Official Trump Logo, recyclable and reusable, and, as always, 100% MADE IN AMERICA.”

    “Get your official Trump Straws Today to show liberals that you won’t let their overregulation ruin your beverage consumption experience any longer. “

    “Paper straws are just another example of failed liberal overregulation. Fear not, President Trump has the perfect solution!”

    “Supplies are extremely limited, so be sure to get your Official Trump Straws today.”

    “Publicly support President Trump and get your Official Trump Straws Now. “

    “Thank you”

    What a fecking disgusting con artist and shill.

    Naturally, soon he will sell a "white nationalist" gun called "45's 45" (each bullet imbued with extra patriotism) because he wants to be sure to make money on it, If a war betwixt his supporters and everyone else begins.

    I try in vain to Lol, but I cry instead.

    Oh. Wait. No. I Don't

    Fuck Trump.

    Yar yar yarp

  24. Let’s return to the glass bottles of milk 🥛 and the white uniformed Milkmen 😉 who brings them home once a week.

  25. Stephen…..let's have a show….or at least a mention of the people who are on the electoral college ! Why is nobody talking about this !?! The American people unanimously voted for someone and the electoral college put someone else in the White House ! Why are we not looking at these people a little closer? Everyone is saying the Russians did this and that…. but, in the end it Is the people In the electoral college that put us in this shit show we are in now.

  26. How long did it take China to make and print out these straws?? We all donny douche bag wouldn’t have them made here in this country.

  27. Trump, darling, you're thinking too small in terms of evil. Why not sell straws made from bones of endangered animals? You can power the manufacturing process using whale oil. That'll really stick it to that only planet we can live on.

  28. Hahahaha I see now 😂😅😅 put me in your show already I'm a standing ovation and a genius. I won the lottery. I get a message. I see it. Im listening and I'm waiting. I will see you Soon 😁 I hope this great man give me a nice job to clean and polish what's not clear. Call the mechanic these people need fixing. Broke young people Aint getting no money

  29. My cold beverages often last for several hours as I sip them, sometimes adding a couple new ice cubes and a dollop more soda, tea or water. As with paper cups, paper straws destroy the flavor of beverages when exposed for this long. I will not stop using plastic straws unless the government forces me to. I have a bag of 350 straws… I bought it 4 years ago. I use a straw every day. They last for several uses when washed and reused. This is not waste or pollution, but I understand other people don't take such care.

  30. Used to distract from the real issue involving the word straw, straw purchasing of weapons. This is where true identities of purchasers is hidden and someone else makes the buy. Probably the main reason for blocking background checks, and is largely responsible for the more than 50% of weapons in Central America.

  31. paper straws suck. I know it sucks for the environment, but damn, you get all that chemical paper taste with your drinks. If you need to ban plastic straws, then ban straws all together, instead of replacing them with etc.

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