Mr Eazi and Sherrie Silver: Dance for Change

hey it’s Shari Silva and I’m a choreographer actress and dancer hey guy what’s up my name is Missy I’m a singer-songwriter and the preneur from Nigeria representing Africa we’re partnering with Eva the United Nations International Fund for agricultural development to create more opportunities for young people living in rural areas around the world global hunger is on the rise as a matter of fact one in nine people still go to bed with an empty stomach each night and at the same time young people in Africa and around the world are leaving rural areas due to lack of resources high unemployment and support we believe in the potential of young people to feed a hungry world tip sock is one of the world’s largest short-form video out with tip box wide reach and effects influence we believe that we can make a large impact so here’s the idea download tip top create a video dance into my choreography using the song freedom that missed the easy specifically right for this campaign don’t forget to use the hashtag dance for change in fact we use your tip top video as a virtual petition calling on the leaders to increase funding for agriculture and create opportunities for young people around the world because more investment in young people and farming means more jobs more food and more freedom for all so so come on let’s start the change

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