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Hi, I’m Riccardo Gioggi and welcome to my studio. Today I’m going to show you the MXR Booster Mini. It’s a small-sized pedal, it let you save space and have great sonic results. It’s made in U.S.A and it’s a one-of-a-kind booster pedal. As a matter of fact it contains two different pedals in one chassis: the MXR Echoplex Preamp and the MXR Micro Amp Putting these two pedals in one box is, for me, definitely a great idea. On one hand you can have the warm and colored tone of the Echoplex Preamp, on the other there’s a lot of headroom and boosting power from the famous MXR Micro Amp. Let’s imagine to split this pedal in two parts: on the right side there’s the Echoplex Preamp circuit; on the left side there’s the Micro Amp circuit. the Echoplex Preamp side is externally controlled by this TONE knob, and, internally, by a trimpot. The internal trimpot sets the amount of Echoplex coloration on your tone, you can easily set it using a screwdriver or even with the tip of your pick. Once the signal pass through the Echoplex Preamp side, it goes to the VOLUME knob, on the Micro Amp side of the pedal. The MXR Booster Mini
can boost your signal up to +25 db, it allows you to have a huge headroom and a lot of boosting power. The MXR Booster Mini can be placed anywhere in the chain: either as first pedal – in order to add grit and overtones or at the end of the chain, in order to have more volume and cutting through the mix. A nice feature: the TONE knob is a hi-cut filter. That is a filter that just decrease the highest frequencies. Let’s check some settings of the MXR Booster Mini. As you just checked, the MXR Booster mini is a pretty unique booster. It can be used either to boost your signal – that’s the typical use – or color your tone. Or both. The chance to have two different pedals in a small box make this pedal definitely an interesting product. Thank you for watching this MXR Booster Mini demo. If you found it interesting and useful, just hit the like button, share it and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks to MXR and Eko Music Group. See ya in the next video!

4 thoughts on “MXR BOOSTER MINI demo by RICCARDO GIOGGI [ENG subs]”

  1. Very interesting indeed, but what I personally would like to know is how this pedal will react after a good overdrive pedal, using a clean amp. See, I'm looking for a pedal to boost my distorted tone (created by a Wampler Paisley Deluxe) and I want to use it AFTER the Paisley Deluxe. I now use a TC Electronic Mini Spark for that, but that thing only boosts the sound, so it does what it should do, but I want to be able to colour that sound a little, because I think a solo should have a bit more mids than your basic rhythm sound.
    My question: have you tried something like that and if you have, how versatile is it?
    I'm really looking for a good boost pedal with a small footprint and some sort of a tone control. Is this the one I'm looking for? What's your opinion?


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