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Natures Libido Booster Tribulus Terrestris, An Effective Aphrodisiac Herb For Men And Women

Natures Libido Booster Tribulus Terrestris, An Effective Aphrodisiac Herb For Men And Women

if you think you are big you become
small if you know you are nothing you become unlimited that’s the beauty
of being a human being Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev pebbles of wisdom nature does nothing without purpose or
in vain Aristotle and this is a miracle herb which is called tribulus terrestris
the viagra of nature as a stable and natural medicine for thousands of years
tribulus terrestris has long been used to treat everything from sexual
dysfunction to kidney stones and beyond nowadays it’s much more common to grab a
supplement at the store rather than brewing up the herb into a tea or tonic
but there’s no doubt that adding this incredible plant into your routine can
come with some pretty impressive benefits when it comes to your health
ready to learn more let’s dig in and take a closer look at this super
supplement and the beneficial effects that it has to offer hello everyone and welcome back on this
episode we have something different to share with you and is a miracle herb
which is called tribulus terrestris the viagra of nature in Greece also we call
the tribulus terrestris into really dry Valley and appendix Ilya personal we
have learned about the tribulus terrestris by accident because one day
as we have walked with the dogs as we see in the shoes have stuck some of
these strange seeds and after a research that we have done we have learned that
this herb is a natural viagra for men and Romans as well and not only the
herbal ingredient for the production of formulations viagra which promote the
sexuality of men and women is scattered in mother nature and is called tribulus
terrestris some researchers found that when men with reduced sex drives consume
750 to 1500 milligrams of tribulus terrestris daily for two months their
sexual desire increased by 79% also 67% of women with very low libidos
experienced increased sexual desire after they took supplements of 500 to
1500 milligrams for 90 days here a closer look to some fresh seeds of the
tribulus terrestris tribulus terrestris is a herb also known as punked ravine
caltrops or small cult drops its leaves fruits and roots have been used in the
traditional medicines of China and India for centuries
tribulus terrestris it is used as a testosterone booster because it has a
chemical structure similar to a known hormone DHEA involved in testosterone
and estrogen production in the human body
for this reason testosterone booster products with tribulus terrestris are
marketed for sexual enhancement and athletic performance among the other
clinical studies have shown that even a short period of treatment with tribulus
terrestris extract is effective in treating libido disorders and the
erectile dysfunctions the tribulus terrestris is one of the best natural
aphrodisiacs used for this reason for centuries the seeds have more pronounced
qualities tribulus terrestris it’s also known as puncture vine GaN Shara Cal
tripping goat’s head it grows in many places including parts
of Europe Asia Africa and the Middle East
both the roots and fruit of this earth have been used medicinally in
traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda medicine traditionally the
people have used this herb for a variety of potential effects including to
enhance libido keep the urinary tract healthy and reduce swelling
today tribulus terrestris is widely used as a general health supplement as well
as in supplements that claim to increase testosterone levels
in general the tribulus terrestris is a plant that has been used for a variety
of potential health benefits for many years and it is popular as a general
health supplement and as an ingredient and testosterone booster supplements the
tribulus terrestris can easily be found in large quantities and can be used
either for preventive or therapeutic purposes so preparing it as a
therapeutic drink is very easy for those who would like to follow this easy and
cheap solution to solve the problem of sexual performance without side effects
for the body they served that nature has given us among the others resolves very
serious problems related to the sexual health of men and women such as erectile
dysfunction low testosterone and lack of erotic mood clinical studies have shown
that 50% of individuals diagnosed with reduced libido showed significant
improvement in sexual momentum and over 57% of those diagnosed with erectile
dysfunction experienced their sex life being transformed in women the tribulus
terrestris stimulates sexual mood improves reproductive function and
ovulation helps in cases of premenstrual syndrome helps to regulate hormones
during the menopause period reduces the psychosomatic problems caused by it such
as insomnia hypertension bad mood abdominal pain hypersensitivity and
hyperemia without causing an increase in blood pressure although people often
take tribulus terrestris for its potential impacts on sexual function and
testosterone it has also been studied for other important effects on heart
health and blood sugar one study examined the effects of taking 1000
milligrams tribulus terrestris per day and ninety-eight women with type 2
diabetes and after three months women taking the supplement
experience lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels compared to those who
took a placebo animal studies have also shown that the tribulus terrestris may
reduce blood sugar levels help protect against blood vessel damage and help
prevent increases in blood cholesterol a simple recipe from making beverages to
following we gather the herb without its roots in full bloom along with its seeds
which have more pronounced qualities we wash it and replace it in a pot and we
cover it with water we boil it well until is left less than half of the
original water after that the extract is drained and stored in the refrigerator
for up to one week the dose is three cups of coffee a day one morning one
noon in the last night before bedtime the herb can be taken for an unlimited
time without side effects however it is recommended to take short breaks after
the first two or three months of continuous intake which normally
increases levels of hormones and correct sexual mood apart from a drug against
sexual dysfunction and male infertility the tribulus terrestris helps to deal
with other diseases especially those that concern them in the urinary system
difficulty in passing urine operation of the prostate finally it’s one very good
digestive and contributes to the detoxification of the digestive system
and the liver for those who for any reason they cannot
find it in nature you can find it in homeopathic pharmacies and tincture and
tablets while in herbal stores you will find its leaves and roots some other
other potential effects are the following in addition to the potential
health effects discussed already tribulus terrestris may have several
other effects in the body light fluid balance this plant may act as a diuretic
and increase urine production immune system immune system activity and rats
has been shown to increase when they are given this supplement the brain as part
of a multi ingredient supplement tribulus terrestris may have
antidepressant effects in mice inflammation a test tube study showed
possible anti-inflammatory effects pain relief high doses of this supplement may
provide pain relief in rats cancer test tube research has shown a
possible anti-cancer effects of tribulus terrestris however almost all of these
effects have only been studied in animals or test tubes and even then the
evidence is very limited much more research both in animals and humans is
needed to find out whether tribulus terrestris has these effects dosage
safety and side effects researchers have used a wide variety of doses to assess
the effects of tribulus terrestris studies investigating its potential
blood sugar lowering effect used 1000 milligrams per day while research
examining libido enhancement used doses from 250 to 1500 milligrams per day
other studies prescribed dosage is relative to body weight for example
several studies have used doses of four point five to nine milligrams per pound
10 to 20 milligrams per kilogram of body weight so if you weighed about 155
pounds or 70 kilograms you might take a dose of seven hundred to one thousand
four hundred milligrams for the tribulus terrestris which as we saw
is a plant quite well camouflaged by awful thorns fruits it gives its
extracts to medicines like Dresden and travellin which are becoming more and
more known in the world we should prefer to drink it as a fresh drink rather than
as a processed medicine of course we should always ask for a doctor’s opinion
and never consume any herb at will so avoid the side effects from the tribulus
terrestris is made the GOx chiral which is an incredibly popular supplement
renowned for aiding bodybuilding draining and as a powerful sexual
dunnock it is incredibly rich in supplements phytochemicals which have
the ability to boost the body’s testosterone levels naturally making
tribulus to go to herb for men suffering from the sexual dysfunction one popular
study showed that tribulus terrestris elevates euthanizing hormone LH and
increases free testosterone levels in active healthy males LH has an effect on
the lay idak cells of the testes and is generally responsible for the production
of testosterone this in turn will increase sexual desire and libido
improve the quality of sperm whilst making it more nimble and in some cases
it will help to remedy erectile dysfunction jubileus has also been
proven to be helpful in cases of premature ejaculation another simple beverage recipe is the
following use 30 grams of the plant for half a liter of water or 1 teaspoon of
sweet for a cup put the plant in cold water and let it boil for 5-10 minutes
remove it from the fire leave it for 5-10 minutes and then
strain and drink it you can also find it in a tincture form where the dosage is 6
to 10 drops of tincture in half a glass of water and we drink the same amount
three times a day morning afternoon and evening before the end we can say that
from the moment that we are dealing and with the plasma technology we
begins with the tribulus terrestris and we can use it with different plasma
tools like with their health patches health pens health clubs etc however the
infos that we have seen and heard on this episode are only for educational
purposes so you can learn about the herbs and is highly recommended to make
your own research for better understanding before you continue to the
consumption of any form of the herbs we must always ask for a doctor’s opinion
and never consumed any herb at will so we can avoid the side-effects thank you
in a coming episode we will show how to make Gans with the tribulus terrestris
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thank you very much peace love and happiness to all see you next time there
is no such thing as man dog love man woman love man mother love man son love
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  1. Thank you very nuch for this valuable knowledge. It is noteworthy that the plant as depicted in this video differs considerably from the species / kind (?) that is depicted at sites that sell it, as well as in google images ..

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