NCISD | Porter Spartan Cheerleaders | Porter High School

The Porter Spartan Cheerleader squad is preparing
for another run at best in the US with this program filled with elite moves and routines. 10 seniors and 6 juniors and one sophomore
make up the varsity squad. It’s a squad that has been making waves
for a few years now. “There we compete against all 6-A schools
and 5-A schools, it’s not divided up in divisions. It’s a very had competition and we get a bid. Then we get to go to nationals, so we are
competing against everyone in the United States.” Well, they got the bid for nationals once
again to represent New Caney ISD and Porter High School against the best of the best. Right now they are ranked 17th in the nation,
a position that comes through hard work and change. “ It’s brought up their skills. When I started coaching here the highest stunt
we could do was an extension with looking back that was nothing. Now we can do big basket tosses, elaborate
pyramids and my girls can all tumble. So none of them could tumble when I first
started. It’s grown to quite the elite cheer team
here.” Castles has about 3 of her former cheerleaders
performing at the college level under scholarships. It’s a far cry from cheerleaders of the
past who merely move up and down the sidelines. But change is what the crowd wants and what
elite cheerleaders want to give them. “ A little bit of both. There used to be school cheer and then competitive
cheer and now the competitive piece has rolled over into the school cheer. And when the crowd sees that competitive piece
come int they say wow this is really cool. Then they see these girls can tumble, they
can throw baskets in the air, they can do things like that. When you start to do that, they want to see
more of that.”

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