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Ned Tries Famous Soccer Trick Shots • The Try Vlog

Ned Tries Famous Soccer Trick Shots • The Try Vlog

– Welcome to the Vlog, it’s
soccer trick shot time. Oh are you alright? – [Zach] Yeah – Okay. (whistle) (intro music) – Good morning! – I’m gonna do my Zach impression. What’s up fam? Vlogging,
vlogging, vlogging. – It’s a beautiful day
on the soccer field. – [Keith] Getting his shoes on, getting his cleats on. – And today, I’m gonna
try some trick shots. (kicking sound effects) – Yeah I mean I could do a little soccer juggling with my feet. – None of the other guys
thought I could do it. But we’re doing it anyways! We’ll have fun. The other guys always
make fun of me for this, but I love Dude Perfect. (photo sound effects) Dude Perfect, if you’re
listening – hit me up, I’ll put my number, name,
contact email down here, uh, would love to collab with you guys. Love Dude Perfect. They just do the coolest trick shots. This here’s the Bend It Like Beckham. Oh fuck! And then they’re like yeah, yeah, yeah! Today I’m gonna try and
do what Dude Perfect does. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) We’re gonna try the Crossbar Challenge. The way this works, is you gotta hit the crossbar of the goal. (yelling) It shouldn’t be that hard. This is the Crossbar Challenge. Ugh damn it! You guys know I like soccer,
but I like love soccer. That was so close! This is the Crossbar Challenge. I play every single week,
sometimes twice a week. That one was terrible. And as a kid, I used to play forward. I’m really fast, and all
I wanna do is score goals, and do like tricky stuff with my feet. This is the Crossbar Challenge. You’re a kid, so it’s
easier to score girls – Score goals, not girls. Ew. This is the – uh, gotta have some sweat. But then, when I was a
freshman in high school I broke my leg playing soccer. I got a through ball, and
then I was running to catch it and I collided with the goalie, and boom my leg just snapped. This is the Crossbar Challenge. My tibia snapped my fibula. This is the Crossbar Challenge. Ugh, so bad! And it was awful! I mean I was recovering, for like over a year. And ever since then, I’ve
gone from forward, to defense. It’s like I’ve slowly
moved back along the field and so like, now I really
get excited by like, stealing the ball, and like
making a really good pass. Ever since I broke my
leg, no tricky stuff. But today, maybe I’ll try being a forward. You ready to ramp things
up? Let’s ramp things up. Yeah! This is the fifteen
ball Crossbar Challenge. (upbeat music) Ooh that was so close! Damn it! Fuck! Just feel like I suck right now. Just wanted to make a
cool trick shot video. None of the other guys
thought I could do it. Maybe they’re right. – Yeah – Whoa, God, I ran right into you. – Boozy brunch. – Uh, we had a couple drinks. (upbeat music) – [Keith] There it is. – Alright, let’s try the Crossbar
Challenge, one last time. This is the Crossbar Challenge. Yeah! (upbeat music) Feels good man. Feels good. Yeah! Man, how do they do that
without scraping up their knees? Up next, Bending it like Beckham. – Now we’re gonna go meet up with Ned – Watch Ned kick balls. – We’re just going to see if Ned can show us his little trick. – Now if I hit the ball right here, I can just go directly into the goal. But I’m not, I’m gonna put the ball here, which means if I try and go
directly, I’ll hit this thing, I’ve gotta curve it up and around. (bell dinging) Do you think I can pull
off this banana kick? – Not really. – [Ned] Why is that? – Cause you’re a defender. (laughter) – [Ned] Okay. Does anyone here think that I can do it? Thanks for the support. I’ve mounted my bullseye, got my boxes, let’s do this. This is the Bend it Like Beckham. How to Bend it Like Beckham. Aw crap. Now usually, I’m that
guy, that’s the trash can. Ball hits me in the face. How to Bend it Like Beckham. Okay step 1, run up. Ooh I kinda got it that time. Had a little bit of a curve. This is the Bend it
Like Beckham – schwing! Way too high. It says use this part of your foot. Way too high, what are we doing here? Follow through, make a
half circle in the air as you’re hitting the ball. Oh come on damn it! Can’t do anything right.
Helicopter’s coming to get me. I’m losing my cool. Come on! Just gonna focus. (yelling) This is the Bend it Like Beckham. I know what the YouTube tutorial said, just try to curve it. (yelling) Curve it around. Curve it around that trash can. Okay. Feel like I’m getting
close, so whatever happens, I’m gonna put on my Brazil jersey, and this’ll be my last try. This is the Bend it Like Beckham. (dramatic music) I’m nervous. Fuck! I said that would be my last shot, but I really want to make this happen. Practice is over! It’s
time for the real thing. Time for the real thing. Time for the real thing. This is the Bend it Like Beckham. That’s it, that’s it! Yeah! (screaming and upbeat music) Ah I did it! Oh my God it took me like 50 tries. Wow. Wow. Wow. I just, I love soccer so much you guys. – (singing) This parking lot of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, this parking lot of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. – Yeah, I play defense.
And I’m proud of that. But every once in a while,
find a challenge yourself and try and do something that you didn’t think you could do. I’m so happy right now. – (singing) This soccer field of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. This soccer field of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. Look, it’s Ned. We’re here at Ned’s
game, and Ned is hanging with his soccer bros over there. Look at his stupid socks. Heyyy. – Do you know what this is, Eugene? It’s called a Vuvuzela,
it’s like a little trumpet. – Ready? – Yeah. (blows air) – [Keith] No like buzz (makes buzzing sound) – Oh. (blows trumpet) – Pretty good. That’s good. Oh you did break it. (laughter) You broke it. – [Keith] They’re always
at the World Cup right? – You wanna try Keith? (jazzy trumpet music) – It took Ned over
forty-five tries to do this, and now he’s gonna try and do it right on the first try with us as the wall. – [Keith] Calm yourself down. – [Ned] 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (shouting) First try! – [Keith] That was incredible! And so Ned continued on to his scrimmage against the Thursday team. And Eugene and Keith went back to the normal Sunday activities, which are… – Drinking. – Drinking. But remember, no alcohol and no golf on the soccer field. – Try some trick shots on your own, send them to me, I wanna
see more cool stuff. I really hope Dude Perfect emails me. This was a vlog, it was a vlog. Thanks for watching. Until next time. (shouting)

100 thoughts on “Ned Tries Famous Soccer Trick Shots • The Try Vlog”

  1. Idk why he talks like if being defender is a bad position to play, tbh that’s one the most exile rating positions to play especially if ur a full back

  2. 8:14 do you think that watching keith run with his hands up in person is like watching a tube man in front of a car dealership

  3. He does know he could just say “this is the bend it like Beckham” once and just edit it in the front of the trick shot

  4. All of the dislikes are from people that are like, “omg it’s football not soccer Ned” And also Ned is one of my favorite try guy.

  5. I play soccer and I’m number 7 like Ronaldo and my twin is 13 like Alex Morgan and not to brag but we’re kinda….lucky

  6. Aww, Ned was so cute when he spotted Eugene and Keith and waved, and Keith and Eugene were too busy being catty bitches.

  7. Did anyone else notice that while he's trying to bend it like becham, when the dinosaur flew once it hit the ground it looked like it like took a couple steps???‍♀️

  8. This was so amazing! The one trick took 67 tries. 67!! How many people would have given up way before 67? A lot I think. Me, for one, probably. But look how happy he was when he finally made it! I don't remember how many tries the other trick took, but he didn't give up on that one either. It was hot and he was sweaty and getting tired and he had a game to play afterward?? I love all the Try Guys for different reasons. Ned's dedication is one of the things I love about him. Dedication to his family, his friends, his job, and now I see his soccer. I don't know. I'm not saying it well I don't think. But I just love him. It seems he really took to heart the Albert Einstein quote "You never fail until you stop trying". It's inspiring.

  9. I'm glad this isn't "try guys play soccer" if Eugene ends up being better than him at it, i think Ned would quit life

  10. Yesssss! We need more Ned soccer videos! I’m the goalie on my soccer team and I’ve been playing goalie for 5 years now so I think it’d be pretty interesting to see the guys try and be soccer goalies for a video!

  11. Ok is it just me or did anybody else see that dinosaur after Ned kicced the box and it fell kinda start to walk

  12. Who else loves the film "bend it like Beckham"? Also if you haven't watched it you really should (even if your not big on football, cause neither am I but I still loved every minute of it!)

  13. They should do one where Ned tries to shut up or at least change his voice. Then again I watched the whole thing

  14. I went here after I read the part in their book, "Ned's Most Epic Fail." Going back when I watched this first, I thought this is an amazing video. Even though this didn't get as much views as you want, you're still amazing Ned ❤

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