New Basketball Shoe Shopping 2018! Which Shoes Will Bryce Get? 🏀👟

– What’s up guys?
Welcome to another vlog. Today, tonight,
it’s actually night. It’s almost 8 P.M. It’s a late one.
– Yeah. – We, Bryce, is finally gonna
get some new basketball shoes. Hopefully, cross our
fingers we find shoes that he likes in his size. You’re wearing 5-and-a-halfs
now but they’re too small. And we want to buy
something a little bigger so that he can grow into ’em.
– 7 or 6-and-a-half? – 6-and-a-halfs, maybe 7s.
We’ll see. I think every
brand’s a little different. Name some shoes that
you’re looking for right now. – Kyries. I would
be fine with those. Devin Booker’s but
those are super hard to find. – Really hard to find.
Yeah, they’re rare. – And then, I don’t know. – Those are really
the only two right now? – Yeah.
– Okay. – Maybe LeBrons.
– Maybe. Okay. – Maybe some
other like smaller guys. I don’t know. – It’s got to be
a name brand though. It’s got to be a player.
It’s got to be a player. – It’s got to be a player.
– Alright. – Can’t just be like Nike. Random Nikes. – Kids, you kids
are crazy. Tell ya. Alright, we’re
gonna go in the mall. We got at least three stores to
go into but we leave tomorrow for Anaheim so we
need to get ’em tonight. So we’ll cross our fingers
we find a pair that he likes, that fit him, and uh, yeah. Here we go. – White. This is LeBron James. – [Clintus] Are they?
– [Bryce] Yeah. – [Clintus] Yeah. I like the straps. – Yeah. So I don’t
have to tie ’em. – [Clintus] That’s pretty good.
It’s quicker to get on. – It’s a lot of white too. – [Clintus] Yeah,
they’ll get dirty. Like suede dude. Those are cool. Are those
basketball shoes though? Are those
considered basketball shoes? I like these. Those are cool.
Those are your colors. Gold.
– [Bryce] Yeah. – [Clintus] Black
and gold, right? – Look at the inside.
– [Clintus] Yep. – This is Kyrie Irving’s.
This is Warrior colors. – [Clintus] These are cool too. Those have blue. – [Bryce] Mason just got these. And Jalen has those
so I don’t want those. These ones. – [Clintus] Oh yeah? Okay. – These are cool.
– [Clintus] Those are cool. – I like ones
where it’s all one color. That’s why I like those ones. These ones and the white ones. – [Clintus] The white ones? Those are cool.
I like these. And they’ll go
with your uniform. – [Bryce] But there’s blue. – [Clintus] Doesn’t matter. Looks like we are
a 7-and-a-half. Almost an 8. We’ll try and
7-and-a-half and a 8. Alright, so we’ve measured
his foot and like I said he’s a 7-and-a-half, like 8 which means
he’s no longer in youth sizes. He is now over
in the adult size. So we’re here in House of Hoops
over on the other side and we’re looking at adult sized shoes. Shoes are different and
the ones right away kind of catching our eye are the Kobes. Black and gold
which matches his jersey. Come in grey and white. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We got the Kyries right? A couple of Kyries
that are pretty cool. And then, what was this guy? – [Bryce] That’s Paul George.
– Paul George. I like these.
These are my vote, right here. So he’s gonna grab a couple 8s
in those shoes Bryce is gonna try ’em on see
which ones fit the best. – [Bryce] We saw these
ones of there and these ones. – [Clintus] These
are 7-and-a-halfs. He did find 7-and-a-half. They’re just very,
very rare ’cause it’s the smallest size they make. Alright, so these are 8s in
the Kobes and they were too big. So 8s are too big. 7-and-a-halfs might be the sweet
spot but that limits us to what he can get ’cause
there’s not a lot of choices. Guy’s gonna go back and look and see if there’s
any more in 7-and-a-half. Just anything at 7-and-a-half
and see what we got. Blue’s not really
his color but it’d work, right? – [Bryce] Yeah.
– [Clintus] You like blue. Blue’s still one of
your favorite colors. – Mhmmm. – [Clintus] Alright so these,
these are the Paul George. – [Bryce] Mhmmm. – [Clintus] These are
8s and you like these. – [Bryce] Yeah. – These feel the best
over the 7-and-a-halfs? – They both kind of feel same
but I can feel a little bit bigger here but I think
get the bigger size so– – [Clintus] Grow into ’em.
– grow into ’em. – [Clintus] Alright, alright. – And then if I do
grow super fast in these then I’ll already
be perfect size. White and black. – [Clintus] Alright, so now that
we decided that 8 is his size, I told the guy to go back and
just take another look to see if there’s any other in 8s. ‘Cause they got the
black ones, I like the grey. That’s my favorite one. Blue, purple and then there’s
frickin’ neon tennis ball. Look at this. That’s totally Bryce’s style. Alright, we have success. We have chosen a pair
of shoes that fit him, that he likes. I think you guys
are gonna love them. We’ll show you guys once we get
home and the lighting’s better ’cause the lighting
wasn’t very good in the store. Before we could head home,
we’re gonna pull through the drive thru and grab some
concrete mixers from Freddy’s ’cause I feel like we haven’t
treated ourselves in a while. We found out about Mom and
Sierra’s confession that they go to Dairy Queen
after volleyball practice. I figured me and Bryce could splurge a little bit
and get some minis. We got some minis.
We didn’t get anything crazy. Got the little minis. I think for me personally,
that’s like the perfect size. – Mhmmm. – [Clintus] What
flavor did you get? – Chocolate Brownie Delight.
– Chocolate Brownie Delight. And I got the
Hawaiian Delight, my favorite. It’s macadamia nut, pineapple,
strawberries, ooh. So good, so good. Coconut, too! I think there’s
coconut in there too. It’s good. Hawaiian Delight! Alright, we’re back home and
we’re gonna do the big reveal. He’s so excited. He’s very excited
about these shoes. Alright so the last clip
I showed you guys was he had made the decision
that he was going to go with the Paul George series. And we decided that 8
was a good size for him. It’s a little big,
gives him room to grow because his feet do grow. And the Currys that he used to
have or that he still has were big when we bought those
and he grew into those and they’ve lasted him a year. So if the same
thing happens with these, we got our money’s worth. You guys ready for this? He’s super excited
show you guys this. Alright, you ready? Ready? Boom! Neon tennis ball yellow,
Paul George. Look at that. It even has the tennis ball
like texture on the sides. – [Bryce] They totally suit me.
– [Clintus] They do. Bryce is always wearing neon. Even for Valentine’s Day,
Memaw got you a Valentine’s neon shirt,
Nike shirt. – I like ’em ’cause it’s like
velcro on it too and a tie. – [Clintus] They look cool, man.
– I like the tie. – [Clintus] They look cool.
So there you go. The Zoom, Nike Zoom. Number 13. Got his logo on the
bottom there in red. – [Bryce] Oh, I didn’t see. – [Clintus] I like it,
I like it. – On the white there’s a
little bit of splatter of neon. – [Clintus] Oh, it does. I didn’t see that either.
– [Bryce] Yeah. – [Clintus] That is cool. The white has like,
I don’t know. – [Bryce] It has white and
then back to neon in the bottom. – [Clintus] Yep. – [Bryce] See it’s
like one speck of red. – [Clintus] Alright so this
is Bryce’s basketball bag. And a lot of you guys are
always asking for like what’s in Bryce’s basketball
bag kinda thing. So we’ll do a quick bag, what do you call it? Bag tour?
– [Bryce] Yeah. – [Clintus] Bag tour. So this top zipper he
usually puts his cell phone in. And that’s where
the card goes in there. – Here is where my ball goes. – [Clintus] It’s where
your ball goes, yep. – And then my kneepads
are normally on top of it but my kneepads.
– [Clintus] Kneepads. – Those are my old ones. I don’t know
where my new ones are. – [Clintus] Mom’s probably
washing ’em for ya. Yeah. So kneepads go in
there with the ball. Side pockets for water bottles.
– [Bryce] Mhmmm. – [Clintus] Puts in
granola bars and protein bars. – [Bryce] Deodorant in there. – [Clintus] Little deodorant. And then that’s
where his shoes go. Booyah. – [Bryce] Old shoes. – [Clintus] Alright,
so there’s his old shoes. His Currys. Now check this out.
That one, yep. (laughs) So this is a youth 5-and-a-half
and this is men’s 8. He’s wearing a men’s 8. It doesn’t look that much. Like you can’t tell. It’s kinda hard to tell. – [Bryce] This is much taller. – [Clintus] Yeah,
it’s taller but. There’s definitely. – [Bryce] It’s red,
white, and blue ’cause those
were his USA shoes. – [Clintus] There’s
definitely a size difference. Even like on top,
looking down like this. Look at how much (laughs) look at how much
smaller that shoe is. When you put it that
way you definitely see it. That’s crazy. Yep. Alright, so what we’re gonna
do for the Anaheim trip this weekend is we’re
gonna bring both of ’em. Right, so we’re
obviously bring his new shoes. He’s gonna lace ’em up and play at least the first game
in the new shoes. If his feet start bothering
him, they start hurting him. Right, debilitating him then
we’ll put back on his old shoes and then he’ll
just kind of alternate throughout the weekend. The way this tournament works
as far as we know is going to be very similar to all
the other tournaments. Two games on Saturday,
two games on Sunday and then Monday
is single elimination. So we get seeded, we go in,
and then Monday, we just play until
we either lose or win. All the way to the end. We’re gonna be heading
out with the Bevos and we’re bunking up with them. We got a hotel room. So you guys are gonna get one
big vlog from the whole weekend of our Anaheim trip. So the driving, dinners, the
basketball, everything, right? Just one big fat vlog. And then Tiffany and
Sierra are staying here, ’cause Sierra has a big
three-day tournament at the University of Phoenix Stadium. This is Sierra’s third time
playing there and I missed it the first year and now
I’m missing it this year. Which I’m bummed about but I’m
excited to go to Anaheim with Bryce and watch some basketball
with him and the boys. So then you guys are gonna get
one big fat vlog for volleyball. So again, this goes with the new
style of the way we’re vlogging. Instead of you
guys getting three, one every day of back
and forth, back and forth, back and forth, one volleyball
vlog with just Tiffany and Sierra, and then one
vlog with me and Bryce. Hopefully you guys like it. I’m actually excited, I’m happy
that I don’t have to worry about getting Tiffany’s
clips every day. Worry about the internet and
then have to stay up late to edit and upload overnight. Like that’s the
worst when I travel. Like I dread that guys. I dread that. Anyways, that’s it. We’re gonna, woowh,
oh dude, smell those. (laughs) These
smell so bad you guys. And these are dry. When he takes
’em off in my truck, I literally want to
throw them out the window. So we’re gonna retire these. We’ll retire the Steph Currys
but like I said we’re gonna bring ’em on this trip. They smell so bad. Well there you go guys, Bryce’s
new shoes are in the bag ready to rock and
roll for the weekend. Paul George,
neon yellow tennis ball. It’s crazy but
they’re totally Bryce’s style. Let us know in the comments below if you own
a pair of those. Either that color
or a different color. Or what
basketball shoes you do own. Obviously, you guys could say
a dozen other shoes that Bryce should’ve got but A, it’s a
matter of what was in the store, B, it was what was in his size. There were some cool
shoes that he saw there. What was it, Kyries? There were Kyries there too
but the color that went with his jersey and his size was hard. It was hard so, there you go. We’ll see you guys in Anaheim. Vlog on.
– Vlog on. (techno music)

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