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NFL Cheerleaders Sue Team Over Poor Treatment & Sexualization

NFL Cheerleaders Sue Team Over Poor Treatment & Sexualization

the cheerleaders for the Buffalo Bills
they are dubbed the gills are actually suing the organization because
they feel that they are treated unfairly in there actually underpaid so the mistreatment outlined
in the lawsuit is actually to the state Supreme Court
includes being paid at less than minimum wage inappropriate
physical contact and also degrading comments and being
subjected to demeaning treatment the actually claim that they were
auctioned off as prizes in some events and they feel absolutely sick
about it Arjen make a point art so I think that there’s
an understanding Amelia the cheerleaders are never going to be as valuable as a
football players on his team they’re kinda seen as more ornament the problem is when they feel
that in order to do their job to do things that make them or be reasonably
make anybody feel uncomfortable and also being paid less obvious is
inexcusable for making not letting the players were being paid less than a
standard minimum wage earners was replayed and i know i the children’s I friend
that her killers and the high school children but maybe I become a
professional chiller one day that for me personally I didn’t want the
job but I felt like this is the worst I’ve ever it is basically like looked at
it like one of the team’s with a look at the
Canadian you’re not too much respect I could see why then an obvious other chillers tonight across the country like
the reader rats are starting to demand more quality absolutely and eight percent
agree and I think that when you see how much money the players
make its hopes certainly rich they are and
and compare that to somebody who now making minimum wage who
is me doing something that you know I unfortunately we sort of
highly sexualized or fortunately again I don’t know it depends on who you ask the whole I active cheerleading knowing
that it is really art or anything like that but I think
that’d its difficult to have something that’s completely about image and about Tom about TNA right in a world now that we’re
really trying to get away from from valium people based solely on their
parents and I just think those two things trillion from different I’m when I don’t know share leader special
cheerleader cue necessarily use your intellect and you do it for validation
you do it because you have a hot body cuz you look good I’m short part is for
love sharing everybody also do it because it is
affecting you get your attention you’re known as a cheerleader it is only when
they start reading the chillers like absolute crap for that it have the wink and nod you
can’t go on a cheerleader and expect me to be hot like grow up that is your job as a chiller the
competitive cheerleading athletically you know but at the same
time their standard have to hold anyone when turned professional
organization and the NFL is a professional organization yeah I think that that’s most important
point here regardless of what their intentions were when they decided to
cheer up for this team you have to treat them respectfully and
you have to follow the law when it comes to paying them now I should note that these are all
allegations at this point it needs to be improved I are proven in a court of law so we’ll
see how it all turns out but you can’t pay them less than minimum
wage you also should auction them off as prizes they’re not objects they’re
not you know property that you sell off its absolutely deplorable I’m so I guess
we’ll see what happens in this case big question for this story is what’s
the most degrading thing you’ve done or you would consider doing 4 a job
gentle start with you I mean I think that in all sorted
occupations there’s a grating things you do whether it’s especially cuz I’ve been
in a media and PR and I’ve also been a news reporter so on
other situations especially for news stories especially
when I worked for us Weekly that okay magazines in the world your party’s positions all the time
where you had to basically compromise your values to get stories about people
that you thought were frankly disgusting I don’t want to be you know stocking
Jennifer Aniston’s doctors to see she’s pregnant there was something I was
assigned to me that turned out it was one last day they ever worked at that
but you ever industry there’s creepy things
that you might have to do to get ahead so its nothing specific was like a
general ETA love creeper re especially needed to be high Andy absolutely agree and I came from
news I have covered a few tragedies something very major I
was in Connecticut for appalling Sandy Hook shooting and I fell
was the first time that I really ever thought I don’t need to be here this is not
something I feel comfortable with with knocking on people’s doors in trying it
you know get some kinda sat on tape to tell me
about you know how sad you are because we all know the story as we all know
what happened and I’m you know nothing nothing too
crazy like you know putting up new pics anything like that
yes good amount yeah it’s really interesting at the perspective from two
other people that have worked in news because I can definitely relate to that I mean at tyte thankfully there’s a lot
of flexibility and you know we have a CEO whose really open minded about the
type of content we cover but when I first got hired my initial
you know be was celebrity gossip and I absolutely
freaking hate it and I remember we had the segment called
guess the camel toe where we would like you know zoom in on someone’s camel toe
and we would have the audience and the hosts you know guess who’s cameltoe it
was there and those videos ballou up on YouTube
they did so well okay they did better than any NSA story
that we’re gonna do better than any story about the police force being mature up
militant militarized but its it’s depressing to know that
that’s the stuff that as well but I wasn’t into it I found integrating
so I stopped doing those stories and I do stories are a little better
than that just just a little bit like strip clubs in church exactly you
know K highbrow the New York Times the Upper West Side
stuff we’re making progress alright guys will tell us if you’ve done anything to
grading for job for how far you would go for your dream job are common in the
section below and we will see you guys soon with another media

38 thoughts on “NFL Cheerleaders Sue Team Over Poor Treatment & Sexualization”

  1. No one forced them to take the job.  If they don't like it, QUIT.  They should read "Who moved my cheese?"

  2. Doing something you don't like for not enough money? Shocking. Seriously though, less than minimum wage is illegal and they should sue for that. Sexual harassment when your job is to be a sex object though? If you don't want to be a sex object, don't be a cheerleader, be a gymnast. It's not a career where you should be respected for anything else. 

  3. Cheerleaders are sexualized starting in high school and never complained through college/dance school so why complain now?as for the money, It's only a problem when the rent is due and you're not living the glamorous lifestyle you expected. Football players play football as their job. Cheer leading is designed to be a side gig. Sounds like opportunism at its best. Smh. women

  4. Earning less than minimum wage ?.Of course that is wrong, but to even attempt to draw any comparison between what the players & cheerleaders earn is absurd. In terms of life threatening risk, that is like comparing a coal face mine worker to a baby minder. How many cheerleaders will be exposed year after year to repeated head concussions, spinal injuries, broken bones, torn knee, shoulder & ankle ligaments, along with the hidden affects of long term brain injury & exposure to acute pain and chronic use of painkillers ?. & all this before they are even out of their teens. It is worth noting that the average lifespan of an American male is 78. For a pro footballer it is mid fifties. Lets not kid ourselves here. Nobody watches cheerleaders to admire their athleticism & choreography, If being objectified isn't working for you, do something else. Whatever happened to "'I'm a woman, hear me roar" ?.These days its more "I'm a victim, hear me whine".

  5. If they are being paid below minimum wage, the team management needs to be ARRESTED.
    Other than that, you don't take a job as a chef if you don't want to be around food…..

    As for embarrassment:  I've worked in an adult theater. You can't even imagine some of the things I've seen and cleaned up.

  6. haha what about a hundred thousand dollars taken out for med school or any higher education for that matter

  7. I've helped develop software for the worst newspaper in my country (also the biggest one, spouting horrible sensationalist stupid demeaning things)… I guess it was good money but it never was the same afterwards.

  8. The comparable party aren't the players it is the team mascot; they make $23,000-$65,000 with benefits! How can the NFL justify the disparities? Sub minimum wage without benefits is unexceptable

  9. I haven't been told to do anything particularly degrading, but I work in customer service (liquor store) so being nice to people that are horrible is probably the most degrading part. Customers essentially treat you as a sub human; like a background person that doesn't really participate fully in their universe. I get comments about my appearance, people making casual racist/sexist comments they think I will agree with, customers demanding I help them carry things for them they could easily carry themselves, people swear at me and call me names when the store is out of stock of something or the beer is slightly too warm. I could write a blog filled with stories of terrible customers. I had an old man the other day walk into the store and immediately turn to me, call me a "fucking poof" (derogatory Australian word for homosexual) and demand I bring him beer. Naturally I caused a scene, drew attention from all the other customers in the store, and threw him out, but it still pisses me off that it happens at all. 

  10. I'm sorry, I'm going to sound like an asshole, but whatever. THEY ARE CHEERLEADERS! People come to the games to watch the football players. What the hell do they besides dance and show off how hot they are?   They don't even travel with the team to away games!
     Now that being said, I do agree that they should be paid at least the minimum wage, because that is the law and the Bills are being cheap.

  11. I do not blame them. But it's nice way to take them down. Mind as well the bills are going to suck anyways.

  12. Whats the point in cheerleaders again? For men to ogle them?
    How about they get a real job in that field, you know, porn or something.

  13. If you want be treated with respect and earn good money, become an escort. Cheerleaders are just groupies for football players.

  14. They make less than minimum wage???
    It's amazing they get paid anything at all …
    Women are just petite slabs of beautiful meat, put here by god to serve men.
    … and now, all of a sudden, they think they have rights???
    Are you kidding me???

  15. Cut the cheerleading alltogether. What kind of sport needs that? I can understand that those girls/women do want to do the dancing-like act, but why not actual dancing?

  16. We don't need cheerleaders, can't females stay out of one fucking thing we do? You even see these whores at comic con…

  17. Poor treatment, certainly. Absolutely. If they are being paid less than minimum wage, certainly.

    The way for cheerleaders to deal with sexualization is to stop being cheerleaders. That is rather the whole point, however you feel about it. Cheerleaders (of either gender though they are largely female) that are not attractive don't get work.

    I get that many people don't like cheerleaders, and can even understand many of the arguments made but don't pretend the solution is to have women dressed respectably on the side lines; the solution will be to get rid of them entirely.

  18. The Bills are going into their 2nd year without the cheerleaders and still, nobody but stupid want to be internet news organizations give even the remotest fuck.  I go to the  games to see the games, if I want to see what they do, I can go to a strip joint after the game.  I can't even believe a lawyer would be interested in this, what could he possibly get for his efforts?

  19. Look I'm a bills fan and I can see where they are coming from they are often over sexualized on and off the field and I wish them good luck

  20. Um, what?  The prettiest, sexiest young ladies parade and dance around in scanty clothes, getting treated like gold in high school and college …. and suddenly, after all this fame and success, they complain?   I guess the pay in the NFL is less than the value of all that adoration in college and high school.  Boo to high school, boo to college, and BOOOOOO to the NFL.   (Sell them off?  They weren't for sale in high school … they were doxies for the football team or rich boys only!)

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