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Nicolas Junior High Students Talk about FESTO Machines

Nicolas Junior High Students Talk about FESTO Machines

as plastic components / product
designers tasked with selecting the best materials for specific applications
we’re challenged to design a prototype that consists of two materials processed
in two different ways to demonstrate the characteristics of each as a facilities manager assigned to work
at a factory that consists of machines and processes that generate a tremendous amount of heat we are challenged to evaluate and select an automatic control system to
maintain the cooling system tank at an optimal level. we are trying to design build and
demonstrate a two segments optical fiber and over-the-air laser links end-to-end
circuits. We learn how fiber optics and lasers are incorporated into everyday
lives including how we receive access to
satellites and internet connections explore mechatronics. We take on the role
of mechatronics engineers. We are challenged to design an automated system
that adheres to given specifications and constraints and explore the
interaction between mechanics, electrical engineering, electronics, and computer
engineering. alternative energy we learn the basic
skills needed to work with different energy sources considered to be
alternatives to our current dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels. As
alternative energy engineers, we are working in response to a request from a city
planner whose building new communities in two different locations. We are
challenged to create a plan to support the energy needs of the citizens of the
two new towns where at least 90 percent of the energy consumed should come from
renewable sources. Environments of Technology – water. Taking on the role of environmental engineers we explore water testing and water
treatment methods and the impact they can have on the environment within a
given scenario we develop a clean water solution for both humans and wildlife.

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