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Nivea Ad Racist?

Nivea Ad Racist?

mania has apologized for an ad that some
people are calling ray says that is their recent allies aguilar featuring a
black man let’s put the add up apparently was i was only featured in
esquire once but it features a black man holding addict decapitated head av an afro afrotc black man if if that’s how you
would describe it as as recent lies yourself if you use the navy a product
all the sudden you’re clean cut you don’t have an afro answer so whats but now this is already kind of a racy
and even if you think that repair racial environment because of the severed head and you gotta be cruise of the uh…
white version in there that you’re saying and what is this a sense it isn’t uh…
excuse to look like hell and again that care in the beard is a mess uh… for the white guy too no and it is safe to use our product
made from director i will send a message and then you know u cleaning the sense that so dengan both hands it makes me a little bit more split on
it uh… but the real problem was saying
you re symbolize yourself where with the record the black model and now so they would give you my opinion
carried away and they were like following the guy who’s had a look at
these holding looks like cornel west i’ll come on the unanswerable question
it didn’t mean cornel west in cornell twice as much alder it doesn’t look like
the guys that disney’s cornel west is afro-american and that is an afro that’s crazy no no that’s not-guilty
there today obligation they use words like theresa
was yourself they’ve taken it down uh… but now there’s a new layers of
the controversy in this was a rerun a because she represents the d_n_a_ as its
dispose person that door that model the station is
there any is for that and the newest ad campaign she’s gonna be photograph
infections are you taking some pictures for nearly a and now people asking riyadh into breaker contract with them because they
found at the moment so offensive alright so should we honoring her daughter i’d say now stayed in the white and black version
please use the wrong word that need to be down immediately note don’t break the
contract there was a mistake but it’s a mistake a media leave dress mises fuels money first has not been losing money she breaks a
country with them as a person spokesperson testimony but there is a matter of fact the
immediate areas is a great deal of the month perfected stepan noite no no question
about it take the money rather barry beyond for superior court pardons go forward

49 thoughts on “Nivea Ad Racist?”

  1. @mangaas There are some reverse racists, and they annoy me. However because there is near (keyword) 0 discrimination against white people it is VERY hard to be racist against whites in America. Literally the only people I know who use rare circumstances of black-white violence to prove a point and imply that the rare occasion proves their point overall are white supremacists. Not saying you are, just saying you are arguing in an identical fashion to one.

  2. @mangaas By that logic nothing is racist. The KKK isn't racist, it's just how people perceive them that's racist. Nazi's aren't racist, it's just how historians portray them that's racist. The Asiatic Exclusion League isn't racist, it's just how the media portrays them that's racist. Miss Black America isn't racist, it's just how it's viewed that racist. Something can be racist against a single group and, when identically applied to another, not be racist.

  3. @ShadowCrashed81 yes! you are ignorant! but ignorance isnt a bad thing. it simply means ' to lack knowledge." this is a part of black culture that you lack knowledge in because it doesnt affect you.
    you are totally oblivious to the racial stigma thats being promoted by suggesting that a black man with an afro is "uncivilized," because you never had to ponder such issues and how it reflects your race. have a good day.

  4. @Period0fAltering Your argument is that we can't prove something didn't exist and that means it did but when somebody points out that God genocides people in the very book that "proves" his existence so our laws don't come from him then it isn't legitimate. There must be holes in your logic. Report me if you like 🙂

  5. @Period0fAltering Just because you can pull out quotes from your Bible when it "supports" your argument doesn't mean you are right. If there is a time for everything then people could just argue that "God told me it was time to [insert random horrible act here]" and then we would have no way of justly accusing those people of anything. You people make it so easy for God to get away with things that it scares me.

  6. @Period0fAltering You realize that God killed children, right? He had entire cities destroyed, all the men and children killed, all the women kept as sex slaves. The fact that you say he has good reason for doing this because they were "disobedient" makes me question your definition of "good". Faith and Grace? Why does that need to be recognized? Does Universal Problem Solving mean wiping out all who disobey you? An explanation would be nice.

  7. @Period0fAltering You really think weather happens because of supernatural forces, don't you? That people are so important that God feels insecure when we disobey him so he causes tornadoes and what not? Extreme weather has always been around and probably always will. Perfect health? Name one person who actually had perfect health and lived for thousands of years to prove it. People like me don't destroy any "good" in this world, we try to inform the gullible. It's obvious that we are failing.

  8. @Period0fAltering Using facts is using facts. Excuse or not, they are facts. By the way, what good has this book done? A serious answer now, not the usual stuff that priests reiterate every time you question them.

  9. @Period0fAltering The whole concept is over my head. You understand God then? How he is three separate beings who are also one being? How he is omniscient and also omnipotent? Also, you say I believe Darwin while you have other sources. You think I never came to this conclusion by myself? Darwin is not the first atheist. He just knows how to explain himself better than most people. By the way, when the Salvation Army and other groups say they do good because of God, it doesn't mean he exists.

  10. @Period0fAltering The whole concept is over my head. You understand God then? How he is three separate beings who are also one being? How he is omniscient and also omnipotent? Also, you say I believe Darwin while you have other sources. You think I never came to this conclusion by myself? Darwin is not the first atheist. He just knows how to explain himself better than most people. By the way, when the Salvation Army and other groups say they do good because of God, it doesn't mean he exists.

  11. @Period0fAltering OK the book itself is not perfect. If people followed everything in that book then homosexuals and promiscuous women would be killed regularly. I don't like the book and I am more than capable of reaching out to people. Our morals come from somewhere else. By the three beings I meant God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit who are somehow the same thing. Sorry if I'm all over the place but I wanted to reply to everything you mentioned.

  12. @TheGreatServant Let me guess, you think AIDS came from God because of homosexuals? Go ask your doctor about AIDS and hopefully he will teach you a thing or two. I also don't recall ever mentioning social freedoms.

  13. @TheGreatServant You seem to think that there are spiritual causes. I can't believe this. How do you think surgery works? God enters the patient's body during surgery to heal them and then the surgeons just close him back up? If you refuse to listen to reason then go in peace to love and serve the Lord. Just don't try to make everyone else live by your storybook.

  14. @Kabenny10y To be honest this is only the second time I've done this. Both times I've dealt with the incredibly faithful. I think this is the last time. I think some PeriodOfAltering said something and a troll replied "God isn't real" and then this started. I can't wait until this is over.

  15. I think it's racist that you americans see racism everywhere 😀 Those ads were just saying that if you use their products you'll look clean and shaved. What difference does it make if it's a black or white guy. To look civilized in this culture means for men to have short hair and shaved beard, it has nothing to do with race.

  16. Whether the racism was 'intentional' or not, the connotations of neo colonialist, eurocentric, black representations for capital should always be read skeptically.

  17. hey, if the male model was ok with it, i'm pretty sure he didn't think it was racist. Doesn't matter if you are black or white, not everything about a black person in an ad or tv show is racist. You're creating the racism because you are not used to seeing a black man in a nivea ad. Take a look around. We are all equal.

  18. How in the hell is that ad racist? That is some true paranoia. We need to grow up. Nivea shouldn't have apologized!

  19. I agree but more importantly am I considered as some sort of a cave-man cause I have long hair? I think youre a racist!

  20. Um, having long hair isn't a race… , I'm just saying what society thinks and what's the norm in the western world today, it has nothing to do what i think about hair. For exapmle go back to acient Greece, there if you had longer hair meant that you were a free man and it was considered normal, but in our time you get away with it only if you're an artist, teenager or a rockstar. It's about fitting the norms and Nivea apparently wants to halp you with it.

  21. I agree. I think the people who call that ad racist are reading too much into it. They're reacting to the superficial aspect without actually trying to understand what's going on. That usually happens whenever you present a black person in a controversial situation. In fact, it can happen to anybody regardless of race. That's why when we examine situations like this, there's a need for critical thinking to prevail.

  22. Never saw this ad. But I really don't care. I'm not offended, I just laugh at the stupidity, just like with these cartoons and movies where they represent blacks, Asians, Native Americans in a certain way (exaggerated). It's funny and unreal, that's all. It doesn't matter.

  23. They have apologised because some crazy people were offended, never seen the ad before, I'm just going to laugh, that's all.

  24. I so agree! If they did the same with a white man, and the same with a black man how is it racist? The things people will do…

  25. civilizedpast, past tense of civ·i·lize (Verb):
    *Bring (a place or people) to a stage of social, cultural, and moral development considered to be more advanced: "a civilized society".
    *Polite and well-mannered.

    I have a lot of white male friends who are long haired, pretty popular here in northern Europe for young men, it's often considered barbaric by old people here too. For me it's more like conservative old people vs young bohemian people maybe, but i can't see any racism.

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  28. I can see both sides on this issue.I just think they used the wrong word, but I understand how people can be offended by this ad. Sometimes black people had to change their natural hair to look more professional. The deeper thing behind it is that the norm is the white culture's norm. A black person's natural hair is what some consider to be a part of who they are. I think some people compared this incident to slave owners asking Africans to change their name to a white man's nam

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  31. wow! its stupid that people are finding the word re civilise offensive! Come on find something else to get crazy about. I think people who complain have too much time on their hands and have nothing better to do but try and make other people miserable. I can see that its not racist but its actually about being clean shaven and in my opinion LOOK SUPER HOT dont get me wrong i think guys are good looking with beards, but i would prefer the guy without the beard. Another classic!!!

  32. I think it was a bad approach to the audience because immediately, those who don't have trimmed and short hair feel that they are "uncivilized". Plus, everyone has a right to their own sense of style (including their hair) and calling one style for civilised than the other is offensive. This is all opinion, so you shouldn't try and say one is better than the other

  33. 1 Why did they have to ask the black guy what does he think ………. 2 Rihanna can always sign with a different company or better invest in new company coming up.

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