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No Cheer For Alleged Rapist

No Cheer For Alleged Rapist

this s_l_ entrances bucky by west coast offering
premium web hosting sis nineteen ninety eight navin update on the story that we did last
year regarding texas high school cheerleader who was kicked off a virtue leading squad
because she refused to act cheer for uh… guy in that high school basketball team who allegedly raped her so
he went up to do laugh free throw about so the contract it’s a very good about
the best that’s free throw that is what they call of
it so you wanna had to do that and she refused to share for all the cheerleaders
are doing it shares you fold problems with these now com he was never uh… convicted of rape he was actually convicted of sexual assault
and he had a suspended prison sentence okay so we don’t know what happened in that case of
he could have taken uh… up media or something like that but it doesn’t matter she didn’t want it chair
for him because she didn’t cheer for him school officials
kicked off the cheerleading squad and a basically punished her for it and structure wichita parents they decided to
see the school now based in the school it what all the way to the u_s_ supreme court
appeal uh… on monday they decided no you’re not going to win this case uh… you are cheerleader you’re basically a mouthpiece
for the school so you were supposed to cheer when you ask each year so they were right in the smiths even the
cheerleading squad and on top of that uh… she will have to pay uh… forty five
thousand dollars for a frivolous lawsuit right a federal appeals court had ruled in
september the if she would not win the supreme court denied perpetration meaning that they will not hear
the case which means the lower courts decision state so are next in these parts
i mean work and we talk about and it’s really uh… accent i’m not sure i would say that
i was for right uh… you know that if i was a school officials
and when the banter for something that was in adequate understandable i mean my god it scenarios of these convicted of something
sexual assault by on that alone i’d say all right you get a
pass on that one distort your for that guy the lease they can do and i’m not sure should show won the case because she is a cheerleader i get a better
job in other context the seller’s other but punisher or by their pay forty five thousand
as it was not a frivolous lawsuit i mean i think it was a from a policy a bit at you know is what i i really don’t understand
about this socially folded her arms who refused to cheer did that ruined the that basketball game did that rule and what the cheerleaders were
doing knowingly absolutely no difference at all
there were some douchebag that works for the school who was like hot she’s not cheering for the person who ob at
least sexually assaulted her that’s not ok someone had a doctor honestly
that’s the way i think about it because any school administrator in their right mind would
not hire someone for not doing a stupid sheer during an era relevant about argument literally make it national kate relapsing over this thing that
seems so reasonable for u shearson so strong or that was that the problem life it onto the freedom said from was so one so symbolism it here the dues to use the daily broke up with their in this election uniform here’s why if it wasn’t since it the the the uh… something though stewardship never noticed when i was played
in high school football richard terry felt like i got up of alleges that tobacco was much here whereby chair ok i’ve ever looked at it particularly
this which is part of like this and i could tradition and everybody’s having fun and you
try it out you know you broke up with them incentives that but otherwise obviously there
norma so useless i mean i think i’m sorry i’m just i’m delighted and thrilled if you
send someone into doing it shear become the most important and relevant part of a as sporting
event never and everything and anything that the
audience i guess and it’s a chair on the team mates
but you’re right it if you parents that fed officials to obscure the real look it’s not
like organizer that were done manually lomond isolated no online were like i hear the true leadership no instead next time they ever happen in the history
sports not ones that you know what next time you can check when
you come into work and you know that movie would you know the conservatives are coming at you and it’s
really really really need a animated a check for you and hank is doing a great chap holding this event is
that a book it would’ve been schooler that but but by the way that sandwich republic so star
but no relevant but and a west coast barbers webhosting for nineteen cents a day dated the right thing
to do work force transfer your website off transfer properly it’s about twenty percent of the poor sixty-day
body back at the what did you literally can move twenty five percent off the west coast dot
com slash he whitey nothing about that west and

100 thoughts on “No Cheer For Alleged Rapist”

  1. @Useless2112 Semantics, and I'm sure you know that. She was a member of a group and refused to do what was expected of her. That is grounds for termination, clear and simple. Furthermore I DO know rape victims, and I myself was involved in a rape charge. I understand the seriousness, and see MANY more factors, but I'm focusing on the reason she went to court – not for rape, but for her refusal to participate resulting in her expulsion from the team. She? Was a dumb little bitch.

  2. @Hypurman1 Calling a highschooler's refusal to debase herself by cheering for her rapist a "lack of professionalism" is under any circumstances totally despicable. Infinitely more so is your decision that she "deserved everything that happened to her". Where I come from, that's called cowardice. If you can't respect your sisters, you're unfit to live amongst men. You don't understand the seriousness of rape and for that I pity you.

  3. @Hypurman1 It isn't semantics. She was under no contractual obligation; she was taking part in an activity organised by an institution which is responsible for her wellbeing. Calling this situation "clear and simple" seems at best shortsighted of you; human beings are capable of understanding the needs of others and of accomodating them. Giving a rape victim a choice between cheering for someone who raped them or leaving said group is no choice at all.

  4. @swcaitlin18 Cheerleading is Objectifying to woman/girls. The purpose of cheerleading is to pump up the football or basketball players by having hot girls dance around in short skirts. That is reality. Rape has nothing to do with sex anyways, but control.

  5. @Hypurman1 The reason she went to court was not "for rape" but rape was the causal factor and most courts take this into account. Where she went wrong is in expecting anything but opacity from the Supreme Court. I would hardly call her a "dumb little bitch" for such a mistake. And I'm afraid I have to doubt that you do know rape victims; I do too, I've worked with some in a psychological capacity and I'm afraid the way you're speaking seems pretty ignorant in these terms.

  6. @Useless2112 Then don't cheer at that game!!! Jesus fucking christ on a stick. I'm guessing you never played in any organized sports… maybe you're not much of a team player? You don't play, you're out. SIMPLE. And ya know what? I'm not alone in this train of thought… this was continuously appealed all the way to the SUPREME COURT, and ya know what? Not only was it dismissed, she was fined for wasting everyones' time like you're doing to mine.

  7. @TheGiantRobot Revolution? HHOOHoohhhahaoaohahahhAHAHahhahahahhhaaa… what a kidder you are. Here, take this over sized t-shirt with an american flag cover the front and back.

  8. @igotaidsinnarnia That's said all too often when the subject of rape is brought up, but that's not always the case. There may be a multitude of motivating factors involved, and control is only one. Control is usually always the factor when it comes to prison rape, which is why you will also find non-homosexual men sexually assaulting other men. In this instance, I think part of, if not all, of the motivation was sexual based.

  9. @Hypurman1 I have played organised sports. There is a world of difference between that and cheerleading. And again, it's not "SIMPLE". If you're a human being, if you call yourself a man, you don't ask that a teenage girl cheer for the boy who raped her and you don't punish her if she doesn't. You're not alone in this train of thought, but what you're arguing is different from the argument made by the Supreme Court. Seriously mate, try to learn more about this subject.

  10. @Useless2112 It's not that difference to the cheerleaders mate. Hell, stripping is now an Olympic team sport. There's nothing more to learn about. Chick refused to cheer at a game, as a cheerleader. Chick gets kicked off team. Chick sues school, chick loses. Chick appeals, sues again, loses, straight up the chain. Frivolous lawsuit, $45,000 fine for wasting everyones' time. What more is there to learn?
    She showed up to THAT game, and had obligations. She KNEW, and still didn't do her duty.

  11. @Hypurman1 I've played organized sports, and if I knew one of the cheerleaders was raped by a teammate, I would be more than happy to accommodate. It's already an abomination that they let a rapist play on the team in the first place. If I were the coach, I'd make sure to humiliate that mental degenerate in public and tell him to get the fuck out of my sight. I find it disturbing that you could defend the actions of an institution that that lacks any form of empathy towards a rape victim.

  12. @Useless2112 Not every chick is a poor wittle victim. I know plenty of rape, and I've been involved in a rape charge. They play it up. She obviously made it a bigger scene. Remember, SHE SHOWED UP in the first place, AS a cheerleader, wearing the uniform, and on the floor. She made the scene, no one else. Her actions or lack thereof got her kicked. It's not about rape, it's about HER, and she was wrong, through and through.

  13. @Hypurman1 And again, for the fact that you completely failed to take into account what the lawsuit was actually about in your description there, I pity you.

  14. @Hypurman1 Let's take this sensibly. "They play it up" – that we can obviously discount because you are not in a position to make a sweeping statement about the majority of rape victims. Same goes for your baseless accusation that she "obviously made it a bigger scene". Not every woman who claims she has been raped has actually been raped; that is obviously no reason to assume that all are, or this one in particular. Remember – this basketball player has been convicted of sexual assault.

  15. @Raelsatu Well obviously the entire team along with the coach and the school disagree with you, and they didn't kick him out. Take that into consideration. I defend the actions 100%. I've dealt with women like this little girl. I feel no sympathy towards her at all. I've seen women like her try to ruin mens' careers, because they are ashamed of what they've done, and don't want to lose face.

  16. @Hypurman1 I'm forced to remind you of something you already pointed out – that these trials weren't about the veracity of the rape. Her innocence, for which you profess an unjustly biased doubt, is not in question. I know she showed up. You fail to make any connection between her right to participate in a school activity, and her right to abstain for private reasons – whether she attends or not. There is absolutely no reason bar ignorance why a concession between these two could not be reached.

  17. I've said it before and i'll say it now, Texas = Saudi Arabia. secede, we don't need or want you.

  18. @Hypurman1 When you say it's not about rape but about her, you fail to acknowledge that this rape is part of her. You consider it an event rather than an experience. You fail to provide any reason why it is any more important that the rapist be cheered at a game than that his victim should have the dignity of taking part in school activities without being made to cheer her attacker, nor why her refusal to do so should be of such severity that this should be grounds for dismissal.

  19. @Hypurman1 Once again, you don't seem to understand the severity (or I suspect, the veracity) of rape. Can you comprehend and acknowledge the severity of rape, just to make sure we're on the same page here?

  20. @Useless2112 Simple. The importance is that she willingly and knowingly showed up, AS a cheerleader, and to BE a cheerleader, then in front of the school, in front a game and a crowd, didn't do her obligatory duties. That not only shows premeditation, but under the requirements of the team and school, grounds for termination. Whatever private reasons, even if it was a message from God Almighty, she didn't have to go, or show, and could have bowed out gracefully. She failed as a cheerleader.

  21. @Useless2112 It was her job to uphold an image, and she didn't. Whatever the event/experience was between them, that was between them, and she HERSELF made it a bigger deal, which could also have effected Bolton, who in turn becomes a victim. Whether you pity H.S. or not, what she did was wrong, and she was properly punished.
    If you want to go further, if she was SO affected and bothered, she should have walked away from Cheerleading altogether to AVOID the evil Bolton.

  22. @Hypurman1 And this is more important than the school's duty not to fail her as an institution, or our society's obligation not to force rape victims into such disgusting circumstances? The point you're making is simple, you don't have to keep pointing that out. What I'm trying to say is there's actually more to this than you acknowledge.

  23. @Hypurman1 I've made reference to this point several times now, but I repeat: the obligation in this case is not that of the victim. She did not choose to get raped and she doesn't have an obligation to hide herself away from situations in which she'll encounter her attacker. That's just stupid. What I'm arguing is that the school should be able to make concessions for this. And again, I strongly suggest that you look more into this. You don't understand the significance of rape.

  24. @Useless2112 not to force rape victims into such disgusting circumstances? SHE DID IT TO HERSELF! No one forced her! Society's obligation OR the school's duty can't do anything! If at all, they did the RIGHT thing, and removed her from the Cheerleading squad, so she wouldn't be put in that situation again!

  25. @Hypurman1 She did not do it to herself. She did not choose to be raped and the fact that she was actually does have some bearing on her being. You're completely discounting the psychological effects of rape. Putting the impetus on the victim to avoid their attacker is utterly ignorant, as is banning them from a school activity for not doing so. We don't punish people for being raped in civilised societies. Nor, incidentally, do we make baseless accusations against them or mock them for it.

  26. @Useless2112 I meant she did it to herself as in showing up to the game ready to cheer for the team he was playing on. Your quote "Society's obligation not to force rape victims into such disgusting circumstances". No one could do anything in this case, she showed up on her own. Yes, I'm discounting the psychological effects of rape on the victim. I'm discounting the sexual assault altogether. She had beef with this guy, and STILL showed up. THE EVENT, not the experience.

  27. @Hypurman1 I know exactly what you mean. You still haven't given any reason why a victim of rape shouldn't be allowed to participate in school activities, even if that involves the school granting her the courtesy of not forcing her to cheer for her attacker. If you discount the psychological effects then you discount absolutely EVERYTHING that this case is about. Not even the Supreme Court did that.

  28. @Useless2112 The Supreme Court straight refused to hear the appeal, denied the review. The psychological effect had nothing to do with it. It was a UNANIMOUS ruling. "[the district] had no duty to promote H.S.'s message by allowing her to cheer or not cheer, as she saw fit. Moreover, this act constituted substantial interference with the work of the school because, as a cheerleader, H.S. was at the basketball game for the purpose of cheering, a position she undertook voluntarily."

  29. @Hypurman1 Yes this is something I've taken into consideration, but after researching the case it seems clear that Bolton did rape/or attempt to rape the girl. He admitted to attempting to rape H.S., but when others barged into the room, he fled out the window. Now I don't know if he penetrated her or went part-way, but he definitely attempted to; and that in itself is SERIOUS. The coach didn't boot Rakheem because he'd rather not lose a good athlete, and this happens ALL the time.

  30. @Useless2112 The "Victim" SHOULD be allowed to participate – as long as they participate. The moment they refuse, they relinquish their right to be a part of the activity or team, and the school has every right to give her spot to someone more willing to do what is required and asked of them. It's completely fair.

  31. We live in a man's world, we has women have to put up with their shit and if we don't we will be punished.
    These types of stories just create more hate between the sexes. When will we be treated and respected as equals

  32. Rape victims arent always rape victims women have the media and cops on thier side I almost got sent to jail for "raping" a girl I did nothing to without her permission she could have just as well have done this for money

  33. The real question should be: why wasn't the guy kicked off the team in the first palce? Then the whole issue would not have come up. That she is the one that has to quit her school activity is disgusting.

  34. why are you hatin' on cheerleaders. Sure you're not thinking about them while your playing but they do pump up the crowd and make the game more enjoyable to watch. Cheerleaders aren't useless.

  35. cheering is for the whole school, not individual players. law suit was without merit. i wouldnt have kicked her out for one lil incident but they shouldnt have wasted everyones time with that lawsuit.

  36. I agree with the ruling. Why would her parents even allow her to stay in the same school? Makes no sense at all. If you are gonna be on the cheer leading team that supports a guy that allegedly raped y, you gotta cheer for him. No one cares about your back story. The judge already ruled against him. The parents allowed her to stay at the schools. Nobody made her join the team. Then they sue the school and waste their time and money

  37. Why was that pervert still on the team anyways, we used used to get kicked off if you had more than a few curfew violations.

  38. @shayaan2354 they're probably black…If it was a black guy and a white girl it be all over the news

  39. can u imagine if the victim was a black girl and the dude was white? (like that ever happens) it would be sooooooo over the news

  40. Does anyone have a name on this girl? People should send her money to pay for her fucked ruling by our piece of shit justices.

  41. The real reason she got kicked off the team was because she was a constant reminder that they had a sex criminal on the team. Bad publicity.

  42. Guy burns his hands with hot coffee in McDonalds: they get sued and hand over a cheque.
    Girl sues school for forcing her to cheer a guy who raped her: frivolous lawsuit and girl pays $45,000.
    Something is a little off in the American law system…

  43. @onlypolar Yeah, because the justice system makes NO mistakes. Give me a break. She was very justified in not cheering for him.

  44. @swcaitlin18 Well, we all know that rape is really the woman's fault for having a vagina. DUH.
    This story just angers me. ><

  45. Because you liberals don't know what the constitution is, there is such thing as a first amendment, she was punished for exercising her freedom of expression

  46. The problem is… if you let her NOT cheer then what? If a cheerleader hates one of the players because they punched their brother in 7th grade then she is allowed to not cheer too? The problem is the slippery slope… i totally understand why its fucked up in her case but I think the slippery slope is the reason for the court ruling.

  47. You guys have seen Bring it On, Fired Up, Hellcats, Cheerleading has moved on from just ringside support for sports teams, to a sport in it's own right, national cheerleading competition anyone? just though i let you know Cenk and Ana.

  48. The problem with these stories is always people trying to be hard-asses instead of showing a bit of openness and diplomacy. People are usually reasonable if you don't try to muscle them into your position. Talk to the coach beforehand and explain why it's an issue. He/she will probably find a solution. If not, go higher up. But if she does decide to make a scene, christ, who cares? Let it go. This shit is always about pride and power playing. I agree with the court's decision.

  49. Another thing… If the guy was shooting a foul shot, it's most likely these cheerleaders were just off to the side clapping. It's not like they were performing one of their little dances at center court, or stacking up in a pyramid or some shit like that. The fact that they even noticed is pretty lame.

  50. @gwl1983 Good, I wouldn't serve them. I would be tempted to spit in the burger but I have my dignity and I would say to the manager kick them out or I leave. What I wouldn't do is bring a law suit before formally asking the management if we can ban gangbangers from the takeout and then expect the tooth fairy to pick up the bill if my silly law suit fell through….

  51. "*same guy* … you don't have to serve him" You do in my restaurant and most restaurants if nobody else is available (which is always the case if your in performance group)"

    "Why should you? " It's your job. This attitude is why immigrant workers dominate certain sectors.

    "Go take a cigarette break, let someone…" – That could happen in a restaurant , but that can't happen every game.

    "Totally reasonable to refuse" Yes it is and it's reasonable to expect to loose your employment.

  52. @Whytebio She is soft, I would have left the squad and booed the team if they did not kick him off. In fact I would launch a campaign for him to be removed. What I would not do is stupidly STILL cheerlead then face the indignity when the school obviously chooses to kick me over him if I refuse to cheer (hes a player after all). Then when I am kicked I would not bring a lawsuite against an asshole school which are well within there mandate to decide who's on the squad.

  53. @Whytebio Lets not forget Cheerleading is nothing but soft porn. You can pretend it is a 'performance art' and we can agree as soon as ~50% of cheerleaders are straight men wearing equally short clothes.

    The fact is cheerleading is sexist bullshit, if girls need a role for a team it should be ON the team or in a all girls team the fact she draws no dot's between her experience and the stupid cheerleading she is suing to hang on to is insane.

  54. I literally laughed my ass off when ana started cheering. I'd look at her in a short skirt. Just sayin'

  55. @MissTemperence No, I am siding with men and women who have to live under the social stigma and paranoia each time some random woman doesn't get "what she deserves" or crude male thinking who believes a woman is somehow "owed" things by a woman close to him(his wife, girlfriend are examples).

  56. @MissTemperence Effect the death penalty on them both. 1.) she could be lying(that is bad) meaning he is innocent 2.) he might possibly well have raped her. that is also bad. 3.) no sense for a genuine rapist to sit on death row or life sentence 4.) if alleged rapist is sentenced to a period of time in prison, and released, the very stigma of rape itself will follow him throughout life. he will never live it down 5.) if she was raped, she will probably never find closure to the violation.

  57. First of all the guy WAS found guilty – of sexual assault. Second, he was given a suspended prison sentence. So it WAS SERIOUS. He was found guilty got it? Of COURSE she shouldn't have had to cheer for the b*stard! I think the Turks are right: something stinks to high heavens about that school and the administrators.

  58. When I heard Ana say that the girl has to pay $45 000 for a frivolous lawsuit, I actually let out an unrestrained "WHAT?!"

    This is an outrage. I don't know how it doesn't get international coverage, because it absolutely should.

  59. @Hypurman1 No I wasn't saying that she should get any money, but the whole Idea that the whole thing started because she didn't cheer? Thats my problem with it not that she had to pay $45,000 the fact that we are even talking about this shows that its important. And whats this I'm wrong its your job, it's not her job shes a kid in highschool who gives a fuck if she didn't cheer. If she doesn't want to cheer who cares obviously you do?

  60. @filthyfun Being IN highschool, what you volunteer for, sign up for and make an obligation to IS your job. It's your expectation. She didn't hold up to it and got fired. Who cares? The squad does, the coach does, and with the authority of the school, kicked her off the team. No big deal right? Who cares? I agree. SHE did, and she sued. And lost. Because she was a stupid bitch.

  61. Kick the cheerleader off the team for not cheering, but they keep a guy on the team who's a sex offender?


  62. @RepublicAgent Ok, one? She wasn't raped. Do your homework. She's just a pissed off chick. Two? This entire court case has nothing to DO with her alleged rape – that is not a detail or topic that was recognized by the courts at ALL. Stop romanticizing and look at what is in front of you. This chick purposefully wanted a show, and made a big stink when shit didn't go her way. It's pathetic, and hilarious that it blew up in her face.
    And I don't get raped – I DO the raping 🙂

  63. @SeriousYetTalented Sexual assault – not rape, and that was after he ADMITTED sexual assault and admitted he realized what he was doing and ran away, literally jumping out a window. She knew he was the star player for this team (different team by the way), still showed up to the game, still showed up in uniform, knowing he was going to be there. She staged this event; it was premeditated. And it wasn't just the school that thought she's retarded, it was EVERY court system. This girl was STUPID.

  64. @MichaelH9310 Good point. Maybe because he DIDN'T rape her, her friends know the real details (and were probably AT the same party where it supposedly happened) and this chick is a dumb loud obnoxious bitch looking to stir up trouble. Then her little protest didn't work in her favor so she sued the school. Court says it's retarded so she appeals and goes all the way up the chain, and EVERYONE thinks she's a waste of time. But all these TYT people see is "Awe poor little rape victim". Please.

  65. @Hypurman1
    The facts of the story are irrelevant. Your attitude is what's important.

    Karma. If not you, maybe someone in your family. One day you'll have proper perspective.

  66. @RepublicAgent Anyone in my family that gets raped will have probably done something to deserve it. And I'd LOVE for a chick to rape me 🙂 It's kinky.

    If the FACTS and the ACTUAL event are irrelevant to you, then your opinion or statements have nothing to do with the topic at hand and thus void of any voice or credibility. Don't waste my time kid, I got bigger fish to fry.

  67. @RepublicAgent Furthermore, if you believe in Karma? Then this girl did something do deserve everything that happened to her. In which you're probably right 🙂

  68. let me tell you what happened. the courts the girl went to is a fuckwitt court system that gets bought out, they sided with the school told the girl the 4 guys that raped her get off scott free. thats that. now im wondering why hasnt her dad went jihad on these 3 fuckers. i just dont get it.

  69. she got gang raped wake up people she got gang raped. thats all the people who did it where not some poor black kids, it was middle class football players. shitty ass fucking rapists thats all. someone get me a ticket to america, looks like alot of your people need to be dead. Ill do it for you.

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