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Nuna AACE Combination Booster: Offers Both Horizontal and Vertical Growth

Nuna AACE Combination Booster: Offers Both Horizontal and Vertical Growth

Hey guys, today we wanted to show you the
Nuna AACE. So this is a combination high back, no back,
belt positioning booster. So in high back mode the weight limits are
40-110 lbs. For the no back mode, so once you take the
back of the booster off, the weight limit is 50-100 lbs and 60 inches. Which honestly my mom could still sit in this,
granted she is pocket size but that goes to show you’re going to get a lot of use out
of this car seat. No but really, an average 9 yr old is actually
65 lbs so you can get a lot of use out of this seat and it’s just going to grow with
your child. Some of the things that make this seat unique
from other high back or no back boosters are some of the cool safety features. One of them is the side impact protection
pods, so these are going to pop out on both sides and what that is, is another layer to
absorb energy in a car accident. So when it hits here, it actually is going
to absorb that energy before getting to your seat. Another one of those cool features is the
rigid latch. That I’m going to show you a little later
in this video. One of my favorite features in this seat is
it’s 3D growth, so its growing three ways to actually grow with your child, as they
grow. So the first way is vertically, so once you
get up here its going to grow vertically with your child and then its going to start growing
horizontally. So as you can see these side wings are growing
out to give them a little bit more space in the shoulders, and then the third way is down
here at the seat it’s actually going to grow out a little bit as they get bigger. So it makes the seating position just a little
bit more comfortable. Another great feature of this car seat is
it has a 10 yr expiration date. So like I said before you have a high weight
capacity but then with that 10 yr expiration date you can use your seat that much longer. It also comes with some great accessories. So you have your cup holder, and this you
can insert on either side depending on which side your door is on. It also comes with latch guides. Now these are great especially if the fabric
on your seat is close to the latch guides and you cant see them. So you insert the latch guides and you hook
them on to those anchors, and that just exposes the anchors to make it easier for installation. Now if we don’t answer all your questions
on this video please comment below or send us an email at [email protected] we would
be more than happy to answer those for you. Now I’m going to show you how to install the
car seat. First I’m going to show you in high back mode.
first you’re going to release the rigid latch we talked about earlier. So you’re going to squeeze this lever, pull
out on the bar and spin it around. So rigid latch is different from your typical
latch. The typical latch is actually attached with
straps. With the rigid latch you don’t have to pull
on those straps to tighten it, so it makes installation easier. Now the reason they have rigid latch on here
at all so it doesn’t become a projectile if your child is not in the seat. So it makes sure its securely in your car
whether your child is seating in the seat or not. So then to attach your anchors, you’re just
going to line up your latch system with those lower anchors, and then just give it a push. You want to push until the light turns green
and that tells you it’s safely installed. Once you have the seat installed you can decide
on the recline you want. In order to do that you’re going to pull on
that same lever that you released the latch with. This is all the way out so you can push it
all the way in for a full incline, if you want that reclined you’re just going to pull
it out and adjust accordingly. Now that you have your incline decided you
need to make sure that the headrest is at the right position for your child. You’re going to adjust this accordingly so
that this red belt path right here is right at or within an inch above your child’s shoulder. Then you’re going to buckle your child in. They made it really easy for you with all
these red indicators so your lap belt is going to go right here through these red indicators
and then the shoulder belt up here through that belt path that we talked about. So you’re going to buckle it in and then you’re
going to feed it through that belt path you also want to make sure that you lock your
seat belt into position and you do that by pulling out all the webbing in your car seat
and then feed it back in and what that’s going to do is lock it into place so that your child
can’t be moving around while in the car. Now I’m going to show you how to install it
with no back. So just un-clip it and then un-feed your seat
belt. Pull it all the way out and then you’re going
to release your latches. So to take off the back you’re actually just
going to push it down and it’s going to un-clip off. Super easy. Now that we took the back off the seat I’m
going to actually show you how to use this belt positioning harness. Now this is optional, you don’t have to use
this in no back mode. What this is going to do is put your seat
belt at the right height for your child’s shoulder. So you’re going to take this loop at the end
and you’re going to feed it in the same side that your car seat belt is. You’re going to feed it through that same
place that the back of your booster attached to and then you’re going to feed this back
through that loop. Now you’re ready to install. It’s very similar basically the same as with
a back. You’re going to make sure you have your latch
system out, you’re going to line up your latches and give it a good push until it turns green. With this one you don’t really have that option
with the recline cause it doesn’t have a back. So you’re going to push it in all the way,
again by squeezing that lever and pushing it all the way to remove that gap. Now that you have it all installed I’m going
to show you how to use this strap. So you’re going to buckle your child in again,
again the lap belt is going through those red indicators. This is going to go under the arm and you
want to adjust this strap so its just above your child’s shoulder and then you’re going
to feed it in like that. What this is doing is bringing down the height
of the seat belt to the height of your child’s shoulder. This really is a great safety feature especially
once your child is too tall to have the back on the booster, but too short for the seat
in your car and this really does depend on your seat in the car. Some of them are just going to be too tall
and this is where you’re going to want to use this. Ideally even adults and especially children
you want to have that strap right at shoulder level and in our cars typically you have that
little adjuster on the side and for kids they don’t have that. So this is ideal to make sure that strap is
right at their shoulder level. So it is a great safety feature, we highly
recommend using it. Thanks for watching our video and hopefully
you’re more comfortable using your Nuna AACE. If you liked the video than like and subscribe
to our YouTube channel where we do more how to’s, reviews, and even fun things like gender
reveals. Now the Nuna retails for $249. You can purchase on our website at
where we carry clothing, gear, and all the fun things in between.

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