Off The Square: Catching up with Jose Pina (Men’s Volleyball Head Coach)

Curtis: Hello and welcome to “Off the Square” I’m Curtis Spence and today we’re in the Curtis: skybox at the Brooklyn athletic facility. I’m catching up with the head coach for Curtis: the men’s volleyball team here, Jose Pina. Jose Pina: The greatest thing about Jose: NYU is its location and that’s not
putting down MYU the institution. New Jose: York City’s education is amazing. And when you come to them city and take advantage of New Jose: York City and you learn about the people in New York City you immerse yourself in Jose: New York City while taking classes while getting the good grades that is more Jose: education than anything. What I learned here from my major was the discipline to Jose: be a student and be able to complete the degree on time but what I learned the Jose: most was about life in New York City growing up in New Year City becoming a Jose: man and adult in New York City. that that is what you have to take out of Jose: your time at NYU more than anything. Live New York City, experience New York Jose: City. Learn who you are New York City. I call it Jose: the Rome of our time I mean we are
the top city in the top country in the Jose: world and that’s where we are. Jose: First thing we look for, I look for a kid that is curious. Jose: I mean maybe they got a have obviously we call the NYU requirements they got a Jose: high grade they got to be excellent
students in high school they got a score Jose: well on the SAT or a ACT. But also I want a kid who is curious Jose: and who can play volleyball at a
high level and the curiosities because Jose: this is the kid who’s going to learn
who’s going to listen who’s going to Jose: want to grow as a player and also the person. I really like it to be about not Jose: just the volleyball but also about the whole person Jose: The advice that will give to Jose: myself – to be honest, will be to listen more to my coaches to pay more attention Jose: to my coaches. I’m not going to say that I didn’t pay attention of course I did Jose: but I think a coach is, I call it more
like an uncle and aunt figure we have a Jose: lot to provide in a gift to the kids
that we are trying to mentor because Jose: it’s more than anything. There’s a lot to give out but at the same Jose: time live your life immerse yourself in the city. I know I did that part and Jose: that’s what for me and I think NYU is the best place period. And that’s what I Jose: would like all the kids in NYU to
understand. Jose: Live New York City that is the greatest feature there is. Curis: That’s really good advice thanks a lot coach, I appreciate it very much. Good Curis: luck with the rest of your season and thank you for tuning into “Off the Square.” Curtis: catch you next time. you

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