Official World Karate Challenge 2011 Part D

I really love Sydney and Australia. And really
I didnít want to fight Daniel because heís Australian and just Iím very sorry for it.
All right, now time to turn our attention to something remarkable, Mark Murphy.
Yes, this is Roman Nesterenkoís coach, Roman Reznik. He coaches Roman and heís got him
up to the standard where he is today. Romanís going to do an ice breaking demonstration
for us, heíll kick with his shin and his foot and then heíll do another ice break
on five blocks of ice with his elbow. Here he is with the ice breaking with his foot.
Back spinning kick. I tell you, these are massive blocks of ice,
this is a lot harder than what you think it is. These arenít any ice cubes, now this
is unbelievable what heís going to attempt to do here. Oh! Thatís a powerful kick there,
thatísÖ guys if youíve ever seen this live; it is one of the most awesome things.
You call it powerful, I call it lunacy. I think most people whoíve never seen it
before would say exactly the same thing. This guy is a gynaecologist back in Russia, look
what heís going to this ice. Thank God heís a little more gentle with the ladies.
Oh, the power! I mean, this is incredibly hard.
Amazing, stay with us, weíre coming back in a moment.
On fuel, youíre watching the Karate World Challenge from South Sydney Juniors Leagues
Club in Sydney. Our coverage presented by Action Scaffolding, the CFMEU and Dream Team
Management. And tremendous to have you with us around
Australia on Fuel, welcome back to South Juniors Leagues Club at Kingsford and we are approaching
the business end of proceedings. Still ahead on todayís program, the Grand Final, Roman
Nesterenko against Lukas Kubilius and of course the fight for 3rd place that I alluded to
prior to that commercial break, the Australian Daniel Trifu against Zsolt Balogh. And hereís
the profile of Daniel again weíre going to see him in action first up. Not sure how he
fared having gone down in a very tough semi-final, Pete, he might have picked up a few bumps
and bruises. Definitely a few bumps and bruises, heíll
be sitting out the back, heíll be sore, but youíve got to get it back together. Zsolt
of course, heís had a little bit of a longer break, itíll make it more easier for him
to come back and fight this one, weíll just have to see how it plays out.
Daniel is the heavier of the two, letís go down to Rick.
Ladies and gentlemen, letís bring him out. Please make him welcome again from Hungary,
Zsolt Balogh, and the lovely Amanda carrying the flag of Hungary tonight.
So hereís Zsolt Balogh, the Hungarian. The fight for 3rd place is just seconds away.
Still looks super fresh, doesnít he? Doesnít look like heís done anything all day.
Heís dancing his way into the arena. 86 kilograms, I said that Daniel, his opponent, the heavier
of the 2 men, Daniel weighing in at 95 KG, heís a fairly athletic specimen is Zsolt
Balogh and this is an important moment in his career.
Yeah, 3rd place in this goes a long way. This isnít your average karate tournament from
just down the road, this is a big one, guys. All right, now time for the Australian to
be introduced to this very parochial crowd, Rick.
Put those hands together, bring it out, here he comes, Daniel Trifu.
Well the question here for the Australian is how much has he got left in the tank, Pete.
Yeah, itís only a short break and heís straight back out, he would have iced his shins up
out the back, had a little bit of a drink of water and maybe a lie down and a massage
but thereís only so much you can do in a short amount of time, isnít there? Itís
going to be hard for him. Danielís been there before, heíll bring out what he needs to
do the best here and win, so Iíve got full confidence in Daniel with this.
A lot of pride on the line here isnít there, in this bout?
There is, you know, this is his hometown. You know, a lot of the people here are here
to see him. They might not know any of the other guys, in Europe of course, theyíre
big but in Australia a lot of them are unknown except to the real hard core fans.
Zsoltís very focused here. Oh, heís pumped up, isnít he? Theyíre both
pumped up. And we are underway; youíre now watching
the fight-off for third. Back spinning kick there, very flashy technique.
Very good. Danielís done well to avoid that. Bouncing around, Zsolt is, keeping his distance
from Daniel. Fighting a lot different where Daniel wants to get in close to him.
Almost like a Gary step, of course Gary OíNeil coming from Queensland and one of the most
exciting fighters Australia ever produced about 10 years ago really changed Kyokushin
by getting up on his toes and moving around. A bit like the Ali of Kyokushin. Big high
kick from Daniel. You can hear the crowd; they want Daniel to win, donít they?
Danielís got all his students there, all cheering for him.
And Kyokushin karate, the discipline youíre watching. World renowned as being the toughest
form of karate. Oh yeah, thereís soft styles of karate which
are awesome, you know theyíre a lot to do with the martial arts, the more art side;
Kyokushin is a bit more martial, a bit more you know, hands-on so to speak. Almost chin
on there. Chin on the back of the heel would have put him into next week, good thing he
held his hands up. Good block there from Daniel.
Still have the traditional part of Kyokushin, the katas and so on and the honour and the
respect for the people above them. The grading system like all traditional Japanese martial
arts, but this part here, Oyama who started it really found it important that these guys
really know how to fight, the real deal. Theyíre real gentlemen these guys too, arenít
they, Pete, when you talk to them? They are, you know they come out here and
they go hell for leather but you talk to them after and theyíll speak to anyone. Theyíve
got a real sense of decorum, nice guys. Yeah, also a lot of respect for each other,
havenít they? Theyíre fierce opponents out on the mat but theyíre quite happy to socialise
and spend a bit of time afterwards and itís all good.
Yeah, part of the style where theyíre very humble.
Yeah, it is. Thatís the word, humble. Hard to believe
when you watch them in action. Not much humble going on right now, is there?
No, Zsolt wants to win here. Danielís doing well.
Yeah, heís doing real well. Itís pretty even right now, theyíre both
popping those techniques out hard and fast. Zsoltís going to have to do more than that
to win it though. That was way too slow. Bit of a roll on the
ground. Daniel the Australian champ in í05, has contested
4 world titles previously. South Pacific champion a couple of times.
Zsoltís picking it up a bit now; heís popping those punches out, a bit more of a longer
combination. Oh, that one got in, that was the nicest back kick Iíve seen all day.
That would have hurt. Thatís an understatement. Zsoltís putting
the pressure on now, last 23 seconds to go. This is where he wants to do it though, get
those referees thinking that youíre winning the bout.
Daniel needs to put it onto him now. Zsoltís played this well.
Yeah, heís running in. Heís looking for a back kick or something
there, probably could have done it. Daniel needs to pull it out, no, it doesnít look
like heís going to get it. And thereís the little bag there of course. The little bag,
like I said before, that indicates the end of the bout as well as the referee calling
it. So looking as though the Hungarian will get
the win there. Yeah, I think so, there it is.
Yeah, I think that spinning back kick done it to Daniel right towards the end there.
Really slowed him up. Yeah, it hurt him, winded him.
Such a strong technique, difficult to land, but if you land it, I think that was really
the turning point of the bout wasnít it? Yeah, it looked like Daniel was doing really
well until that back spinning kick come in, and yeah. It just changed the fight.
Thereís the replay. The Australian gallant in defeat but Zsolt Balogh the winner.
He thanks the crowd, it was very cheerful and itís a very good spirit for him. Heís
very happy to be here and thank you for the crowd.
Thank you Zsolt. So now we advance to the final, this is where
theyíll put it all on the line. Lithuaniaís Lukas Kubilius to face the reigning world
champion from Russia, Roman Nesterenko and atmosphere and tension building here. And
thereís the stats for the world champ. I really think this world champís going to
bring it home. You know if he starts to throw those head kicks, itís going to be all over
for Lukas, but Lukas, unbelievable spoiler. Iím excited to see what he can do as well.
Yeah, youíve called him a spoiler a number of times today, perhaps underrated on the
world stage. It could well be the day that he takes- or makes the world stand up and
take notice. Hereís Rick Powell. Ladies and gentlemen, the big time has arrived.
This is the grand final tonight, letís welcome out from Lithuania, Lukas Kubilius.
Big smile on his face, you donít see that often in a final.
Obviously feeling confident, heís a big man, heís in with a good chance you know, heís
got that really spoiler type technique, might just be enough to put Roman off his game and
he could win. He is bigger, heís 110 kilos, thatís almost as big as me, like you said,
not quite as big as me, but heís still a big, big man!
Heís 3 cm taller than his opponent as well which can only be beneficial in this sport.
188 cm, thatís about 6í3î in the old money. Heís unique, heís got a real relaxed boppy
style at this stage. He appears to be quite relaxed and when itís almost time, he just
switches on like a light switch. He does, doesnít he? Hear that music, every
time I hear this music, I get pumped up I tell you.
Of course that means that the Russian, Roman Nesterenko and his arrival in the auditorium
is imminent. Lukas Kubilius about to face the worldís best in a hugely important event.
Letís go down to Rick Powell to introduce the champion.
Ladies and gentlemen, here he comes, the pride of Russia, letís hear it for Roman Nesterenko.
Well, here he comes. Cool as a cucumber but these guys both know
itís for the money and for the title. This is going to go hell for leather.
Roman means business. And for the prestige. Ahead of this bout,
Mark, youíve got some more people youíd like to thank.
Yeah, Iíd like to thank Shin Kyokushin Australian and Shihan Peter Volke from down there in
Ballarat for supporting this event and all the Shin Kyokushin referees and officials
involved in the event today. Many thanks. You can see that little kid just off there
to the side, heís pumped up, he probably thinks he wants to do this in a couple more
years. I remember when I was younger, doing Kyokushin, I looked up to these guys and thought
ìwow, if I can only just do this one day, Iíll be a happy kid.î I tell you, this is
exciting, I love this stuff, this is the finals, you know itís for the title, the money, the
prestige, everything. Pete Graham, reigning world kickboxing champion
working with us in commentary today, I wish youíd enjoy your job. Youíre lacking enthusiasm.
Just kidding. Here we go, the final. The Inaugural Full Contact Karate World Challenge.
Look at that, straight in there, Lukas with some unusual techniques, trying to sweep the
leg a little bit. Of course thatís completely legal in Kyokushin, holding a little bit.
Very frustrating to have someone doing things that youíve never seen before, not never
seen before, but something that you donít normally train with.
I think heís throwing Roman off his game there.
Heís going to try to throw Roman off his game because I tell you, once Roman is on
his game, heíll go absolutely nuts and just try to knock you the hell out and win as easily
as he can. Yeah, he launches into a flurry of kicks and
punches, doesnít he? He does that, he likes to pick it up, you
know you can see that Lukas as well, heíll almost look like heís not really doing anything
and then heíll pick it up and try to finish you off quickly as well.
Russian right hand side of screen. East Russia, heís from the east part of Russia,
Roman. Well done to you Mark and your colleagues
for having the vision, the determination to put this event together. I hope it gets bigger
and bigger in the years to come. It will, Tappy, weíve got another one next
year and more to come and itís not just me, itís a whole team effort. You know, Dream
Team, CMFEU and a lot of other people have helped us put this on.
I tell you, Roman going for that low kick; you can tell he wants to win. Lukas doesnít
want to take a bar of it. Iíve got to say Peter; Tom Lavare has done
a good job with the refereeing today. Tom Lavare, top referee isnít he?
Is he? He just lets the fights flow. Donít hold each other, thatís what heís
saying there. Lukas of course coming in, not letting Roman have any of those good techniques
that he likes to throw around. Now Romanís getting into him.
Throw that knee. Big knee there.
Inside of the legs there. Inside kicks, yeah.
Theyíre holding a bit, itís been a bit scrappy, Iíd like to see them stand back a bit and
really go for it. It is a final; someoneís got to take a bit of a risk. I mean Iím saying
that, but I know how much these guys want to win it as well. You know, they donít want
to make any mistakes; they want to really go home with that title. Step back, trying
to get a bit of ground, kicking that front leg out, good move, going to make it hard
for him to kick if you keep on smashing that font leg. You can see the frustration.
Yes, it is a bit scrappy, Peter. Now Romanís trying to cut loose on him.
You see Lukas holding the Gi there; youíre not allowed to do that. You can feel that
frustration canít you, you really want them just toÖ
Very, very frustrating, yeah. Roman wants to let loose here and yeah, Lukas is frustrating
the hell out of him. Keeps closing it up, you see there, I really
donít like it when theyíre scrappy like that. Trying to kick those legs. Looked like
a bit of a punch in the mouth, there. Pretty even at the end of the first 3 minute
period. Yes.
But for me, Iím going to give it to Roman, I mean heís not holding, Lukas is holding
and I just donít like when he does that. Thatís straight in the mouth.
It was a little bit of a dramaticÖ And the Lithuanian has gone down. Letís have
another look at that. Lukas looks like heís doing well, he looks
a little tired. You know he did get clipped just about here, weíre just about to show
it on the replay. He looked like he got it pretty hard but he might just you knowÖ itís
not as dramatic as what it seems to be, heís probably just playing a little bit of possum
so to speak, give him a few seconds to get his breath back, trying to take that advantage.
A bit like a professional foul so to speak. He did get popped in the head, it probably
hurt him a bit, but heíll get up and keep going Iím sure of it. Heís getting checked
there by what looks like to be the doctor. But heíll stand back up, yep, heís fine,
heíll come back and live to fight another day so to speak.
Heís already had a shake of the head. He would have got his breath back, give him
a bit of a second wind. Yeah, I think so Peter.
More than tough enough to cop it. Roman was really cutting loose on him there.
Yeah, definitely an accidental foul, you know I donít think any of these guys want to intentionally
come out and try to punch each other in the head.
Of course the rules are youíre not supposed to punch the head, Peter?
Yeah, you canít punch the head. Of course knees and kicks are completely allowed. Whatís
happened here? Icky wucky Once again, thatís a draw, theyíll go again. So come over, indicate
theyíve got 2 minutes. Itís a little bit shorter than the other round. And theyíll
go flat stick, they should have gone a bit of the shake of the hand there.
I think people watching will be intrigued as to why you can knee and kick to the head
but not punch. Yeah, well when they first started doing Kyokushin,
they had kickboxing and Mas Oyama the guy who started Kyokushin karate, he wanted to
show a difference in the style and make sure people were kicking and kneeing and showing
the other techniques. Of course back in the day, everyone in the western world was just
boxing. So we try to change it up just a little bit, to show the demonstration of the kicks
and the knees and the elbows. Still pretty scrappy, someoneís going to have to do something
here to really show that they want to win this; theyíre going to have to be a little
bit more intelligent. Roman getting frustrated, Lukas spoiling. You can see what they can
do, but theyíre really going to have to do something different. Lukas trying with that
elbow again but itís not really a stopping technique.
No itís not doing the job. Thatís been one of his favourite ploys all
day hasnít it? The elbow down on the collar bone?
You know, unless he smashes that collar bone and breaks it, heís not really going to stop
anyone with it. Heís going to have to use his weight advantage and his height advantage,
which to me, heís not really using. Roman moving around trying to make that room. Now
thatís a little smarter, kick that leg. Lukas keeps grabbing him and holding him.
Yeah, Lukas is just trying to spoil but he canít just spoil, heís not going to win
any fights by spoiling, heís got to look for that knock out. For me, heís behind it
now, heís only got a couple seconds more to win this bout otherwise itís going to
slip away from him and thatís sad because this is massive.
Romanís cutting loose on him, and it looks like maybe Lukas could be a bit tired here.
Yeah, maybe that extra weight is holding him back.
He does look fatigued. You can see him holding onto that Gi and you
can see the frustration on Romanís face here, for my money, heís going to win it.
I think youíre right Pete, I think Romanís won this fight.
Lukas with a little bit of a push there, heís got to step back and just go hard at it.
Almost time. You can see that frustration.
Heís put his hands out there yes. Oh! Tried with the jumping front kick. Not
quite enough. Needed to go a little bit more, come on guys, finish up with something good.
And there it is. Thatís it.
I really donít think Lukas has done enough to win that.
He spent more time hanging on than anything else the last minute.
Yeah, I just thinkÖ Roman was just- he fouled less he scored more. I think the judges are
going to indicate thatís a win. World title, thatís exciting.
Yeah, I tell you . There it is folks, heís won it, heís got to be happy with that. Heís
just checking, he doesnít actually speak English.
Roman Nesterenko. Winner of the Inaugural Full Contact Karate
World Challenge. Tough day at the office, lots of great fighters,
lots of great fights, heís going to be happy, heís got a long way to go home but I tell
you it makes that trip a hell of a lot more enjoyable when youíve got a trophy and a
big cheque. It certainly does.
Yeah, heíll be happy with that. So will his coach, Roman Reznik will be happy there too.
The Action Scaffolding replay. You can see Lukas trying to hold onto that
Gi, he just doesnít look like heís got enough pepper in the shaker so to speak to get over
the edge. Trying to hold on, trying to spoil too much and of course Roman really struggling
to hit hard. Heís looking for it, thereís that foul.
Thatís that punch. But he brought it on himself, he was just
holding too much, very frustrating for him. Down to Rick.
Just before we get to the presentations, Roman a very difficult fight, you hurt Lukas there;
we thought it might have been over at that point.
Translator translates for Roman Roman speaks Russian
He knew his player very well, he had played with him in the past, it was a very goodÖ

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