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OG Confronts Cece & Kristen is Over It | Basketball Wives

OG Confronts Cece & Kristen is Over It | Basketball Wives

– Was there anything
that you said about me
in a negative way to Kristen or anyone
in the collective…[tense hip-hop music]Or anything?
– No. – I wanna know. – She can see if she wanna see. – Let me see.♪ ♪Oh, wait, go back.♪ ♪It says, “Ugly ass ho.” Can y’all just tell me
the timing? – The timing was
after the pool party. Not only did I not know that,
which, I apologize. If I did say–I don’t
remember saying that, okay? – Okay, ho, please, ’cause I’m tired. This is so [bleep] old. You typed it. She saw it
with her own eyes. – Right, and I’m
trying to tell her that I didn’t know her
at the time and I was sticking up
for Kristen. – The point is,
you said it, though. – So apologi–
CeCe, at some point, like, just own what you say. – All I was expecting, CeCe, was for you to say, “I said it.” It’s in text.
Kristen’s not lying. It’s from her text message.
It’s you.♪ ♪– Come on, let’s go
watch Feby, y’all. – I’m so over this.
It’s not even worth my time.I’m out of here.♪ ♪– Hey… – What’s up? – I came back, ’cause I wanted
to say something to you. – Okay. – What just happened was not no hating [bleep]. I’m sick of CeCe lying
and not owning things, and if you’re gonna be in a
real relationship with somebody, be it you or anybody else
in her life, it has to be real.[solemn music]Listen, if Byron is
not gonna call CeCe out on her [bleep], OG is the one that will do it.I am so over arguing with OG
and us being enemies,
at this point, maybe
we could get it together.
I’m over having beef with you. I would like you
and I to move on and just be done
with the bull[bleep]. – I agree. Between me
and you, we’re good. [laughs]
– We’re good. – As long as we’re good.
– We’re good. Don’t make me say it again.
[laughs] – Okay, and I have been sorry. – I just gotta check
with all of Africa, but I’ll get back to you.
[laughs] – You know what, bitch… – Africa, are we good
with Kristen? – Are we good?
Let me know what they say. – Oh–this is bad service. No–[laughs][hip-hop music]

100 thoughts on “OG Confronts Cece & Kristen is Over It | Basketball Wives”

  1. Wow.. that was well played by Kristen 🤭 poor OG at least she kept her composure and remained pleasant.

  2. It's SO funny how there were hundreds of comments on every video last year talking about how OG was so ugly and looked like Wesley Snipes in a wig. But now everybody is all like "OG is cute, y'all just colorist". 😒 No, she's just ugly and manly looking no matter her complexion. And her hair, makeup, and fashion sense doesn't help.

  3. Cece this is not the show for you. OG is ugly. So there’s no lie there. But Cece isn’t built for this show. Kristen is a cornball.

  4. Kristen is a [email protected] starter! You cannot trust her. Something her family said to her regardless of the circumstances is private. OG and CeCe were not even friends at that time. I’m sure Kristen has said tons about those girls, maybe CeCe should expose her.

  5. Cece did write those text messages, but I understand it was when she wasn’t close to OG and didn’t have a relationship as they do now. We’ve all done this. Judge a person before you get to know them on a personal level. That’s why OG asked the timing of the text because she doesn’t mind if it happened before they got close. But CeCe must own up to it and not lie and say Kristen created those messages. (Saw on the next episode)

  6. Kristen is still a whiney brat. I don't trust her at all, she runs her mouth too mouth. Feby the fake rapper, Evelyn's bestie now, needs to disappear!!

  7. Tami has outgrown this show…. sorry folks!
    💯Facts…. fight me🤷🏽‍♀️….What’s puzzling is why Jackie hasn’t….I’m over this show🤪👋

  8. What blows my mind is OG will entertain some bs her enemy bring her from a year ago but didnt ask to see the full convo. Smh same with shaunie nostrils wide open ass going to tell on jen on mad day. Id been like well what did you say and why am I just now hearing this friend? Fake af smh

  9. I’m not mad at Kristen it was Jen that said something. It wasn’t Jen place. Let Kristen do her own dirt but no you wanted to get dirty. I feel like all the Original BBW do this. They throw lil rocks and hid they hand if I say it to you that don’t mean run and tell that like what but whatever

  10. I would only expect cece to say …look I definitely said some things when we weren't cool! Just keep it real🤷🏿

  11. No matter what the date on it, CC STILL said it. Whether she knew OG ugly ass or not, CC STILL prejudged OG. So Kirsten didn't make CC said what was in her heart. OG is ugly in MY opinion. You people keep saying it's because she is dark skinned OG is being picked on. I think that OG is smart, she use correct English and so on. But Kirsten is just a dark as OG, so clearly it not about skin tone. I am sick of dark skinned people especially women crying victim because of the dark tone. Black people have tge same issues period. When stopped by the police YO black is profiiled light or dark. You people need to let go of that slave mentality and get therapy.

  12. These middle-aged Brazilian butt lift women should find a better means for income than to sceam & fight each other

  13. For some reason I notice that some Asians are too prideful to admit when they’re wrong like it’s impossible and saying sorry is beneath them.

  14. Cece was scared when Tami got up lol i felt sorry for her hahahahahaha let me talk like my African mum gossiping is not good lol

  15. I'm disappointed in Tami for this scene 😔 she should have stayed out of this and let CeCe talk. If it was before they were friends then who cares 🤔

  16. OG is not one to back down. She is definitely thorough for getting thru the "dumb $#!+"
    Shaunie sounds like an "anger management" counsellor, but the edits make her look shady. IJS!

  17. Cece did apologize and even offered an explanation BUT Tammi remembered that her contract said she has to be apart of a little bit of mess at least ONCE this season that's why Tammi got up so fast when Cece was explaining. Tammi said "Time for work" LOL

  18. Jen hasn't been off the "Bish I'm about to whoop yo ASS" list for two seconds and she back to running her dragon breath mouth.

  19. Kristen…scerd og going to whoop dat behind…she just looks and sounds so fake and untrusting…she erks the hell outta me….OG dont be no fool..them B'S dont like u dont be no ass kisser like ur buddy JACKIE..💯

  20. Kristen is so stupid How could you make peace with a jealous and evil minded woman like og. No wonder that many pretty girls die young. Og the uggliest girl, she an embarassement for the whole west africa we are not uggly like that.

  21. Kristen is just kissing OG ass because she wants nobody to like CC because of the hurt CC caused her and that's NOT fair. CC phoney asf too but damn let OG seee that for her self

  22. They always say oh I'm over it,I'm sick of this bye girls, but they always to go back to the samo samo drama, bunch of crazy hypocrites

  23. Think it's disgusting that Kristen shared a text to make a point so desperate to be OG friend. What a why to start a friendship by sharing a text sent in confidence.

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