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Oil Industry Infomercial Goes Viral – Can You Guess Why?

Oil Industry Infomercial Goes Viral – Can You Guess Why?

Hi everybody! So, this video by oil
industry logistics firm EPCM-PCI has suddenly got…very popular. “Turnarounds
are scheduled events where an entire process unit of an industrial plant…” Now
news sources are saying it’s probably because of the video’s presenter, Juliana
Morgan and the peppy way that she delivers this quite frankly pretty
boring information. In fact some are even saying it might have something to do
with the top that she’s wearing. Now, what do these firms do? Well, blah blah blah… “You are not paying attention to a word I am saying, are you?” “I am resisting the urge to pull one dollar bills out of my pocket…” “Somebody needs to get this girl on a trampoline!” “The music is called YOUNG and OLD KNOW LOVE” “It seemed appropriate.” Anyway, it should be noted that the
commercial is directed by a guy named Josh Harraway, who clearly understands how
to utilize talent in front of the camera and that is a pretty incredible ability
in itself. That is the mark of a fine director! This guy should be making huge
movies! Anyway what do you think? Comment below and of course we will discuss. Lord Spoda out!

100 thoughts on “Oil Industry Infomercial Goes Viral – Can You Guess Why?”

  1. …She is literally not even busty, Its just the shirt and bra that makes it look that way, Think of it as fake cleavage, Or more fake apparel, Ive no problem with it other then its extremely misleading.

  2. I was convinced by the ad and want to buy 12 units of what they're selling…
    … just mention what they're selling on the invoice, thanks!

  3. @1:10 "why clearly understands how to utilize boobs in front of the camera" *to be specific

  4. She is a gorgeous young woman, but that bra is horrible.
    Makes her look like she cut a melon in half and stuck both halves on her chest.
    Boobs don't look like melons, least not any I have seen.

  5. I can only think of volley ball on the beach with her in slow motion. That girl has one magnificent rack.

  6. perhaps if hollywood wasn't so afraid of busty curvy women we wouldn't give into to videos like this. it's your own fault and i see no problem with this.

  7. Because of that glorious top she's wearing, no one noticed it looks like you only shaved one side of your face. Why is that?

  8. Was this really worth making a video about? Something got popular due to sex appeal… wow, big shock, never heard of that happening a million times before in more interesting ways…
    But I guess it paid of for ya, with how many views this video has, which was likely the whole point.

  9. There is a girl that reviews something to do with wired homes and Alexa. Same thing. Still have no clue what she is selling….well…..

  10. Wow they are BIG are they real or just airbags either way if she was on top you would need your own oxygen trust me I've been with a women like this in the past, she could suffocate you ?

  11. Dude, knock it off. You know I know and everyone else in the Universe know why; its those big round mams. Correction, the only people who might not believe so is probably the women herself and maybe a few of her closest friends.


  13. She made the information really interesting, so much so that I've watched it about 100 times now! Was she wearing a top? I never noticed! ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ˜›

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