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Olympic Athletes Village | Commercial Case Study | Marshalls

Olympic Athletes Village | Commercial Case Study | Marshalls

the games at did the india didn’t twenty twelve our ward did you see the off when we heard that the olympics plans
and and and we were very excited as the owner of a lti person very excited to be involved in some
projects tried to deliver any scheme of the scale which will be about and number of
streets and a number of desperately needs a number of those spaces yeah eleven twelve buildings and i don’t think this really anywhere
in inventor and you pay your your at this point in time distance delivering
forces continue to hear on the scale is unprecedented the aussies footage about once a design is very strong
concept i think people will be quite surprised
by it that very clear definition between hard
and soft landscape that says the hardest soft landscaping
sales to interface nicely we’ve got and retaining walls seating edges street
furniture the the whole design of the public realm instance
based around the insert system sustainable and drainage system uh… and set the water moves through
the hard-line state in seen the trains network the series a slot trends and
events uh… last collected in and underground
pipe work which means it’s a series of pollens artistic homes and polish
opponents that then allow the waters of the
recycles and recirculated back its the supply-side so that we using uh… what we call play water person
recycle and more to the parts that we wilton looks is coming up re and we have webcontrols before possible that’s will have to say nothing quite like this in terms of scale less incentive policy of materials installation as a project to save my life steven a greater range of marshall’s materials
and products things uh… opportunities if you look around the public realm we have a number of spoke pieces of run its own way great things about this project has the the hands of the page supply chain flight delays due to design a monthly
fees delivery marshall’s as a supplier helping onsite
station based on site appreciated this will become a blueprint
for future projects when we started this journey two years ago we spent a lot of time the peace of the
projects on the quality of the cheerios and the quality of installation i think you could talk to anybody involved in advance team everybody would say to you that we achieved the blueprints for the future
we exceeded expectations in terms of quality policy unusual masterplan principal to
student jeffries villages ineffective one-stop
shopping season he community materials have been selected to some of the test
of time demand there will be cycles that will be skateboarders it’s it’s designed to be reversed and to
deliver that not just now when we see it before
republican touch-ups to enjoy it but long after the participants in the come to take ownership of it sites is that the ethics of n c come to london and the guys to see sort
of plan landscaper friendly public realm but i suppose i see more so i think that
there’s going to be a few feet takes an issue for this you can say olympic games is actually only effectively a small part of this this
legacies life-cycle and what we faces there will be if the long term

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  1. So great to the SureSet areas with Marshalls workmanship. Thanks for showing our paved areas! Your footage of our red areas are particularly impressive. Well done all.

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