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On the Field & On the Big Screen ? #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

On the Field & On the Big Screen ? #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

(energetic rock music) – [Woman] Oh my goodness! – Next, the ladies are
moving down to the field to do the routine in the kickline. – Right now we are about to compete in the head to head with the veterans and this will determine if we make training camp. – [Kelli] The field
portion of our audition is so important to our final decisions because it’s almost like game day. We’re looking at them on the field, side by side, on the turf and on the big board from a fan’s perspective and we’re really, visually able to see who looks like the top candidates
for this training camp. – I have drilled this dance into my head so I’m just ready to have
fun out there and just do my best. – The first group’s getting up (dance music) – [Blonde Woman] Meredith
is trying to look brighter, I think. – [Kelli] You think we can
get stamina out of her? ‘Cause you know she’s got the technique. I have the judges, judging
from the exact point of view as our fans, so they see the live view on the field and they have our 60 yard HD
board right in their faces as well. – [Blonde Woman] Malena’s rushing – [Kelli] Smile, Amanda. There we go. – When I was doing my combo
I was looking up at all the seats just imagining
them being filled and it’s such an invigorating feeling. I hope they have it. – [Blonde Woman] That’s Katy. – I like her. – [Kelli] When compared
to Ashley next to her in terms of a power blonde, you get the same look with no fluff. – [Blonde Woman] Right.
But Katy is a great dancer. – [Kelli] Okay, Alex, watching
Kristin trying to figure out who she was. – [Blonde Woman] I feel like
she’s one of the most improved. – Woo! Keep it up! (energetic dance music) – Woo, Madeline, I just thinks she’s
gonna be really moldable. – And I did feel like Lilly, technically seemed better today. – [Blonde Woman] Look how
she pulls up on her toes. – Now, little Taylor back there, I love ‘er legs. Victoria’s got the legs and more. – High kicks are the
signature part of what the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
do at every performance and they can also be determining as to whether or not somebody does or does not make this team. – I am nervous about my
kicks. It’s not something I usually do, so it’s out of my comfort
zone but hopefully it goes well. – [Kelli] Bret needs
to learn how to passe. – [Blonde Woman] She’s
doing it turned out. – [Kelli] And, she’s lining her foot back instead of together. – Hi. I’m Bret. I’m 24
years old and I am from Ogden, Utah. I have always wanted to
be a professional dancer. I was a Utah Jazz dancer for one season. While I was dancing for the Utah Jazz the Indian premier
league, a cricket league, was looking for professional
dancers to fly to India and dance on a
TV show for two months. So, six of us got to go to India and dance for two and a half months. While we were in India we were
fortunate enough to do some humanitarian work and we
chose to work with those affected by leprosy. We would go out in the leprosy colonies in the day and help
them with medical work. After I returned from India, I decided to dance for
the San Francisco 49ers. I did that for two seasons. I absolutely loved every second of it. When I was younger I was
having issues with my joints and so, I went to doctor after doctor and they told me that
there was an issue with my joints and that dance put too much pressure on my body. I was devastated when the
doctors told me I couldn’t dance. I felt like it was my whole life. It was all I had ever wanted to do, but I decided I wanted to keep dancing. My coaches have never known, my team mates have never known. I’ve always just pushed through and really been there for my team. If you want something
you have to go for it. And I want this, so I’m
gonna put my whole heart into it and give it my best.

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  1. If Alexandra doesn't make the team I'll be very disappointed in Kelli and Judy. That girl has got the body and the moves and the face. I dont get how she hasnt made it.

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