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Opening 4x Rakdos Themed Booster Packs

Opening 4x Rakdos Themed Booster Packs

so I’m trying to get a lot of light up
the stages and I think the best way of doing that is to get these rack dos
since it’s a rack dos carved spectacle costs legion steam boosters these were
five dollars so I think it’s a pretty good deal for 35 cards it’s better than
a regular booster pack considering you’re getting more and it’s a theme so
if you’re looking for certain cards this is probably the best thing to do so
let’s see how many light up the stages I can get which is an uncommon in these
four themed boosters all right right there five dollars pretty good deal I
think on these see what you get I need some I need three let at the stages and
I thought why not do this instead of just buying them individually you might
get so you know blood Crips or some other good cards in here as well so I
thought I’d take the gamble I need it to build a standard what I have I’m trying
to do red deck wins okay like that little package there rack dos just so
you know all right and just you know don’t steal because they have that track
you volley at the store okay yeah so that I thought this is a
good deal and there’s cards in here that I’m trying to get is worth the gamble I
think although I did open one themed booster before to get a specific
uncommon of a certain color and I couldn’t even find any so if they’re
aware of the value of certain cards they might not put them in there at least
later on when they are you know close to the end of print the cards that have the
most value I noticed they don’t put them ism in as much
now let’s shut up now okay so we’re looking for skewer the critics and light
the stage those are the ones we roll and Kapil played of calamity those are the
big Commons and uncommons here there you go light up the stage first
one nice beautiful it’s like it almost four dollars now for that calm gather
skew the critics there you go rack dos rust about carnival carnage can’t make a mockery rafter demon
footlight fiend fire Blade artist cavalcade of calamity that’s another one
we’re looking for so I need all those cards for a deck
hacker bat another fire blade artist I think we do we get that yeah and nice a
mythic scar gun Hellkite nice I almost forgot this card even existed
very nice mythic there it’s got riots flying and its ability for three colors
and one red mana so I read Hellkite deals two damage divided as you choose
among one or two targets activate this ability only ifs cargo and health kite
has a +1 + encounter on it very cool alright so yeah that was a that pack I
was definitely worth five dollars let’s crack this open if we can get like a
light up stage in each one or if one of these can even give us two I’ve got to
be very very awesome and it is possible to get two of an uncommon and these
practice there beside code card play Allegiance I think they’re all they all
say that okay so rack dos guild gates okay let’s
see what are we looking for here skew the critics there you go there’s one
rack dos trumpeter feral maka Iraq does plague went a little bit just
a drill bit just a little bit clear the stage so far oh just the one so far wow
this packet could be a little bit of a dud here not even one light of the stage
Wow not even one light up the stage or a cavalcade of calamity Wow Wow
really Vedek and bedazzle my god okay that was
not worth it that pack I think safe to say that was a bit of a dud on to the
next one come on give us to light at the stages that’s all I need
to give me – okay like weights let’s look for the skew the critics right just
lock it okay those piles but fall over time just straighten it up okay
ere we go skew the critics very nice gets the point
come on give me light it with stage I know you like Jesus goblin gathering
three in a row that’d be nice if I was cute the critics I’ll be awesome try the
canarian okay what else we got drill bit again where’s the light upstage see this
is what I mean if the other one if the next two don’t have any life says you
know that Wizards of the coast and Hasbro they know which cards are
valuable and they don’t put a lot of them in there after demon okay really
no cavil there you go geez just as whatsit
that’s good Acrobat for our blade artists if we got a blood trip that’d be
nice oh we got to wait no that’s the end of
the pack really another bedecking bedazzled we just got that in the last
pack wow they really okay cool I guess alright well that was another dud pack
uh yeah at least we got one Cavill plate of calamity in there but I was on the
rough side on the rough side so yeah they are very aware of how many of a
certain car they want to put in here we got four of these theme packs they come
with 35 cards of Commons Gelman’s of a certain color and guild
and we only got so far one light of the stage that’s a bit suspicious this is at
least they’re giving us a lot of secure that critics it was like one on each
back but it is a common so another skewer the critics okay really now Judith are you serious
one light up the stage in four themed rack DOS boosters you get one light up
the stage oh my god just think about that for a second when
you’re buying these if you’re searching for a certain good uncommon sometimes
you don’t get your luck and as I hope you enjoyed the video that was
eye-opening and I’ll see you in the next one

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  1. Awesome my man love those TCG trading cards I'm on my first time getting Pokemon cards for my grandmother and absolutely enjoyed looking at the artwork for the cards until I got Yugioh cards later on so I hope you have a wonderful time with everything my man and have an awesome weekend LOL 😎👍.

  2. It's been a fun video, great tcg trading card uncle. My name is yugi, i'm a new friend who come to support🔔

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