Outperformed & Sent Home ✂️ Season 14 Ep.6 Recap #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

– Tonight we’re at Gilley’s Dallas which is a world-class venue that has nine stages under one roof, and this allows us a
chance to see the ladies in a different environment
than our dance studio. Tonight, the routine you’ll
be learning is hip-hop style, and the choreographer that
you’re going to be learning from has collaborated with Madonna with Britney Spears, Kendrick Lamar. Let’s give a big welcome
for Charm La’Donna. – Hi ladies! (ladies cheer and applaud) How’s it been how’s it been? – [Ladies] Good – Good, okay you warm? – [Ladies] Yes – I’m looking for how sharp they are and then at the same time how much personality and how they can groove
within the choreography. (techno dance music) – Madeline, way off tempo – Oh, Kat, Kat (techno dance music) Are these all vets?
– Yeah – Oh no, Meredith, what’s happening? – I totally blanked. Maybe that’s why I had
some choreography mistakes. (dance music) – Oh! Oh, Oh, geesh. I will cut this whole group. Now, ya’ll know that was not acceptable. – Okay, so Charm, we have
43 ladies in training camp. I’m going to give you 36 dots. – Mmhm – That represents your vote
if you had the Charm Squad. – [Charm] Okay This is when it gets real. These are strong nos. Meredith, Lauren, Brett,
Kristin, Madeline, strong nos. Now, I have one with three. Alexandra, Shana, Kat, dance level wise, they’re all to me on the same plane which wasn’t my top squad. – [Ladies] Hello – Kelly asked me and KaShara to come and work with Meredith a little bit because Meredith is so classically trained that sometimes her body has trouble really developing the DCC style. See right here, just loosen it, loosen it. – [Keshara] Yep – If you watch your face for a minute, it lights up when you have that big smile. – What you’re gettin’ to do is fun. I always put that in my head when I’m gettin’ ready to go out. I’m about to have a great
time and you are too! – [Melissa] Exactly
– [Meredith] Yeah – Hop on this ride with me.
– Yeah – Let’s show and sell
for Marshall and Kevin. (Ladies cheer and clap) – Okay Group One, just
the rookie candidates. (dance music) – Lauren’s much softer
compared to the other three. (dance music) Brett, I’m not seeing musicality. – How are you? – Um, a nervous wreck. – The choreographers that
have taken notes on everybody have not noticed you yet. So, you’re being overlooked which means that you’re
just being out-performed by others in the room, so we’ve actually seen
enough to make our decision. Tonight’s gonna be your last night. (dramatic music) – I wanted to give you some feedback and let you know what we
think at this moment in time. – Yes ma’am – I think you’ve got the right experience and the right look,
and you need more time. – Yes ma’am – Tonight will be your last night. – Today we are here at the VA Hospital. It is the first time that our Rookie Training Camp candidates get to do an appearance. I grew up in a military community so to come bring some
cheer to some veterans is so incredibly special to me. (Bruno Mars Uptown Funk) (audience cheers and applauds) – I was a Blackhawk pilot, and we were doing a nighttime assault, and the co-pilot flew us into the ground. I was pretty close to gone. – Trevor finally has a unit
that’s helping him walk after being disabled over nine years ago, and it’s just so inspiring
to get to see him. – The rookie candidates
jumped right in there, and they were very up close
and personal and engaging. I thought they did a very good job. – I’m thanking you for everybody in here that’s like me, thank you. (dance music) – Meredith, she has some moments. – I know, she’s fighting. (dance music) (ladies cheer and clap) This is the first time I’ve seen Meredith look like she was fightin’ for it. (ladies cheer and clap) – And look, it is emotional right, ’cause you’re like, “Yes, go me!” But you should know
that you’re in this room because you can be on this team. – It looks like Meredith’s
in the fight now. I’m gonna give you 36 stickers. You have five people that
won’t get your sticker. – Why don’t people like her?
– Who? – [Guest Judge] Shana – [Judy] I love Shana personally. – [Guest Judge] I do too. – [Kelli] It disappoints me that other judges aren’t noticing her. You have one sticker left? – It’s something about her
wants me to give her a chance. – Who? – And this is one of your
weakest ones, Meredith. You know that little fight. She just blew Madeline and
Lilly out of the water. – We wanted to bring you in so we can kinda give
you a temperature gauge – Okay
– on where we think you are. You’ve been noticed by
one guest choreographer. I think you’re overthinking everything. – Probably – You’re way too close, don’t
let this get in your head. – Yes ma’am. – And not dance to your best potential. Get outta here! – [Dancer] Thank you
– Good night. – [Dancer] Good night. – In the eyes of 16 judges at finals, in the eyes of the guest choreographers we’ve had come through here, you’re not convincing people that you’re powerful
enough at this moment. – Yes ma’am. The idea that you guys are
allowing me to hear this is very helpful and will
allow me to go home, take these ideas, and figure out who’s
Madeline in my performance. – If you’re a performer, perform. I’d love to see you make this squad. – Yes ma’am. – Okay, that’s where we are. – I just thank you for talking to me. I really appreciate it. – All right
– [Madeline] Thank you.

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