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Ozzy Man Reviews: Soccer Players vs Refs

Ozzy Man Reviews: Soccer Players vs Refs

Let’s see what’s happening over in the soccer. There’s a tackle, the referee says: “That was fucking dodgy mate!” He blew the whistle and now he has to run away because everyone wants him dead. Oh, he slaps one of the players. The player appeals for a free kick I don’t know who to – this is a stubborn ref. He’s giving everyone a red card even the audience, fucking go home now Just piss off! These guys decide to play a game of pinball with the referee He’s taking punches, and there’s a fucking fly kick in the end He says: “Bugger this, I thought umpiring amateur footy on the weekends would be fun They don’t even fucking pay me. Gee whiz.” He wanted to make new friends in the community Unfortunately, it’s just not going to happen, and there’s another red card. This player is like: “Fine. Fine. Fine. FUCK YOU MATE. He doubles down on his failed legsweep with a death glare. His friend is like: “Come on You’re overtired. You haven’t had lunch, stop being a dickhead, let’s go. I’ll take you back to your mother’s. You can play Nintendo. Hey, hey? Who likes Nintendo?” There’s some more arguing followed by another punch The player instantly puts on an Academy Award performance, and the referee is fucked! He’s gonna have to run away as fast as old mate Forrest Gump. He is flying, he is motoring along He’s like Bowser in Mario Kart. Once you get going he becomes the fastest character And none of the little wankers can catch him. There’s a referee with a fucking gun. Nothing to see here. He just brought his gun to the game. This old fella has seen some shit in his time. He knows how to run away Oh no, he’s tripped over! But in comes the army. Someone brought the fucking army to the game. Yeah, nah. There’s the red card, here comes the rage, and there’s the grass.This ref did not want to fall over. He’s like: “Oh come on now mate, that’s some fucking piss poor sportsmanship” Three, two, one Destination Fucked via a fly kick. Thankfully these fellers turn it into Hug a Referee Day

58 thoughts on “Ozzy Man Reviews: Soccer Players vs Refs”

  1. From an American: Soccer players are all pussies & aren't to be taken seriously as athletes. They are to be taken as slapstick comedians who have stamina. That is all.

  2. bullshit soccer. no sportsmanship. I wonder how it became the most watched/played sports in the world. I like cricket even more after watching this.

  3. I love playing soccer (football) but what is up with these sorry excuse of adults being over-reactionary on the field? It ruins the sport if you ask me. Be honorable or stay home!

  4. never liked soccer, the athleticism that the players do have is too far tainted by everyone's bitchiness and those academy award falls. weak game with way to over payed players.

  5. That's why Football players, doesn't get that respect as compared to other sports, even in MMA fighters respect their opponents…
    They abuse, mock eachother, families but leave the ring with respect

  6. Footballers r nothing but just a bunch of delicate, weak pussies crying and bawling, giving their worst acting audition, just for a fucking penalty! Bunch of crying pussies!

  7. 1:31. Way to go ref. Some people are animals and a gun has this mysterious way of making people act civilized.

  8. Long ago we had Ronaldo. He had to stop playing due to a serious injury. He healed up and won Brazil's Penta.
    Nowadays we have Neymar…

  9. Soccer team doesn't seem that intimidating when all you need to do is breathe on their faces and they're all rolling on the ground in agony

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