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hi guys it’s mommy Monday which means
it’s Owen and mommy here at home together because all the big kids are at
school but we’re gonna get them soon because I’ve got something really really
fun planned today okay oh look we came to mommy’s room let’s show everybody our
big surprise you want Shawn you guys didn’t think I was gonna ever be a week
that went by where I didn’t have laundry right it’s pretty much never gonna
happen but you guys I’m so excited we’re
planning something huge I’m not gonna save you yet but I am gonna tell you
guys about it before I usually do tell you about surprises I’m so excited so
just let me think about that you won’t wear the sandals bouncing Mickey Mouse
shoes here come on those ones okay let’s take them
to the door oh it’s warm outside today our house
stays nice and cold so it’s cold I put them in long pants but it’s actually
really sunny here we go yeah you want to go fast is that fun while we’re out here
I’m gonna show you guys how the progress is going over there we just poured
cement this is looking so good look how long this pole is how long
should we swing all day yeah just keep telling me let’s go fast yeah let’s go
fast and sing feel a little of us that’s all we do we’re gonna get out now these
are gonna go in the house kay you just want to go fast can we go in
the house okay one more time kay oh he’s happy faster okay I don’t think we can go any higher than
that Owen I think that’s as high as you can
possibly go you need to get a drink now Chocolate milk, Dada Dada
and that’s why huh yeah yeah bye-bye you want a banana bananas are you gonna
come up here and get off the island now what do you want no you already have one
right here oh you don’t
oh my gosh we’re not having any more bananas it’s a pretty fun toy huh should we go
get the kids oh he’s going to go outside in the
garage I got his feet all gross so we’re
cleaning them all the time we’re gonna go right now oh he’s taking a bunch of
soccer game you wanna get out Owens like don’t leave me in the car
guys the always wants to be with us we just
got home from school and I’m really excited because we got all these toys in
the mail you guys we did something similar last year where we were sent the
toys of the year and we got to tell you guys about it and show you them and this
year we’ve got a really cool category basically different YouTube channels get
to share with you guys the nominations for the toys of the year and we did a
cool one last year and this year we got the outdoor toys category so my kids are
gonna be so excited when they see what we got check it so cool right that’s the toilet paper
blaster yes this is a great category huh oh it’s like the Cheetahs villains Mike
ever oh he’s gonna crash this is my buddy
wheels it’s a cute little balance bike and what I like about this is that the
fabric is removable so you can actually take this off and have a little bike
inside to me the reason why it’s cool you could take this off it’s because
first of all you could wash the fabric but then second of all it could be an
outdoor only bike or an inn or bike does that look fun should we open that one
this one’s cool because it can adjust so after he’s done sitting and putting his
feet on the little pedals then he can stand up and he can actually write it as
a scooter so that’s my favorite part these guys are trying to get the sheet
storm working also before we go any further I would like to thank the toy
foundation for sending us these toys to show you guys because that’s pretty
awesome well they’re figuring that out we’re gonna do this one the easy roller
drifter this one looks so cool that’s the pony’s has brakes that’s cool
you know why off this toy is cool you could be a lot of different sizes
there’s all these extension beams you could be tall or short which is nice this is the Costco size 24 so I know
it’s like a slightly bigger role so if you get this toy make sure you get maybe
the smaller size rolls that you get at the regular store yeah so you guys could
imagine how I work I think so cuz I gotta be able to twist I don’t actually
think it’s gonna work yeah we can twist and tight yeah so basically you fill
this with water and then you put it through here and then it will blast wet
paper that comes out the top this could be one of those toys you could get for
someone and maybe you want to play a prank on them it’s a white elephant gift
yes because like who wants their kids putting toilet paper balls like around
the house that are wet but it could be bunny or just taking this apart really
fast so we can turn it into a scooter so Michael can try writing it it’s pretty
easy you want to write it Michael okay let’s see how it works nice pretty cool do you like it the next toy
you can vote for is this one now this is cool this is like a sandcastle building
set you just put those pieces together like Chris is doing and then you can
make supercool sand castles isn’t that neat this is pretty big – imagine how
big of a castle you can make with these pieces
that’s Omi’s castle pretty cool yep and it comes with a bag – Santa fell out of
the bag it’s very cool I know the magic were in the pool how fast we could
refill everything I am that’s gonna assemble the second easy roller we have
red and blue which is difficult perfect you know that I was thinking we can make
the red one the long one for the big kids and then the blue one we could keep
the short for the small kids oh is that you are you a small kid we’re gonna take
the two easy rollers the water blaster and the razor outside to play with them
are you excited for the razor in case you guys were wondering no one’s asking
me to say anything about these toys I’m just saying my own opinions I’m just
saying what I personally like about them or don’t like about them or whatever but
there is gonna be a website that I’ll put in the description box and you guys
can vote for your favorite because I think I’m sure all of us have our
favorites of everything I’m sure what you’ve seen that we got you’re like oh
that one looks so cool so be sure and go vote for your favorites do you like that
one Owen
that one’s cool huh oh he’s gonna spray you didi better
watch out everyone everyone don’t get mommy’s camera house it’s Emily going I
think he’s spraying yourself yeah that’s perfect
oh yeah nice and easy there goes the easy roller that’s cool oh and once a
ride it’s a little harder with somebody on your lap those look so fun you guys
and Michael is gonna be trying out this one this is the razor brand crazy cart
shift whoa that’s cool that looks pretty easy to steer though nice we decided to go to the basketball court
where there’s a little more open space I’m fine now Zacks taking a turn on the
razor’s shift oh it’s on Chris affect their living these roller Oh yes let’s go you guys on the car yep
that was fast it’s done way faster than the traditional way David’s gonna see if
he can reach Matt from where he’s standing cuz I think this thing goes
pretty far get him get him get him get him get him
it does go really far she’s trying not to fall in the pool that’s a good thing
to try here she comes goes I go pretty good you, faster!
nobody judged the backyard not judge the mess at the moment I guess Chris decided
he would just stand on the pool in his jeans it’s fast huh
clearly the kids are having fun with the outside toys of the year this year don’t
forget to vote for your favorites it’s been quite a while these guys are still
out here playing it doesn’t look like you’re coming in anytime soon what are
you working on and Alyssa what are you working on a game what we don’t play
computer games what is this game a food game how did you find this team oh it’s a math game oh she’s like Hello
okay fine we can play that game just hanging out
well that’s like a pretty cool spot to hang out hey are you gonna participate
in my class tonight yeah cuz our teacher said he’s doing something cool that you
might real participate right you know I didn’t I don’t know but it should be fun hi oh you’re getting a healthy snack
yeah I like that yeah I do want some thank you you want fun right here which
one do you want celery you like those he thinks it’s a fruit snack yeah that’s
what tomato do you want to eat it does anybody want some
I guess just that now we have two artists oh you found this looks really
cool are you guys how I do it too oh my gosh Wow we do so much homework
the Owens asking Alyssa if she’s doing st mat that’s looking so good yeah we
had chicken potatoes and rice for dinner right now we’re heading to soccer and
it’s gonna be fun because why Alyssa and the parents are gonna win Oh
let’s fill in jizan all is that there’s my boys with their team so they’re gonna
be at their practice and how their own Michael and myself are gonna go play
with the girls mainly because we have to make sure we beat them here at practice
and I get to blow the whistle me keep it moving guys first cone second cone let’s
go don’t be the last one to finish you’re doing a little keep-away here alyssa has been warming up on the field
because she really needs to warm up so we don’t beat her too badly right the
adults are getting ready here Owen keeps trying around the field though let’s
make it a little tricky they’re getting close I think he
attempted to spargle are you getting nervous now we’re gonna
win so how was it losing you love the parents one sorry two one
we had a good goalie oh man sorry listen that’s right get wall team picture well
we had a really fun time in soccer I think the boys had fun too but not as
much fun as we had obviously we’ve had to play the parents versus kids game and
now we’re going to a gym for our class we just have an exercise called dare
play Burpee yeah it was right I’m literally like to be so lucky my boys
are holding down the fort for me this is a competition as you can win so I’m
already out that’s okay I tried my kids and want it all
good job let’s I keep going keep going Zack good job you’re killing it oh you
tired you tired take a breather you’re doing good 9 he’s on 9 eleven
Wow five
five thanks down to Chris and Zack being our
whole class this good job you came close yeah you worked really
hard you won deck you beat everybody that with so many burpees here’s backpackers laying down he
brought a present to our teacher it’s not present he’s scared
he thinks it’s a prank they gave him their special Pokemon card well we
survived that was a good workout I’m pretty sweaty today
tomorrow this is pretty much what always happens is we end our class and we’re
about to go home then we decide to hang out longer
because we love everybody in our class so now we’re gonna play soccer here in
the parking lot with our friends and our kids hey did you wake up Owen oh okay
do you want to get out really bad he was sleeping the whole time
you can watch s you want to watch he’s like please let me out but he can’t get
out it’ll be dangerous I think it’s a don’t be sad well that was fun right guys yes we had
a really fun time and cute home with such a good boy in the car and he could
see us the whole time so we we don’t leave him just so you guys know
I’ll kind of explain how that goes yeah he likes wheels on the bus suppose I
don’t watch it but basically I probably said this before but I’ll say it again
so where we work out the car is parked right where we work out so the kids can
sit in the car they can either work out with us or they can watch a movie in the
car or whatever Owen usually sleeps actually and basically they can sit
there we can watch them and they can watch us and that’s how I work out I
really really like it our class is literally like family to us and the kids
are also getting to watch us work out I think it’s good for them to see their
parents doing math so it’s been fun and I’m really just I’m trying really hard
to get in shape while they get to go to the gym twice a week but the days that I
do sometimes three days a week I’m thankful for it because I just want to
be healthy well guys we’re home I’m gonna put the kids to bed and I just
want to say thanks for watching our video don’t forget if you guys want to
ask the mom you mind a question to go do it on Instagram that’s where I’ve been
getting almost all of them lately so follow us on there if you’re not and
post your questions there and we’ll see you guys next week you

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