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Parkour Athlete | Lorena Abreu | The E/O

Parkour Athlete | Lorena Abreu | The E/O

Lorena Abreu, 25 years old McAllen, Texas. This is my story. Parkour is where sport meets art. Where discipline meets creativity and
basically it’s just really fun and I think everyone would enjoy doing it. I am a jack of all trades, master of none I like to jump on things, but I’m also
video editor. I like to sing, dance, play ukulele. I do some of everything. I was always a very hyperactive kid, God bless my mom.
Students and teachers called me monkey girl, it was definitely an insult but, I
mean I kind of deserved it. One day we were talking and I told Lorena,
“I should have seen this coming because you taught yourself how to flip
when you were four years old,” and she told me “No I didn’t,” and I said, “Yes you did, and I have footage.” I went to an open gym one day and I met some of the local
practitioners. What I watched them do looked like the absolute funnest thing
ever. I actually started making videos
for their social media just for free because I wanted to be around parkour.
There I met my friends. They were basically my coaches and they never
babied me, they never treated me like a girl. This is like actually one of the
biggest jumps I’ve ever done period. My very first drop precision, a standing
jump for one thing to another thing. I was just really scared I couldn’t commit
for it. They told me “you know you can do this, you should do it.” And I finally went
for it and I stuck it and I realized parkour is the best thing ever. A lot of people ask me, “How do I become not scared like you?” And I tell them what
are you talking about? I am not a super brave person.
I was scared literally 100% of the time. To me, parkour is not about overcoming
fear, parkour is about managing your fear. How do I balance
doing so many different things? When I find the time I pick up my ukulele and I
like to sing with it. It is the only time in my life that I’m not thinking worrying about
everything else I have going on. Parkour grew from a fun thing I did from
time to time, to a full-blown passion, to thankfully my job. I’ve had a few
milestones in my career. First advertisement campaign for big sports,
brand, working for an esteemed circus, and I would just see pictures of myself and
think “Oh my goodness me in the fifth grade would have thought this was
amazing!” I’m also really smugly satisfied to be making a living from the exact thing
people used to make fun of me about. I am perfectly happy with the fact that
anything can happen tomorrow because I have become the person my tiny monkey
self wanted to be, and that’s all you can really ask for.

52 thoughts on “Parkour Athlete | Lorena Abreu | The E/O”

  1. I’ve practised parkour for 5 years now, and she told the same words I would have said in an interview about parkour, this sport can’t be hated 😀

  2. Hey I Happen To Live In Texas And Ive Always Wanted To Practice Parkour. Maybe Someday In The Future We Could Do A Collab. Thanks For The Inspiration GF.

  3. Generally Life in India
    Preparing for engineering or Doctor.
    Study in college.
    Find jobs

    By the way parkour is ban in India, there is no training club, if you are brave then try it on concrete 😑

  4. This is very, very cool. I used to do this sort stuff (far less extreme of course) as a kid, before 'parkour' was a thing. I'm a little broken and old now, so I'll just enjoy watching awesomeness like this.

  5. That's right people! Make sure that you follow dreams. No matter what people say to you, you can do awesome things in your life. Don't give up. If u do you'll regret it.😁

  6. Dear Lorena,

    I have been doing parkour for 7 years, i kind of had to side line it due to curcumstances. Your story has just brought be out of retirement.

    Thank you

  7. See kids, you can be an alcoholic and do Parkour. And then she wears a black shirt with a gorilla on it. Thats racist!!!!

  8. " They never babied me they never treated me like a girl ". See? Chicks complain about dudes all the time and rant about equal rights but they WANT to be men! They don't like being females. Thats why they evolved to calling each other guys and recently bro. IE guys and girls will say, " are you guys going to the alcohol party "? when addressing a gang of girls or dudes and chicks hanging around each other. So the girls can be one of the guys. I've met alot of girls who are jealous of guys because its easier to pee and men don't have to take care of themselves so much.

    And then there's the girls that dance and get all hype to rap songs that degrade females. Woman all over get on the dance floor and twerk and jiggle and sing to the top of their lungs " FROM DA WINDOOOOOW TO DA WAAAAAWL! TIL DA SWEAT DRIP FROM MA BAAWLZ! AWWW SKEET SKEET "! Then we got the transgenders female to male. Then they wanna do all the guy sports and hobbies. Then we got the girls that act like men in fights and wanna beat up a dude.

    Thats likely the only time they wanna be a female cause when they get hit back with equal bloody nose rights, they say " I'MA GIRL I'MA GIRL DON'T CALL ME BRO 😭😭😭😭😭😭 ASSAULT "! Bitches are never satisfied.

  9. its, "jack of all trades master of one" smh, the brainwashing of our society is so sad why would you brag about being okay at a bunch of stuff but not good at anything

  10. The one thing I've learned from these videos is to be good at anything I need to be an alcoholic first.

  11. I’ve grown weary of these beer advertisements.
    Aren’t people just awesome by themselves?
    Why do you have to put beer into the equation too??

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