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Partie 1 : Preparation Kizami Tsuki – Karate Kumite par Mickael Serfati

Partie 1 : Preparation Kizami Tsuki – Karate Kumite par Mickael Serfati

already we will do the attack part of this
exercise . A sequence that we see very often. The Kizami
one of the most used techniques When you arrive at high level everyone knows how to make Kizami qu
will make a difference? ok I can do kizami and he too The difference is to prepare each kizami
so there just to make one of the feints who walks the most in Kumit agree me
I like it a lot and a lot use it I’m just going to draw his
attention here as if I’m serving it picking I just touch. Warning
I do not come to crochet it’s different I do not come with my foot behind
it’s not that I just touch and hop you have touched. Touching anything
who even the best best world
if you touch it here is going to have a half-second of intention because
no one wants to fall and take the 3 points so if you touch here, anyone will have a release Not to fall I will come and get his eye down and enjoy his second of looseness Be careful when you do it several things to
to avoid obviously it’s not getting too close
near okay not get too close
then they will not do it high no more, it’s not a mawashi bottom okay and finally as I told you we do not take a hook ok here in slow motion I’m doing a hunted step here to pick him up ok it’s good for everyone? Let’s go !

7 thoughts on “Partie 1 : Preparation Kizami Tsuki – Karate Kumite par Mickael Serfati”

  1. Super vidéo, j’ai beaucoup aimé la vidéo que tu avais fait sur karaté bushido sur l’importance du traditionnel dans la compétition , tu parlais un peu de divers branche du karaté. Ça pourrait être interessant à faire sur ta chaîne. Bonne continuation

  2. N'hésitez pas à me retrouver sur les amis 😃
    Vous pouvez aussi me contacter pour des coachings privés ou seminaires dans vos clubs 🥋
    Et n'oublie pas de t'abonner 👍

  3. Parfois, quand nous avançons, Pakazmi Tsuki reçoit un coup de l'adversaire d'une frappe au pied dans le dos de Shawden. J'espère que vous nous donnerez la contre-attaque.

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