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People Try Cheerleading For The First Time

People Try Cheerleading For The First Time

– [Voiceover] Go! (thumping) And, go! (thumping) (drumline music) (cheers and laughs) – Let’s try cheerleading! I’m excited. – Cheerleading is for
exciting, bubbly people. – A lot of butt touching. – I’m definitely not flexible
enough to do cheerleading. – It seems real hard and
I don’t think I can do it. – I’m terrified. I’m gonna get thrown in the air. – I don’t know what to expect. Everyone’s got a beard so that’s
making me a little nervous. – Hi, my name is Jessie Moorehead, and I am the head coach at Santa Monica College. I love cheerleading because
of the physical challenge. Every single day I get to
walk in and manipulate people to see what we can accomplish. (drumline music) So we’re gonna start warming up the body and we’re gonna be doing
some basic stretches. (upbeat music) So we’re gonna do some
co-ed partner stunting. And I’m gonna have my ladies going up, doing basic tosses. – [Everyone] Ned stand up! (laughing and yelling) – Okay.
(yells) – I am a Greek god. – Buzzfeed cheer team. Get ready colleges around America. What do I do? – [Voiceover] Ready. One, two. (laughter) – Okay. Now what? – [Voiceover] Okay hit it. Pull your leg. Pull your leg. (cheers)
(loud scream) – I can see why people feel
they peak in high school, like that’s it. They do it and they look
so happy when they do it. – They’re smiling. – They’re smiling. I’m just terrified. Oh! No no no! – We just did a basket, a tuck X out. And we’re actually gonna instruct a basic load and straight tosses. (upbeat music) (cheers) – That’s the coolest I have ever been and will ever be. – He tinkled a little bit. – When we attend competitions a section of the routine is
actually a cheer portion. – [All] Let’s go! Hey Buzzfeed! Go! Let’s go! Hey! Buzzfeed! (cheers) – Everyone needs a moment
to shake their rump. (upbeat music) – What kind of sass do you have upstairs? – If we don’t get this we’ll
never make it to regionals. – I think they did amazing. They came in with an open mind and took every single challenge. There wasn’t a single
moment where they said no, and, or I couldn’t do it. They walked in and they trusted us through the entire process, which is the only thing you can ask for. – I came in so amped to try this and I immediately shit my pants. – I don’t know if you saw my face during some of the lifts but they were insane. – I’m still shaking,
actually, from the adrenaline. – They keep you moving fast so that you don’t have the time to panic. – I couldn’t believe that they just casually toss people. – I’m like, pretty good at cheerleading. – My 15 year old self would be like, Eli this is your moment to touch butts. But you’re not thinking
about grabbing butts, because there’s a human being that you’re holding above your head. – I did fall, I’m lying. I’m not good at it. – Cheer for life. What was I doing in band all this time? – Still don’t think it’s a sport. No, I think it’s a sport. But it is weird that it’s a sport about people cheering for
other people playing sports. Who’s cheering for the cheerleaders? I’ll be.

100 thoughts on “People Try Cheerleading For The First Time”

  1. I started to do cheer this year (7th grade and no tumbling/stunting experience) but had to stop before we even really started because I suddenly lost all of the vision in my left eye and it was tough. However, I think I can do it and want to start next year but I’m kind of nervous..

  2. "What was I doing in band all this time?"
    As the dorky trumpet playing obsessed band nerd I am: GASPS HOW DARE YOU………….

  3. you know someone is competitive if they compete with a girl on a task mainly for girls to perform… *cough* ned *cough*

  4. Before I joined cheer I thought it was easy. Boy was I wrong! It really pushes physical limits for everyone.

  5. “Lot of bubbly people”

    Me(cheerleader): well I just finished having a breakdown and I still want to cry hahahahaha

  6. They should have people doing Marching Band for the first time. It seems simple but it’s really not and there’s so much effort put in

  7. I was a dancer while I was a cheeraleader….but I had to quit cheer cause dance came first to me cause I had been doing it longer

  8. Doing cheer is volunteer, if you try out its because you love to do it. So DUH WE ALWAYS SMILE!! “And for extra points in attitude during competitions“

  9. Excuse me I am a a competition cheerleader I am not a very bubbly person I am a very sophisticated person i am not all about school spirit and I am not the most popular person in school to prove my point not all cheerleaders are a peppy bubbly daydream

  10. I cheer for my school and for a competition team so watching this and having cheer experience is the best!?

  11. Doing competitive cheerleading in England is very uncommon, so all my friends think I just dance around with pom poms and I can 'just miss practice' and now my cheer team are having a ‘bring a friend to cheer’ day and I can’t wait to watch them all eat their words

  12. Im jealous cause they can outstand the full extension, while I, already a flyer, still fears the full extension. This really step me up, if they can do it, I too!

  13. Cheer isn't as scary as it seems. But it's not as easy as it seems. I'm on a cheer team. I know as a base that hard to get yelled at though.

  14. Honestly hate this video because these people are doing so much more when they’re not ready to. Cheer is about perfecting the stunt not throwing them up and out and around. It’s fun but it’s also hard, and I don’t think this captures the sport.

  15. Best part of cheerleading: when your team's member loses a game and gets an injury you laugh at him while sitting on the bench and munching on pop corn and roasting him with your megaphone

  16. I do cheerleading and it’s my life, I flip all day and stunt all night. It makes my life complete and I couldn’t asked for a better cheer family

  17. Cheer Leading is OK only in first grade to middle school but in high school and college it's not OK at all because i heard a lot about how NFL cheerleaders were being horribly mistreated

  18. One hour before my cheer competition our main flyer fell during a lib and broke her arm in four places. She went into surgery at midnight. Get well our little cheer princess Lilah

  19. Ned: Who's cheering for the cheerleaders?
    Me: Ned, you just asked(and answered) one of the questions we ask as a joke all the time.


  21. Ok so low key I have been doing cheer for 8 years and I have been WAITING this, if only the try guys were doing this

  22. Most cheerleaders are female because most (not all) women are more flexible than men but back in 1920 cheer squads were heavily male dominated until 1940 I didn't know what colors the uniforms were back then because all the pictures were in black and white

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