“Pissed Off Cheerleaders” – Jon Reep – (Throwback Thursday)

This is my impression of every professional football referee, okay? whats that? twenty-seven yeah 2-7 ok *referee impressions* what if it wasn’t the microphone, what if that guy really talks like that Okay, Bob, what about that call you made in the third quarter *referee impression* Maybe he goes home to his wife. Hey, honey. How was your day? *referee impressions* maybe there in bed making love *referee impressions* Is that a little too close for you guys I got to tell you the truth My favorite thing about football is the cheerleaders. Are there any cheerleaders in here good. Let’s talk about em I was watching this. I was watching this ESPN cheerleading competition the other day. Here’s my question Okay, when did cheerleading become such a serious sport? Alright cheerleaders are some of the best-looking girls in the world, but they can make some ugly faces be aggressive, be be aggressive These girls cheers of every word or move they make actually determine the outcome of a game Yeah, they don’t do the right cheer at the right time Their team could fall flat on its face Did only one thing that will help that’s alright thats ok! Shake it off! Shake it off! You know, I think they’re just as serious as any team that’s ever been in the Superbowl hell I probably thrown halftime speeches would you like to see that Cheerleading coach comes in at the half all pissed off because the team’s losing and its the cheerleaders fault she comes in there kicking stuff I can’t believe what is going on out there You girls are getting slaughtered and you act like you don’t even care We can’t do our rushins We can’t do our basket tosses Hey Little Jimmy can’t even give a silent spirit Why don’t one thing there’s gonna be some big changes in here Monday Some of you girls don’t get your butts in gear Jenny Now let’s get back out there and cheer like I know we can cheer Alright! now bring it in here *saying prayer* That’s just the girls you ever seen the guy cheerleaders Big strong bulky fellas gonna ask yourself. Why would someone that big what act like such a wussy? Is he gay Well, if he’s gay he’s stupid think about it cuz he’s got a job where his hands up a girl’s skirt Hate this part That’s gonna make him miserable but if he’s straight he’s a genius Think about it cuz he’s doing what we all wish we could he’s doing on a regular basis Behold! Behold and envy me thats nice I got one hand in my pocket and the other ones full of butt cheek Lucky bastards Hey keep in shape if you’re a cheerleader man, you guys keep in shape be healthy like to exercise do you I Like to exercise but I think there’s some like serious variations of exercise that need to be outlawed, you know, like speed walking Is it possible to look more You know that used to be an Olympic event no there’s in the Olympics what’s next underwater hammer toss blind folded boxing tennis for people with tiny arms So if you’re a speed walker, walk past a mirror and take a good look at yourself Hey, thanks for watching my videos. Why don’t you go ahead and subscribe to my youtube channel, huh? Please hit that little notification mail, too. So you don’t miss out on anything

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