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Police Investigating Video Of Cheerleader Crying While Forced Into Splits | What’s Trending Now!

Police Investigating Video Of Cheerleader Crying While Forced Into Splits | What’s Trending Now!

Police are investigating this video of crying
Ally Wakefield, a cheerleader from Denver, Colorado being forced into the splits at a
cheerleading camp. Welcome back to What’s Trending, I’m Ava Gordy. Make sure to LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE
for more stories. In total, police are investigating 8 different
videos of girls crying as they’re forced to do the splits. Ally sustained an injury from this video,
which caused her mother to e-mail the school’s athletic director. “I have attached a video of the forced splits
she and her other team members were forced to do at cheerleading camp and practices;
unless they had a doctor’s note. This is how Ally injured her leg. My husband and I would like to know what the
administration is going to do about my daughter’s injury and how it happened.” In response, Denver public schools placed
the school’s administration on leave. Superintendent Tom Boasburg said in a statement,
“Earlier today, I became aware of an exercise used at cheer practices this summer at East
High School. We immediately began taking steps to investigate
this issue. In order to conduct a fair and thorough investigation,
we have placed” the principal, the assistant principal, cheer coach Ozell Williams,
assistant cheer coach Mariah Cladis on leave. “This is standard practice in an investigation
of this type.” And the incident is now even being looked
at by the Denver Police. What did you guys think of the footage? Let us know in the COMMENTS below. Cheerleading is a very dangerous high school
activity. Cheerleaders often suffer more catastrophic
injuries than high school football players. Think about it. Cheerleaders are being flung up into the air. And they have to do things there and flip
around and stuff. And there’s only other girls there to catch
them. You know it’s just… it’s not a lot of safety. Meanwhile, football players are covered in
padding and helmets and they rarely have to go up in the air or do pyramids. For more stories like this go to

57 thoughts on “Police Investigating Video Of Cheerleader Crying While Forced Into Splits | What’s Trending Now!”

  1. Happens at a lot of schools if you want to be a cheerleader you got to do the splits don't say you need help cuz they will force you down

  2. Those people r stupid for doing that if I was her I would have smacked them so hard they would forget who was there parents like wtf

  3. I can't help but wonder if this is a normal activity in cheer, etc. But, imagine the out roar there would be if all of the races were reversed.

  4. Wait did she really compare football to cheerleading? Im sorry but that was the dumbest comparison I've ever heard of, of course football players have pads and helmets the whole sport is about contact.

  5. I'm a cheerleading coach and that is absolutely abuse. What is there to investigate? With video evidence like that it's clear. If you are getting your team to do splits and you know anything about cheer, you know that it takes weeks of stretching and resting and taking your time to get into the splits. This coach should never be allowed to work with children ever again. I hope she recovers.

  6. I don't hate black people but that was fucked up .. wtf is wrong with these people in the video forcing a white kid a KID to do the splits what the actual fuck ..

  7. Why do us black people pull shit like this yet the same group of people say white people are evil. I swear this is so terrible you can't put your hands on other people

  8. I have bad hips and pelvis
    area due to a running injury. I can't imagine what would happened if that happened to me. My legs would probably dislocate. That poor girl I hope she gets better and finds something that doesn't break her.

  9. why is the comment section so obsessed on the fact that the coaches were black? this is not the point people! this is low key torture and you're here talking about race? goddamit

  10. I just want to know who was taking the video. Were there other girls forced to do this? It just seems like theres a whole story behind this that would be interesting to figure out.

  11. Torturing my lil girl huh, how boutyou do the splits now, i would forced him no prob, but trick is hed do the splits with his head!

  12. Shouldn't they need to do the splits? Isn't it cheer practice for a reason? Or did they think it was going to be a leisure activity in high school and want to be a "cheerleader" for the title…..?

  13. Haha "cheer leaders get hurt more"😂 so constant head contact for 60 minutes that causes possible brain damage, memory loss and neck injuries is just flung out the window here for these girls in the air

  14. The full video shows the black man throwing the little white girl to the other side of him. Liberal media editing.

  15. The girl begged to be on the team and just can't do a decent split…end of story! Just put her off the team! Simple solution!

  16. 1. Why didn't the coach only select cheerleaders that were able to do the splits? 2. Wish the entire video was available. 3. I'm not saying cheerleaders who tumble and do aerial stunts aren't talented, but to compare them to football players in way of protection is stupid. Cheerleaders do not have 200 pounds of muscle charging at them at any given moment.

  17. Don't fuck with white people when will black people understand you got a leave those demon cave bitches alone too much privilege she could've said no

  18. they were trying to help her stay on the cheer leading team..I bet you there a video of her asking them first to do this for her

  19. My dad forced someone when he was young. That person ended up in a wheelchair.
    Some people aren't made for splits, so don't force them or you'll ruin their lives!

  20. Oh please. Football, less dangerous than cheerleading!? Yeah, I remember now- cheerleaders headbutt each other, right?

  21. No football players just have to worry 200lb+ men running full force trying to fuck you up. Bitch dont compare some little flips to full head to head contact football.

  22. Everyone knows u dint force this the muscles need to be stretched .this is a racial thing .black coach needs hos blue bag in jail better yet pinched out

  23. Can u imagine if this was a white man and white girlss holding down a black girl .im so fuckung sick of these blacks we all are

  24. Idk but when I was in middle school the coach would actually do a thing which we call break the cheerleaders to do the splits… they would get on a wall with one leg up and the coach would give a push so they break and thats how they would get flexible but they wouldn't cry, they would only tear up a little… so idk about this girl crying so hard maybe cause she is older it hurts worst or she might be overexaggerating but yeah splits do take time though when you only strecth, the faster way is the break

    USA is pussie, many martial arts do this same type of training, ballet, gymnastics. You can find videos of this stuff everywhere, you have to push past you points to break throw them. If not you will never spilt.

  26. I think this creator is dumb. Are you aware that football players are hitting each other as hard as they possibly can? The reason they have pads is to prevent against terminal injuries that they may carry for the rest of their lives. Of course the stunts performed by cheerleaders are dangerous, but it is nothing compared to the danger that players encounter whilst playing football. To me this woman sounds like an extreme feminist who is trying to share protest gender equality in a very passive aggressive way while trying to make it seem like she is covering a subject that we can all sympathize for. Truly horrific and disrespectful. (Also, the coach was supporting her not holding her down. Use your eyes people)

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