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Pompones animadora DIY: Disfraz Grease, Sandy Cheerleader

Pompones animadora DIY: Disfraz Grease, Sandy Cheerleader

If you want to know how to disguise as Sandy Cheerleader in the Grease Movie I made these pompous pompoms, stay and watch this video Rydel yes, Rydell yes … (sings) To make a pompom, I will use a complete package of tissue paper this one has 10 sheets of tissue paper 50 x 66 centimeters size
(20 x 26 inches aprox.) As they come folded, I open them without opening them completely, I open them just one fold, and cut them in half Now I search for the center of each one of the sheets bundles that I cut and I put a paper bundle inside the other folded ones to form like a book I also look for the center of the total paper bundle and , along that fold, I place a cord to match the color of the paper it should be pretty long because, later on, I’m going to use it to wrap it around the center of the pompom Make sure the string is very close to the fold of the tissue paper bundle, so as not to cut it when we are cutting the fringes of the pompom. Take a metal ruler, and a a brand new x-acto knife very, very well sharpened, and begin to cut and cut again and again in the same place until you separate the fringes so you see that you have cut all the way to the bottom Here I realize that … that I did not have a perfect fold, so I correct and center the fold so that the two sides of the pompom stay equally long and I keep cutting with the Metalic ruler and the x-acto knife The metal rule is to avoid ruining it with the blade, if I use a plastic one it is very easy for me to cut it and spoil it little by little When you cut, do not get right to where the rope and the fold is, start cutting about a centimeter away (half an inch) because we want the fringes to be linked by that part, so don’t cut up to there, okay? every short fringe measures about one centimeter (half an inch) wide I eye ball it to avoid wasting time measuring precise cuts Keep calm and cut fringes without rushing because, as you can see, I have a plaster on my finger … it’s because I stuck the blade in it when I was cutting I hope that the same thing doesn’t happen to you, take all the care into what you do The tissue paper is a very thin paper, which is sold in many colors, and is widely used to wrap gifts, fragile things, for example when you put a fragile gift inside a box It is also used a lot in crafts to create pompoms, flowers and delicate things because it is very beautiful and colorful. I think it also called many different names in some countries: Chinese paper, paper kite, kite paper, balloon paper, sugar paper… I hope you can see and know what paper I am using and I do not know how they call it in each country, but, come on, it’s a very thing paper, very light which is very useful for crafts I finish cutting all the fringes now I try to open the fringes in half again to be able to roll the spine. That is what the rope is for, that’s why I put the rope, now it helps me find where is that center fold and spread the papers As you can see I’m now wrapping the tissue paper around the spine that mark is helping me so that I can keep the fringes on one side and the other. I try to separate them as best I can. Once I’ve rolled to the end I use the same cord I had used to separate the layers of paper in the middle to tie a knot to close this “fringe roll” that I just made and, at the same time, I start to do several loops around it to ensure this part stays tied and not to undo the pompom. I leave the pom-pom off to one side, partly finished done, and now I prepare a rubber ring so you can hold the pompom in your hands while you use it. I use a rubber band of this kind, flat, I bought it in a haberdashery shop, it is one of those rubber bands used to put in the waistband of the clothes. and I cut a piece. I measure it around my hand, since that’s where I’m going to place this handle and I cut it a little bit longer to glue the ends together I use hot glue to make this taking care of the shape of the hoop stays flat and not twisted when glueing the ends. I could also sew this, but I’ve been sewing so much for the rest of the Grease costume that now I do not feel like sewing anymore and I use the silicone, which is quick and easy I have the hoop ready and now I’m going to put it to the pompom I cross the thread that we were tying to the pompom around the center of the pompom, I cross it inside the rubber ring, placing the side of the union down, to hide it as much as possible. I keep going under the sides of the rope crossing underneath and then passing through the top crossing over, but through the loop inside the rubber ring, so I tie it really well. When I have already given enough laps, I turn the pompom around and tie it down, tie it several times to ensure it won’t untie. and cut the ends I don’t need. The pompom is already finished, but you have to give it a a pompous style because, as it is now, the papers are very close to each other and they do not separate, they do not give volume to the pompom, and we want it to look big and with a lot of volume. So I separate the different strips by hand, so I give them more style, more volume So that this pompom, which is already really finished, looks just like Olivia Newton-John’s in Grease I’m going to wrinkle a little each fringe. I hold several fringes with my hand and I go scrunching them so that they look wrinkled as in zig zag, and that gives even more volume to the pompom, and gives it much more movement The red pompom is finished. Now I’m going to make the white pompom Remember first I opened a tissue paper bag, cut in half I put one half inside the other and in the center I put a long thread, fold and start cutting short fringes one centimeter wide, without reaching the fold, and when I have just cut, I separate the two parts where I have placed the rope and roll the paper then I just have to tie with the white cord, which I had used to mark the center, make the rubber ring and hold the rubber ring with the rope with which I am using to roll the center. I tie it several times, rolling it around, I tie it well … and voila! I separate the layers of the different fringes to give it volume, I wrinkle them a bit, which gives it more volume, we already have the other pompom Do you fancy these Sandy cheerleader Grease costume pompoms? (They sing) (they sing) So you know how to make these pompoms, that are usefull for this costume, and for … any team that you like, changing the colors! So if you liked how to make these pompoms so pompous, please hit like, favorites subscribe to our channel Fancylooks and hit the little bell to receive email notices of a new videos. So… see you soon in a new Fancylooks video! (They sing) We have already seen this part here, but if you want to see the two parts that are missing you just have to click on the i at the top corner to see them Goodbye everyone, I hope you liked how to make this costume of Olivia Newton-John as a cheerleader hit like, favorites subscribe to the Fancylooks channel and click on the little bell to receive notices of our new videos! (Sing)

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  1. Saludos desde México, mil gracias por el tuto, me quedaron de 10 los pompones para el desfile de mi hija. Toma tu like.

  2. Genial, gracias, muy bien explicado y entretenido… En Chile se conoce como papel volantín con el que se hacen las guirnaldas y/ o las cometas , esas que despliegas por los aires tirando de un hilo o cordel.

  3. Hola, que chulada,soy monitora de fitness y llevo varios días buscando pompones por mi ciudad (Badajoz,España) y no me gustan,también los estoy buscando por Internet y no me fío si me van a gustar o valen caros teniendo en cuenta que necesito más de 40.Los tuyos me han encantado además los quiero de un color en cada mano y son preciosos.Voy a intentarlo,yo soy más bien torpe para las manualidades pero me han enamorado.Sabrias decirme cuánto puede costarme el material para 44 pompones?Un saludo a las dos y gracias.Que bonitas quedarían mis coreos!!!!Os he descubierto hoy porque llevo varios días con el lío de los pompones,e indagando indagando he visto este canal,te agradecería la respuesta.?

  4. No entendi algien me podria ayudar es que aca en colombia ay papel seda y papel cometa cual utilizo??

  5. Que pena que ví re tarde este video, hubiese ahorrado mucho tiempo y hubieran quedado más lindos con este tutorial….. Gracias me servirá para las próximas veces!

  6. Muchas gracias por tu vídeo por fin algo que explique BN las cosas me quedaron hermosos gracias ?

  7. Me ha encantado el video porque es una de las mejores que he visto porque voy a hacer porrista en mi colegio y necesitaba unos pompones y Esos son los que más me gustaron Muchísimas gracias y buena tarde

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