Poms = Movie Mini-Review 2019 = No Spoilers, Diane Keaton, Jacki Weaver

Hello. I’m High Heel Knight. Welcome to
my channel. This is my miniature review of Poms! The story is about a woman named
Martha, played by Diane Keaton. She is dying of terminal cancer.
She has no major relatives. She has no children. She decides to just move to
a retirement community and just basically sit around and wait for the
Grim Reaper to bring forth the inevitable. But her next-door neighbor,
she’s a very persistent kind of gal and befriends Martha. And together,
they decide to form a cheerleading club for the ladies community, just something fun
to do. Both of them have sort of wanted to be cheerleaders, especially Martha.
She never really got the chance to be a cheerleader. So like/ Hey! Let’s do this
fun thing together. And of course the big question is: with all of these women
being of a certain seasoned age, will they be successful or will they fall flat on
their faces? That old adage of “Go break a leg.” Yeah. That could actually happen with
these ladies. So I liked this movie very, very much. I figured it would be just
simple and charming, and it is simple and charming. One of the things I love is
that there’s no male-bashing. A lot of these girl power movies
always do a lot of male-bashing. There’s no male-bashing. There are a
couple of guys that are jerks, but it’s never come across as “Oh. This is women vs men.”
Or anything like that. No. No. No. These ladies/ They’re just building
themselves together and leaning on each other and helping each other out.
And there’s also some guys that are genuinely interested in seeing them succeed.
Yes there are a couple of guy jerks, but it’s never about male-bashing.
Women! Women! Women! Down! Down! Down Men! Another thing I liked was a character
played by Celia Weston. The character is named Vicki. She is the sort of
queen bee of the community. And of course, she’s the kind of gal who wants
everything in its place and in this way. She is antagonistic towards the
cheerleaders, but – you know – these kind of stories sort of need a villain. And that
villain is very nice. I actually wish the villain had an extra scene at the end because
the character is so wonderful. And speaking of villains/ Now this is a
slight minor spoiler, but I feel that I can talk about it because it’s shown sort of
in the trailers. If you watch the trailer, and then as soon as the movie starts,
you know this is gonna happen to this character. That’s what I can mention it.
I didn’t like that there’s a character that has a face-turn. That’s when someone
is a bad guy and they just become good. And it’s like/ It makes no sense.
It’s unearned. The person pretty much just turns on a dime out of nowhere.
I’m like/ That doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t ruin the movie.
It just doesn’t make any sense. Another thing I didn’t like – and this is a
pet peeve – I hate it when people in movies aren’t wearing their seat belts
when they drive. I try to wash it off. You know. Because it happens so often.
But in this case, the character is learning to drive. The person as far as I can tell
doesn’t even have a learner’s permit yet. He’s driving without the seat belt. And the
person instructing him has her seat belt on. So it’s like/ You want to teach
this person all the right things about how to drive except putting the seat belt on?!
I don’t know how it is in Georgia. I’m pretty sure putting the seat belt on
is standard throughout all the states. And another thing I didn’t like
was the final routine. The final routine is wonderful. But the way it’s edited
and cut is like/ I want to see the routine! And you know/ I don’t really care about
the crowd reactions. I don’t really care about camera sweeps. Just let me see the routine,
especially there’s one member of the group who has a very unique moment
in the routine. Let me really see that. You only see her for a second or two.
I do mean that. “A second or two.” No! Show me the routine! Okay? Fred Astaire,
when he was dancing on screen, he would insist to be shot from head-to-toe.
And I sort of feel that they could have seen the routine more. Fred Astaire said,
“Either the camera dances or I do.” For me as a moviegoer and as someone with
a dance background, I want to watch the routine. All of the routine. Let me see as much
but the routine as I possibly can. Those are my general thoughts.
I do recommend this movie very much, especially since/ If you’ve seen all the
superhero movies and you’re seen just about every other big super
blockbuster thing and want something quiet to watch – maybe with your elders
for Mothers’ Day – yes I definitely recommend Poms. Wonderful. Charming. Sweet. Fun.
Go check it out. And if you have checked it out, let me know what you
thought of movie. Be sure to share whatever comments you’d like in the Comment Section.
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