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Poor Kids Of America (Child Poverty Documentary) – Real Stories

Poor Kids Of America (Child Poverty Documentary) – Real Stories

100 thoughts on “Poor Kids Of America (Child Poverty Documentary) – Real Stories”

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  2. For now: i hope mom is gonna buy chickens (eggs) and seed for vegetables. They have a garden. Hope other people will help with creative sollutions.

  3. Why don't they just stay at the grandma's house? Since she helps them it kind of looks like she is in a better situation. I mean, just so they have a roof, and also it's more comfortable. Well maybe it's a cultural thing, here in Brazil for example my grandma would be the first to offer us her living room so we could stay there until the situation got better, and we wouldn't hesitate to accept it. But I can't judge, we don't know the full story, maybe the grandma can't help that much.

  4. The countries of Latin America believe that the United States is a developed country and almost without poverty, after this report you realize that in all nations there are people with a lot of money, other middle classes and others who have almost nothing.

  5. …poor kids of Bangladesh watch the full video on my channel thank you everyone

  6. It would actually be very easy to provide food and shelter for every person……….. but that would make the wealthy folk relatively less wealthy, and people might start using their stress free time to plot about reducing inequality further…..

  7. Lol….. I bet they are glad knowing the American taxpayers are more interested in sending 3 billion dollars a year to Israel…….

  8. Omg 😲 I was always under the Impression that USA is on the same level as Germany or at least somewhat but let me tell you can’t even compare🙈 just realised I’m pretty thankful to live in Germany

  9. Just make sure you take care of all the ILLEGAL immigrants and their needs before our own citizens – worthless American politicians.

  10. I know but one day things will change. Sometime long. Read books. Optimize your time. I know angry. You do not deserve that

  11. I'm sorry your country have spent billions and billions of dollars ruining the lifes of billions of people all over the world. At least you are not orphans.

  12. Merika: the land of everyone for themselves and the rest can die. With the most important wisdom …. what will it do for me …. And if you are poor, you are entirely to blame for yourself. And each to the doctor even if you have no money, no, the rich said, because I have to pay for that too and I don't need insurance because I just pay it out of my pocket and let them die.

  13. Before government spending billions of money to be super power they should help this innocents people. But still they want to build a best of the military and go to moon!?!! And your people suffering

  14. I wish they had given away the other dog. Its just way easier to find a new home for dogbreeds that don't have such a bad reputation. It's sad and I bet Nala is a very sweet girl. I really hope someone gave her a chance.

  15. This is beyond sad….it makes me cry to think that this a very real sate of affairs for decent and loving people who want so little and have nothing. It will all be to late soon; humans have to be the most greedy self-centred beings in the universe….none of this makes any sense and I am at fault too in my own way…I have so much and what do I give back…time for some self realization if nothing else; big deal I guess what does that help.

  16. 15 millions americans poor…..700 billions on military budget,if you do the math,the result is…Bad Government! !!!

  17. All the days of my life I thought USA (United States of Africa)was a shithole so there is another shithole fake news folks

  18. People suffer, but, virtue signaling, trust fund kids scream for open borders. Perfect example of take care of your own.

  19. To the little girl that said because we are strong, I hope my daughter turns out like yourself. What an amazing person you are. Remember you are not alone. Love to you and your family and all the other families affected by this world

  20. In AMERICA they start getting Jobs at 10 years of age, The lil young Girl have been looking for a job since day to current and to no vail

  21. Any updates on what happened to these kids? I just really hope theyre doing fine. No kids should ever experience life like these.

  22. Omg ! We hawe pore people in Norway too , but not like this . Its not alloved for a child to live like this . of course we have asylum reception, but they have their own refrigerator. opportunity for families. we have social security, so no one can starve. Of course, there are those who choose to spend their money on drugs themselves. But that is its choice. The Get what they need for a home .

  23. My heart goes out to those struggling to get by. Just know that it can and will change, keep the faith ❤️

  24. All I can say if you know someone hungry feed them be a neighbour who cares leave a bag of food at there door say not it

  25. Hollywood profiteers taught rebellions against teachers as entertainment and made huge profits from it. With these students, teachers could not do their job. Well the US lost edges in many fronts against Europeans and some Asian countries.

  26. The basics seems forgotten, is it illegal to buy pots just to plant vegetables at least? Then place it beside the house or on the very wide yards.

  27. Kaylie and her family look so adorable and happy despite their financial situation. I hope they are ok.

  28. Yet they pay actors and actresses millions of dollars for crap movies and they still cry over pay rises … help those who need help !

  29. The wealthy don't give a crap. What we need to do is organize. Back in the day people organized, the Labour union, socialists , and communist groups threaten revolution. Roosevelt tax the 1 percent and saved them from themselves

  30. Trump: "the US, the most powerful nation on earth, …capable of wiping afganistan, iran and north korea in 4 days …. snobbish, racist

  31. My heart goes out to all these families and especially the children who have to suffer like this. Sarah is such a wise old soul. They are all precious little angels.

  32. hehehe from Zimbabwe welcome to the real world americans hahaha thought they say poor people can be found only here in africa hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….. i will contiue typing after i finish laughing

  33. I don't understand how governments can let their kids suffer. I just watched the uk version of this and it was heart breaking. I wish I could do something alone to end it all! But I can't. No one can. We as humans need to work together to help each other.

  34. 2019! anyone?
    I just can't believe this happen in a first world country like the United States of America.

  35. Notice how humble these children are! Respectful and so polite. I really hope their circumstances have/will change. I’m watching from the UK and as a child of poverty I understand

  36. Really puts your own life in perspective. I hope Kayleigh becomes a famous dancer/cheerleader and that Sarah’s life is filled with happiness

  37. Wow such a heart touching doc.
    Sarah is such a pretty brave litle girl.
    Is there a follow up doc ?
    Hope these kids have grown out of this life of poverty.

  38. Now I feel that our India is best country. We also have poverty but people are not senseless here. Thousands of Temples feed poor people everyday and gives charity.

  39. I have ten thousand more than I need and I feel ashamed. iam involved in charity but I know,its not enough. its the whole sistem that doesnt work.-this society sucks sucks

  40. where is decency? whar are we living for thinking about holidays and travels when some people exactly like have to give their dog away?

  41. They won't be poor forever, if they study hard and find a goog job. Then, they'll get the chance to enjoy life better!

  42. Where’s Dad?! Sick to death of seeing this scenario…. the going gets tough and Dad walks away washing his hands of his children. Society is far, far too accepting of this. Absent fathers who contribute nothing should be social pariahs… but people just shrug, and mothers continue to scrape by supporting the kids while Dad’s off doing…..what?

  43. I'm extremely impressed the children value their education and are looking towards their future. Its easy to despair or turn to crime for a short term solution. Credit to the parents.

  44. Sarahhhhhh omg 😂😂
    "If a man throws the first punch and miss u throw the seconds punch and dont miss. And i know where to hit a man where it hurts"


  45. So sad.. The long term concequences of malnutrition are even worse for the kids. It is written in the Bible on how they are oppressing widows and orphans ; GOD SEES ALL AND HE WILL JUDGE those in governments who are responsible for this little ones. Just wait and SEE.

  46. Honestly makes you realize that government interventions to help those in poverty and homelessness is important mostly for the sake of the children who go through their childhood without so many things they need. Those kids saying goodbye to their dog has destroyed me. So sad.

  47. And then you see the obscene wealth of the top 1%. When those filthy rich and giant corporations look at these poor people all they think is "how can we make money off these people and their situation?".

  48. I watched the British one and it’s far worse. The families could barely afford clothes and they had much smaller,damp and mouldy houses

  49. I am sitting here watching this on my computer, sitting by the fire when I've just eaten apple pie.This is extremely eye opening

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