Pranked! 不 The Loud House April Fools’ Interactive Guide | Nick

What’s all this ruckus about? Luan’s on the loose, take cover! Hey! It’s April Fool’s Day in the Loud House, and the prank princess Luan
is planning a Prank-aggedon. Nobody’s safe from that
evil pranking genius. Let’s help the rest of the Louds
find a prank-free zone, so they can survive the prank apocalypse
with the Loud House April Fools Guide. We’ll start with the kitchen. No one would cook up
pranks in here, right? Well, here goes nothing. [groaning] [screaming] Ow! [screaming] I made that dish from scratch. [laughing] Looks like we can scratch that idea. Kitchen’s out. Quick, they need
a new place to hide. The living room? Seems to be your clucky day! [laughing] Negative. The living room
is filled with chickens. I repeat, the living room
is filled with chickens! Back to the kitchen? Aw, look at the Loud family
getting giggly with it! [laughing] Well, this situation is no treat. Back to the living room! I think this is how you kiss a girl. – I think this is how you kiss a girl.
– Ah, stop! Stop! [groaning] Looks like spring is in the air. [laughing] Oh no, we’re stuck in a prank loop.
We need to get out of it. Hurry to the bathroom.
That’s everyone’s safe place. Ah! Ha! [beeping] Uh-oh. [coughing] Towel, towel, towel.
Where’s the towel? [screaming] Don’t give up.
No one likes a critter. [laughing] We’ve experienced
the devastating power of flour. Bathroom’s no good. I know, send them into
the belly of the beast, Luna and Luan’s room. That’s the last place she’d prank, right? [gasping] Peace out. We should have known
that’d be a sticky situation. How about the other bedrooms? [yelling] Lincoln, what’s happening? – Lucy just invited me to your funeral.
– Ow! Is no place safe in this house? There’s one room left,
Lori and Leni’s room. But who’d be crazy enough
to check that out? I volunteer to clear Lori’s room. It was worth it. Lori’s room
smells like apple cinnamon. That might be this pie. We’re running out of places in the house. Maybe the pets know
a secret hiding spot? We shaved the best for last! [laughing] Not even the pets are safe?
Oh, the humanity! Or lack there of. Nowhere in the house is safe. Maybe the garage? Nice tootin’, sis. [laughing] Nope, no good.
We gotta take this outside. Let’s try the front porch. [laughing] [screaming] That idea’s not gonna fly. Front of the house is out. How about the backyard? Happy April Stools! Are those diapers? Just let us in! What a stinky prank. Nowhere on the Loud property is safe. We need to get the family
into Vanzilla. Luan! Dang it, we blew it! The entire Loud house has been
deemed prank threat level red. We need to get them out of here. What if they go to a motel? Luan couldn’t prank them there, right? Hello, family. I hope you’re enjoying your stay. Buckle up, there’s motel-ing
what’s gonna happen next. [laughing] – Get it?
– Ah! What? Even here? Quick, into the hall. Ah, she cut the floor boards! Luna, grab my foot! I’ll pull you to safety with my quads. I can’t, dude. Major gelatin hands! I’m cool here.
Carry on, my wayward sons! Eh, Luan really likes gelatin. Let’s try the lobby. Dibs not! Dang it, I always do it wrong. [screaming] The lobby has been compromised! Maybe a different room? We need a new room. Fine, you can have 1A. Princesses first! [screaming] Rat skunked me. Let’s try a real room. Don’t touch that handle!
Remember what happened to Leni. Hi, you guys! I have an idea. Charge! [screaming] I’m okay! I landed in pie! And of course,
she made it rhubarb pie, which I’m allergic to. Okay, enough.
Luan, you are the prank master. The Louds can’t escape
your prank apocalypse. But in a weird way,
it can bring them together to prank her back! Oh Luan, can you come here please. [screaming] Whoa! We did it, you guys! We finally beat Luan at her own game! [laughing] We did it!
The family is safe, for now. Comment below with your favorite prank. And until the next Loud House
April Fools Guide, watch your back. You may have won this time. But next year I’m gonna stop
going easy on you. [laughing]

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