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Preacher Says Youth Cheerleaders Are PROSTITUTES In Wild Facebook Rant!

Preacher Says Youth Cheerleaders Are PROSTITUTES In Wild Facebook Rant!

A Baptist preacher in Kentucky is facing backlash after an angry video rant where he’s critical of a youth football game. Welcome back to What’s Trending, I’m Martine Beerman. Make sure to subscribe for more stories about people who can’t keep their trap shut. Pastor Ernie Spence was sent into a fit of rage when he saw some kids playing football at Trimble County High School. I know, I too get a bit riled up at a football game. Video: “Wonder why our youths in the shape that theyre’re in. They wonder why drugs are so bad. Fornication. And all sorts of ungodliness. The reason why is because they’re making more effort about this God. Their football God then they are being in the house of God. Spence’s rant seemed directed at those who would spend their Sunday’s watching or playing football instead of going to church. Video: “So whenever your children have got more emphasis on what’s going on in the football field than they do the house of God, and people jumping and cheering up and carrying on like a bunch of Banshee Indians over a kid just running and catching the ball, that’s pure ignorance pure ignorance.” At one point, he even suggests that kids who play football on Sunday will be going to hell Video: “When these children are burning in hell, how do you think you’re gonna feel? but oh boy, junior can catch the ball, and junior could run. Juniors runin’ straight to hell and you don’t care.” I mean, duh Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Richard Sherman, dude, their bags are packed already. They’re ready to go. Tell us something we didn’t know. After the backlash started, spence deleted the video. Though, it’s been re-uploaded by Sarah Oak on facebook but one of the moments from that video that’s upset people the most is Spense’s comment about the cheerleaders. Video: “You think it’s something junior can run and catch a ball, you think it’s something your little girl can dress up like a prostitute? That’s perversion out there. Whenever they shake their pom-poms and shout, and cheer and stuff, you need to get them in the house of god friend.” According to Sarah Oak, the uniform for those cheerleaders is a t-shirt and shorts, and the girls doing the cheerleading are as young as seven years old. Now, it can be reasonable for people to have a gripe or be upset about kids being cheerleaders, but to call a seven-year-old a prostitute. That comment in particular has inspired a wave of negative reviews on Fellowship Baptist church’s Facebook page. Melissa Irwin wrote “I am deeply disturbed by your pastor. He publicly called five-to-six year old children prostitutes for wearing t-shirts and shorts. First, he has no right to judge anyone, he is not God. Second, “pastor” why are you viewing children as sexual objects? And Paula Breeden wrote “I used to think I wanted to go here, but not after seeing your pastor video. So sad. I’ll pray for your church cause no man of God should ever call little girls prostitutes or dog kids for playing sports. He needs to re-find God. Pastor Spence has not addressed the controversy online, instead posting a grab bag of Bible quotes and anti-Mormon memes. Because of course, anytime you’re criticized as an adult for shaming small children, the best way to handle it is with a bunch of memes. But one of the cheerleaders parents, Mitchell Welty messaged Pastor Spence on Twitter and posted an excerpt of their conversation. He responded to Welty “If I didn’t believe it to be correct, I would never have said it. That is spreading the Word of God. I removed the video because I was tired of a bunch of people pinging my phone every 10 seconds. Why don’t you come to church sometime and hear the word preached.” At this point, I have to ask myself, is it the word or is it Pastor Spence’s word? Welty has since had further conversations with pastor Spence who says “his congregation is behind him and he will not be resigning.” But Welty has asked Trimble County to step in and prevent pastor Spence from being able to go to any youth activities or events where children will be present. Coincidentally, Spence has said that he won’t show up at high schools anymore when kids are playing sports. And Welty said he’s still concerned as a father and has expressed trepidation over Spence’s Facebook photos of his guns, which he’s named things like mercy, grace and kindness. What do you guys think? Should the community just let this one go or is there legitimate concern about pastor Spence being around kids? Let us know in the comments and for more trends, head to What’

87 thoughts on “Preacher Says Youth Cheerleaders Are PROSTITUTES In Wild Facebook Rant!”

  1. Ever notice how it's always the old overweight white men who think they know what's best for everyone else?

  2. This is why no one goes to church anymore. Less peeps are watching and caring about football as well. No one really cares about any of this

  3. Well most of what he’s saying is true. Americans particularly in the south worship football a lot more than Christianity. So this pastor feels threatened by that and he should be bc religion is less and less popular even in the south. Obv the whole prostitution comment is just a religious thing. All religious people are hypocrites calling this guy bad for saying that is dumb. If you Christians actually followers your own damn book and didn’t pick and choose what you like from it like a salad bar you’d be doing all kinds of horrendous things. People live their lives how they want and then justify it by picking passages out of the book that they like.

  4. When he said "pure ignorance", I couldn't help but scoff. Some people really think that their religion is the "right" way. When in actuality, it's just a way of life. Im a LaVeyan satanist. I have my own beliefs and they're no more valid than anyone else's.

  5. 7 year old prostitutes .Damn,Take his Practice.He cant be allowed to spread that plague.

  6. I mean he does make a point in a twisted way and obviously from his fundamentalist christian perspective. There are plenty of cases where the community's focus is so much on football and the athlete they try to cover up any rape as if their sporting activity should excuse them for their behaviour or put them above other individuals. I've rewatched his rant many times nowhere does he mention 7 year olds. I suppose at that particular game the cheerleader girls were 7 year olds. But then again if feminists are gonna ban Formula 1 grid girls shouldn't there be outrage that they are preparing young girls to do essentially the same activity. Hell why aren't feminists mad that 7 year old girls and boys aren't playing together ? Before puberty there is literally no excuse for not having mixed football games. Hell in some places in europe they don't split them up sometimes all the way till ages of 16 or 18.

  7. He's right about people worshipping fleeting physical objects. I as an Orthodox Jew agreed in the beginning. But when he said they're going to hell I'm like "Okay, never mind".

    1. People don't go to hell for playing football.
    2. People don't go to hell based on their actions alone. It is also based on who they are, where they're going, the effort involved. (Still NO ONE WILL GO TO HELL OVER FOOTBALL!)

    I believe in hell, but:
    4. Shut up and don't preach to others, I don't CARE if you are a preacher, no one asked you. This wasn't a speech or sermon, it was rant. 2 different things.
    5. Hell should NEVER be used to manipulate people's feelings and should not be approached as a motivator for anything.

  8. He's either attracted to underage girls, or has gone to prostitutes, or both. These are the kind of guys who wind up on To Catch a Predator.

  9. He just sound slike an angry pedophile. Maybe he's mad that kids are away from church because they're safe from this creep.

  10. I mean he is ignorant af, first thing first he could work on his weight problems, second he is accusing kids of being prostitutes, third not every kid is religious and could have different beliefs. Wolf/Wolfie The Furry I agree, he is totally related to Alex Jones. He is just another fat-ass sociopath.

  11. Some of these kids use some crazy type of dresses and perform dances that are too sexually explicit. Technically they might not be prostitutes BUT they are clearly (non intentionally) "promoting" their body.

  12. Probably got no play from cheerleaders in high school as well as no athletic skills and is bitter about it. I know if i was a father of one of those cheerleaders, Ol' Pastor dipshit would be catchin some hands to the face😂😂😂

  13. Wow, just wow at the names of the guns. Violently gags I bet he's one of those church people that brought guns to church.

  14. 3:14 And we should be asking ourselves, is this "what's trending" or "what we want you to think about this"?
    Not defending this man, but think for yourselves people.

  15. Of course he is upset when people stop showing up to church for something else. He is a business man. Football is taking his customers.You can see that he is fighting on the outside what he is fighting within as religious people often do. The only one looking at the kids in a sexual way is him.

  16. Every Sunday when I stay home from church sitting on my bed watching anime and eating Doritos I’ll still be laughing at this video

  17. I don’t like church or football. Rather catch up on 😴 on Sunday. Every Sunday spent relaxing is worth an eternity in hell.

  18. You Sir are Ignorant, You will have some Serious Explaining to do when Judgement day comes, I will be asked, YOU will be Asked, WE ALL WILL BE ASKED FOR ALL WE HAVE SAID THAT GOD NEEDS AN ANSWER FROM US FOR, REMEMBER THAT!

  19. I mean if you believe in God it does make sense to choose God over football. Just don't criticize other people if they don't.

  20. So let me get this straight– football is the gateway to hell?
    Also what's with the gun collection…..
    Apparently he doesn't trust the God he believes in to have his back in case of an emergency.
    Lastly, is God tethered to a church?
    I was told that he's everywhere, so you can pretty much pray to God anywhere you want to without going to a middle man.

  21. Ok he is wrong for that, but the cheerleaders thing I agree with that, I always felt ashamed when I saw women pleasing men instead of playing football or any sport and make achievements. Its so sad that people only came for men and admire what they do and not women who are only there for cheering the players and the audience. They will always be behind men. This little girls should learn something makes them special, something makes the main thing of the event rather than cheering this boys.

  22. I’m a Christian myself I promise you we are not all like this and as Christians we are not supposed to be like this and It’s sad that there are Christians like this

  23. I'm a Christian who loves football and watch the patriots win all the time. Also I support the gay community. Not all Christians are like this wacko.

  24. he should shove Mercy down his throat and pull the trigger. anyone who called kids prostitutes and refusing to apologize are definitely nutjobs.

  25. Yeah I get it. This pastor's a sick man. But more importantly to the bipolar SJWs who can't make up their mind in the comment section saying things like "This pastor's sexist for not allowing girls to cheer in outfits" "Girls shouldn't be cheerleading boys, that's sexist"
    Please refer to this video:

  26. Red flag! Red flag!
    Sanctimonious attitude = projection. He is guilty of something.

    He’s just mad that he can’t touch those little girls.

  27. Hahaha……A terrorist preacher. It is prove that the terrorist in US is mostly Christians. The Christian preacher even has a gun. If this was a Muslim imam, he would be sent to prison. Christians are liars and hypocrites. The church is now a white terrorist training centre where you can learn how to use a gun trained by your man of god, THE PREACHER HIMSELF.

  28. He should film himself sticking a pistol in his mouth and pulling the trigger… that would be FILM WORTHY!!!

  29. He has a good point but there is no love in it. And I see people bring small girls with high heels coming into the church . You can’t accept everything and call it good. Sports have become so important that now women even watch it and know the players names. People in church hallways talk more about sports than God and don’t show up much on big game days so this pastor is right about that dumb game bring too important. Why do they pay players so much and teachers so little? I think teachers should get more than guys who chase a ball. Yes folks, they chase a ball. Why that’s worth 40 mill I don’t know. Too much importance.

  30. These idiotic overweight judgemental republican white men love bad mouthing these girls. Yet it's always them that are the ones caught being pedophile creepers.

  31. I personally know this man. Was what he said right? No. Has he paid for it? Yes. He was kicked out of his church and pretty much had no job. He has officially apologized for this, and has lived out punishment for it. Can we move on?

    Also it's not like he's the only person that said stupid stuff on the internet, that's kinda what the internet is

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