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PRETTYMUCH Talks First Kisses and Crushes | Fuse First | Fuse

PRETTYMUCH Talks First Kisses and Crushes | Fuse First | Fuse

Yo, it’s PRETTYMUCH! (All whooping) And uh, we’re gonna tell you about our first time. Nick, you start. For me, uh, I’m not gonna really talk about my first kiss (laughs). Whoever it happened to,
if you’re watching this, you know who you are, uh, but it happened
in the eighth grade. But my first crush,
believe it or not, uh, it was this girl
(chuckles) Amanda Barber. She probably don’t
even know this, but I always used to talk
about her when I was younger. It was, like, the third grade,
maybe? I don’t know. But she was a cheerleader for
my Pop Warner football team, so I would always get caught,
like, looking at her, like… and everybody’d be like, “Nick,
get your head in the game!” like, “What are you doing? “Put your helmet on,
get on the field,” like, “It’s your time to go.” Everybody-
whoever coached me, they still pick on me
to this day ’cause like, “Yo, he was always checking out “the girls and
the cheerleading squad, “never paying attention
to that football game.” So yeah. I bet. I can so see that. Can I name drop? (laughs) Vienna Peters was
my first crush ever. (laughing, claps) I’mma name drop too.
I’mma name drop too. So, when I was really young,
I grew up with these two girls. They were best friends,
they were my best friends. At first I had a crush on
one of them, her name’s Logan. And then later on I had a crush
on the other girl. Her name is Savannah. So it kinda went
hand in hand. But I never, like, went farther
than friends with them, so… and they’re still my friends
today. Sorry, guys. -Did you kiss them?
-No. -Aww.
-They were just my crushes. Yeah, my first real kiss
was actually… I think crush
was the question. (talking over each other) Crush, or kiss. Or you could say both. My first official kiss
was actually in LA. I was, like,
thinking about doing it the whole movie
we were watching, and then finally,
the credits are rolling and we look at each other
and we’re just like… -Do it!
-(smooch) (laughter evolves
into applause) -It was so cool!
-It was so awkward. It was great.
It was very awkward. (Grunting) When I was in third grade,
I was one of the hall monitors. No way! No, I could just see
a little fanny pack. You’re like a hall monitor
for the kindergarteners, and I was, like,
in third grade. You know, I felt
like a cool dude, and my, like, crush at the time,
she was like, “Hey, I wanna kiss you,”
and I was like, “Me too.” So then, we like,
snuck into the staircase and I was just like, “Okay,
(claps) I’m ready,” and we just (smooches) and I was like,
“(grunts) Gotta do work now,” and then I went back. (laughter) -That’s hilarious.
-That was my first kiss. I can imagine
exactly how it went. He went…
and he just ran. He didn’t say anything else,
just darted out into the hall. I remember the first time
“Would You Mind” dropped. Um… Was there a second time
it dropped? I remember the first time
“Would You Mind” dropped, (light chuckles from all) like, we all whipped out
our phones, played it, and we were just running around the house, like getting it on all our social medias, like Snapchat. We’re pushing each other like,
“Yo! It’s on! Oh my god!” and we were running, and then, like,
after five minutes, we were like,
“Wow. That was amazing.” We were, like, caught off
guard a little bit ’cause we were waiting till,
I thought, like… Midnight. But we forgot that
it comes out earlier- In like four other places, yeah. So then we saw some fan posts and I was like,
(claps) “Yo! It’s out.” I think the coolest part
about it is that we finally got to show, like,
our artwork, and Apple Music. Oh yeah. And we were just like, “Yeah!” We got a whole artist page. You click on us, it’s got
a little header, you know? And one song. (laughing) So we work at professional
studios sometimes, and then we also
have a studio at the house ’cause we live together. We’ll just be like,
“Yo, let’s get in the studio.” This guy’s a crazy producer, so he’s got, like,
beats on beats on beats. And we’ll just get in,
all together, and just throw melodies down,
and all up from there. I think, um, what was
also cool was just, like, the whole creative process
and, like, getting to work with really,
really good writers like Savan Kotecha. It was exciting to see it all, like, come together, and, you know, see the artwork
on iTunes, Spotify… The blue check on Spotify. Yeah. People think it’s hard
’cause it’s, like, 5 people in one room with
a producer and another writer… We also know our place. (ALL)
Yeah. And the fan reaction
was amazing. Yeah, it was super. I was, like, so caught off- and like, the moms of the fans were running up and being like,
“Yo, we really love this song,” “It reminds me of when I was in
high school and driving a…” you know. And I was like, “Yo,
that’s worth it. So tight.” Word.

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