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PRINCE ERIC SAVES ARIEL THE LITTLE MERMAID. (With Mermaids Rapunzel, Belle, Elsa and Jasmine)

PRINCE ERIC SAVES ARIEL THE LITTLE MERMAID. (With Mermaids Rapunzel, Belle, Elsa and Jasmine)

Later in this video.
Something’s not right. I smell something fishy going on.
What should we do? Find Prince Eric.
He will know what to do. Thanks, Dad, for bringing my all friends down
here under the sea for a play date. That’s quite alright, Ariel.
I figure since you can go on land, your friends can come visit us underwater.
I’m afraid Anna and I aren’t very good swimmers.
We’re mermaids now, Elsa. How do you perform such magic?
Simple, Rapunzel. With my magic Trident, I can transport merpeople
to land, and land people down here. I need to get me one of those for my castle.
Lumiere and Cogsworth would love it. Belle, you can’t.
Only the King of Atlantica gets one. That’s right.
Whoever has control over the Trident also has control over all the sea.
Whoever controls the Trident? Well, that should be me.
For the fourteenth millionth time I have to find a way to get rid of Elsa and Anna so
I can become King of Arendelle. I know, if I can disguise myself, I could
get into the castle. And then I can lock Elsa and Anna out and
then I could become King. Hansie poo, you are one side-burns growing
genius. Do you have any fives?
Go fish! Your turn, Rapunzel.
Okay. Do you have any nines?
Yes, here you go. You know, this is the first time I’ve ever
played go fish under the water. Well, next we’ll all get to sing Baby Shark.
Excuse me, do you have any disguises? I want to sneak into…
I mean, surprise a good friend of mine. Why, yes, I do.
But you’ll have to shave off those sideburns first.
What! No!
I’ve had these since I was a wee baby. Don’t take them.
Alright. Then you’ll have to start with this first.
Ugh! If only I could get that Trident away from
that old King Triton. I could control the sea and send those merpeople
up to land permanently. Hahaha.
Hello, I ‘d like to speak to Elsa. Elsa’s visiting Ariel right now.
May I help you? That’s perfect!
She’s already gone. It’ll be a piece of cake to lock her out.
Yes. I’m here to inspect the fireplaces to make
sure they’re still working. I see.
Let me ask my boss if that’s okay. This is working perfectly.
If I fooled him, I can probably fool his boss too.
Hi ya, are you here to inspect our fireplace? Why yes.
I was watching your movie and they look pretty dangerous.
Dangerous? Wait a second.
I… I…
I shaved. I mean.
Oh. The only thing dangerous around here is you.
Guard! Oh man, got outsmarted by pigtails here.
Time to make like a leaf and tree. Boy, that Hans won’t quit.
Didn’t he learn his lesson in the last video? Are you guys ready for lunch?
Are we supposed to eat that? Um, I don’t really like sushi.
Don’t you have a way of cooking it? Of course.
Who do you think invented the microwave? Um.
Since Elsa’s down there, all I have to do is figure out a way she can’t get back up.
Then, I can figure out a way to take care of that little sister of hers.
Oh, Ursula. I know you’re out there.
Ursula. Why Hans, to what do I owe this pleasure?
Listen, I heard that Elsa’s at Ariel’s lagoon right now.
And I need to make sure she can’t get back up on dry land again.
Well, I can’t do that unless I have King Triton’s trident.
Umm. If I can get you the Trident, can you get
rid of Elsa and Anna for good? Yes.
Then I’ll control the seas and you can be King of Arendelle.
It’s too bad the other girls had to go home already.
I know. But we have to do it again sometime.
Ariel, guess what? We were last minute invited to the Princess
Father Royal Ball. All princesses and their fathers are invited.
So fun! When is it?
Tonight! I guess it’s my turn to go home.
Oh, Elsa, I’m so sad that you can’t go. Maybe you could tell some of the other princesses.
It’s okay. Anna and I find our parents in Frozen 2.
Coming to a movie theater near you in November. Here you go Elsa.
Back home. So where is this father daughter dance?
Let’s see. It’s at the castle of the Prince of the
Southern Isles. Haha!
Look at Triton and Ariel. They are so seagullable.
Soon that Trident will be mine. So Anna, maybe we can go next year after our
next movie comes out and we find our parents. Elsa, why do we have to wait so long?
Well, they want our movie to come out at Christmastime. I wish I could go.
My parents are hosting a big poker tournament. Why do they like poker so much?
Because they both have an extra king and queen with them when they play.
Your parents are the King and Queen of Corona. Oh wait.
I get it! My Dad would love to go.
Well, sorry for the short notice. But it is tonight.
That’s okay. We’ll just fly over there.
Where is it? Oh gosh.
I never found out. But if you call Ariel on her shell phone,
she’ll be happy to tell you. Will do.
Thanks for the head’s up. Snow problem.
Huh. The place needs a little fixing up.
At least it has an ocean view. It seems like we’re a little early.
What kind of place is this? Are you here for the Royal Father Daughter
ball? Why yes.
Looks like we’re in the right place. Why have it here?
Wasn’t there a Chuck E Cheese available? This is the home of the Prince of the Southern
Isles. Not some video arcade.
Now, step inside. Oh, sorry sir.
I will need to check your spear. This isn’t a spear.
This is a trident. Well, it doesn’t look like chewing gum to
me. Now hand it over.
You can have it back on your way out when the ball’s over.
Something doesn’t seem right. Hans, the plan is working.
Welcome to the ball. Where is the music?
The food? The other people?
Oh, they’re in the grand hall. Right this way.
This is what you call a grand hall? Could use a coat of paint.
And where are the other Princesses and Fathers? Oh, I think they’re coming right now.
Something’s not right. I smell something fishy going on.
And if anyone knows the smell of fish, it’s us.
Look. Out those bars.
Anyways, now, it’s time to get this thing to Ursula.
Now make sure to have her make good on your promise to turn that pesky Aladdin into a
fish. Come on.
We need to get to my boat. So this was all a trick?
And Ursula’s behind all of it. Why won’t Ursula just come to your place
and get it. This water is part of Atlantica.
And Triton has forbidden Ursula from being it.
So we have to go find an island that’s near the dark sea.
Daddy, there it is! The Southern Isles castle.
Woah, are you sure? It looks abandoned.
There’s only one way to find out. Hello, is anybody here?
I think we’re in the wrong place. We’re here.
Me and my Dad. This way.
Ariel, is that you? Yes, me and King Triton.
Can you open the door? No, it’s locked.
We need to stop them from giving the Trident to Ursula.
What should we do. Find Prince Eric.
He will know what to do. Prince Eric?
Where is he? He’s not far from here.
He will know where Ursula lives. Let’s go.
What could be better than being by the pool with a nice smoothie?
I know what would be better. If Ariel was in the pool.
Is that… Is that a flying carpet?
Eric, ugh. Thank goodness we found you.
Oh hello. Have a seat and I’ll get you a couple of
smoothies. No.
We’re here because of Ariel. She’s trapped.
And we have to stop the bad guys from giving the Trident to Ursula.
If Ursula gets that, she’ll be in charge of the seas.
That’s why we have to hurry! Do you know where that is?
They have to be headed to Ursula’s lair in the dark sea.
Hop on. We’ll take you there.
There it is. Right off that island.
How are we going to lure her to the island? Maybe we can use that boat to go to her.
Wait a minute. I recognize that guy on the boat.
Right there. It’s Jafar!
He must have been one of the bad guys. Where did you say they had Ariel and her Dad?
At Southern Isles Castle. As in the Prince of the Southern Isles?
That Hans from Frozen? It’s time to land this thing.
Yeah, I’ve really never been on a boat before, David.
Boat? I like boats.
Shhhh. Don’t let them hear you.
They are cool. Do we know what this Trident looks like?
Well, um. I’ll Google it.
Oh drats. No cell phone reception out here.
He’s old. So it probably looks like a cane.
Tri-dent. Tri means 3.
There it is. Grab it.
I’ll meet you up top. I don’t remember that rug.
Hmm. Looks familiar.
That’s because it’s mine. Jasmine, what are you doing here?
You have something that doesn’t belong to you.
Jafar, can you take care of them? Let me conjure a potion.
I don’t think so. Missing something?
Hey, give that back. Ursula, where are you?
Hans, where’s my Trident? This guy took it from me.
Prince Eric. Why don’t you stay out of things that don’t
concern you? You’re the last person that should have
this. Jafar.
Hans. Get him!
How doe this thing work? What did he do?
The boat! It’s sinking.
Oh no! We’re going down.
What are we gonna do? Here guys, get on.
Oh, that was close. Next stop, Southern Isles.
Eric, you’re my hero. What happened to the two bad guys?
I don’t think they are that good of swimmers. This is all your fault!
Do any of your plans ever work, Hans? I’m so nervous you guys.
Me too. I mean, I’m good at sailing but cheerleading
is new for me. You know.
Don’t be nervous. Hey, you never know how far you’ll go in
this competition. Am I right?
Yeah, you’re so right, Belle. Which reminds me.
Ready girls? When on three.
1, 2, 3. Go Grizzlies.
Go clean. Vote for us.
Your main team! Woo Hoo!
It’s time to announce the winning team. The winner of this year’s cheerleading regionals
is … Team Princess!
Yay! We won!
OMG, you guys! This is the best day ever.
Come on girls. Let’s get rowdy on three.
1, 2, 3. R-O-W-D-I-E.
That’s the way we spell rowdy. Rowdy!
Let’s get rowdy! Woo!
R-O-W-D-I-E. Boo.
Give me a break. Their cheers are terrible.
Recount! Ugh!
Congratulations and pack your bags. Because you princesses are going to compete
in Nationals next week in Los Angeles. And the winning team of the National Cheer
Competition gets a trip to Disneyland and $10,000!
Yay! $10,000 and a trip to Disneyland?
Not if I have anything to do with it. Hey, it’s me.
How would you like two tickets to Disneyland and some money?
Gather your two best dancer cheerleader friends and meet me in Los Angeles on Tuesday.
I’ll take care of the rest. Hahaha.
You guys, we made it to Los Angeles. I’ve always wanted to travel here.
Me too! Oh!
Oh my gosh! Look you guys.
It’s the Hollywood sign. We’re here!
Wow! Wait.
That reminds me of a cheer. L-A.
L-A. We are here.
L-A. L-A.
Came to cheer! L-A.
L-A. With our friends.
L-A. L-A.
Hope to win. Go Princesses!
Well, as much as much as I’d love to stay and look around, it’s almost time for practice.
And we have a strict appearance time. Remember?
Yeah, let’s go. I can’t wait to see who we’re competing
against. Me too!
Oh, look you guys. Look, it’s a cute little kitty cat.
Oh, she is cute! But there’s no time to waste.
Come on, Rapunzel. Come on, girls.
It’s cheer time. Bye kitty.
We’ll come visit you later. I promise.
Ugh! Where is he?
I told him to meet me here. Hello, peasants.
Please no photos. Unless you get my good side.
Hahaha. What are you doing?
This is Hollywood babe. This is how the big timers roll.
You dig? No, I don’t dig!
Where are the dancers I told you to bring? Oh, here they come now.
Ladies, ladies. Hold the applause, please.
Sorry, no autographs. What are these two doing here?
You asked me to bring people. So I did.
Now, where are my Disneyland tickets. No!
I asked you to bring me the best dancers and cheerleaders that you know.
What am I supposed to do with these two dodos? Hey, I resent that!
Wait! What is a dodo?
My point exactly. Listen, a deal’s a deal.
Now, hand over the tickets. No way.
I’m trying to win a competition here. Now, listen these are the best cheerleaders
I know. Mostly, because I don’t really know any
cheerleaders. Which makes them the best.
Hahaha. Ugh!!!
Cool your jets. They’ll be fine.
Just watch. Cheer.
Cheer. Yes, we can.
Cheer. Cheer.
Yes, we can. Cheer.
Cheer. I drive a van.
I’m a … Man?
That’s it. We’re doomed.
Kiss your tickets and my money good bye. Wait!
There’s money involved? Hello there, cheer enthusiasts.
Welcome to the 46th National Cheer Leading Competition.
This year we have upped. The cheering stakes.
Uh! OMG, you guys.
It’s starting. Oh my gosh.
Look, there’s cameras everywhere. Do you think they’re filming the competition?
That’s right. We’re broadcasting this competition around
the nation. Make sure you watch ‘em practice.
Make sure you watch ‘em cheer. Make sure you vote for the winning squad national
this year. Okay, let’s welcome are two winning teams.
Shall we? All the way from a small provincial town in
France, Corona, Motanui, Scotland, Arendelle and more…
Welcome Team Princesses! Woo!
Okay, ready girls. We are the princesses.
We can’t be beat We’ve got the powers to knock you off your
feet! Woo!
Nice, ladies. Off to a great start.
Now let’s check in with our second team all the way from Troll Village.
Huh? Well, it looks like there’s been a correction.
Traveling all the way from Agrabah, The Southern Isles, The Enchanted Forest and France.
Let’s here it for Team Villain. Uh-hum.
Cheer. Right now.
A – cheer, cheer. That’s what we do.
We’ve got spirit. How about you?
A – yeah. What he said.
Hi, Mom. Woo!
Go! Fight!
Win! Wow!
That was something. Well, we better let get back to practicing.
We’ll check back in with our teams later to see how their practices are going.
Wait a minute. We’re competing against the villains?
I should have known Gaston would try to pull something like this.
That guy. I can’t believe they’re trying to cheat
their way through this competition. That’s okay, girls.
Did you see their cheer? We’ve got nothing to worry about.
Let’s do this. All we have to do is practice and we’ll
win. Hands down.
Snap out of it, Jafar. Look, we need a game plan.
If we’re going to win, we need a plan. Well, you know, before any strenuous workout
I always stretch and eat five dozen eggs. No, you, pea brain!
A plan to win the cheer competition. Since you fools didn’t come prepared.
We’re going to have to win the old-fashioned way.
By cheating. Now, bring it in for a huddle.
Hahaha. Okay, are
you ready girls? I say we practice the dance portion first
since we’re all stretched out. Let’s go live shall we.
It seems the Team Princesses are going to do a quick run through.
Let’s check in on them and see how it’s going.
So, did you do it? Yes, I did.
But I won’t feel great about it if my little belly button gets hurt.
Relax. It’s just a little butter on the floor.
What’s the worst that can happen. Okay, in 5, 6, 7, 8.
Princess Pride. We’re here to win.
Woah! My feet are slipping.
Whoa, Princess Pride. Here we go.
Woah! We’re sliding all over the place.
Woah! Um.
Princess Pride. Born to win.
More like Princess Pride. Born to slide.
Am I right? Am I?
Hahaha. You butter believe it.
Woah, woah. Haha.
Alright, quick Jafar. You know what to do.
Aw, yes. Turning up the heat on stage 2 only.
Haha. It’s going to be hotter than Agrabah in
here. Haha.
Hmm. Alright.
What do you say we check in with Team Villain? Ready?
Hit it. Sorry.
They say I’m trouble. They say I’m bad.
They say I’m evil. That makes me glad.
Rotten to the core, core. Rotten to the core.
Rotten to the core, core. Who could ask for more?
Princess Pride. We’re here to win.
Whew! Wait.
What was the rest of it? I can’t think.
It’s so hot. Are you guys hot?
Like, really hot? I’m burning up.
Hahaha. Look at them sweating.
This is too good. Princess Pride getting too heated.
Princess Pride about to get defeated. Haha.
Oh, burn. Go Villains!
Haha. The cold may not bother you anyway, Elsa.
But this heat is seriously bothering me. That’s it, Merida.
What if I make things a little bit cooler in here?
We’re the best. We can’t be beat.
Turn up the cool and down the heat. Drats!
That darn ice queen thinks she can just lower the temperature, does she?
Did you just say mice queen? Whoa.
Look at me. I’m a mice queen.
No, you fools. I said ice queen.
Clean your ears out. No, no.
It totally sounded like mice queen. Oh, you want mice, do you?
Quick Gaston. Release this box of mice all over the gym.
Wait! What?
You heard her. Now do it.
Haha. What are you laughing at?
You can go with him. Yuck.
I hate rats. Give me a P.
P. Give me an R.
R. Rrr.
Rats. Wait, what happened to Belle?
Rats! Rat!
Haha. You guys were just as scared.
Are you okay? I’m so sorry, you guys.
I didn’t mean to run out of there. I just hate rats.
They really freak me out. Me neither.
How’re we going to go back in there and cheer for the competition?
I got it. Remember that kitty we saw earlier?
I say we go get her and bring her to the gym. Great idea, Rapunzel.
But can we do it tomorrow? Practice is wrapping up.
And I’m exhausted from all the practicing. Totally.
We’ll come back tomorrow with fresh minds and fresh energy.
And we’ll knock the villains out of the competition.
Haha. I can’t believe they just ran out of here
like little scaredy kats. I hate rats.
They give me the hebegebees. I want my mommy.
I can’t believe you’re scared of a few measly rodents.
Measly? Have you seen the teeth on those things?
If you’re not quiet, I’ll turn you into rodents.
Look, tomorrow we need to dial it up. If I’m going to win tickets to Disneyland,
I need you to bring your A game. If you’re going to win?
Um. Hm.
Hm. If I’m going to win.
If you’re going to win. You know what I mean.
It’s just an expression. Okay.
Tata. I’ll see you tomorrow.
Come on, Belle. Coming.
Good news, you guys. I got her!
Who’d you get? This cat we saw yesterday.
Rapunzel gave me a great idea. She should be able to scare those pesky rats
away. No problem.
And she’s so cute. That’s great!
Uh! You guys, we have a problem.
Oh no. What’s wrong now?
Well, you see the rental car that we’re supposed to take to the cheer competition…
It won’t start. And worse yet.
I found this note. Let me see.
Dear Princess Punks, sorry your car won’t work.
Better luck next year. Looks like you’ll just have to forfeit the
competition. Love, Team Villains.
I can’t believe they’d sabotage us like this?
Uh! Well, what do we do now?
Uh, I know. We could swim.
I don’t think my cat friend here is going to like that so much.
I have an idea. Hold on.
When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?
Genie speaking. Oh, hey, Elsa.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
What? No way!
Jafar and them did what? Say no more.
I’m sending magic carpet ASAP! Thanks, Genie!
Look, there it is. The cheer competition.
I see it. Alright, girls.
Hang on tight. We’re going in for a landing.
Welcome back to the 46th National Cheerleading Competition.
Today is the final day of our competition. Where we’ll see both of our teams competing
in the finale. Let’s check in with these guys.
Jafar, it’s roll, roll, back down, down. No, no.
It’s roll, roll, up, up. No, it’s the…
Ugh! That guy eats too many eggs.
Must have high cholesterol. Team Villain looks to be spirited.
Let’s say. Let’s check in on Team Princess and see
how they’re doing. Well, that’s not good.
It seems like Team Princess may be a no show. If they don’t show up to the gym in time,
they may have to forfeit the competition. Woo!
We’re here. We’re here.
Yeah, we’re ready to go. Here kitty, kitty.
Now, go do your thing. Doesn’t she look so cheerful today, my little
Belle pepper? What?
The Princesses? How could they?
Looks like your little car prank didn’t work out so well, Malif.
The name’s Maleficent. And fine.
If they think they can outdo me, then they have another thing coming.
Uh-oh. I’ve seen that face before.
And I like it. Alright, it’s finally time for the final
cheer performance. Team Princess is up first.
Alright, girls. Here we go.
In 5, 6, 7, 8 … Sorry, princesses.
Let’s see you cheer in the dark. Haha.
Um, guys. I can’t see anything.
Me neither! What’re we going to do.
Wait! Merida, do you have your bow and arrow on
you. Yeah, of course.
I never leave home without it. Why?
Can you aim it for the circuit breaker and turn the lights back on?
I can try. I mean…
It’s pretty dark in here. Here goes nothing.
Maleficent! Watch out!
Aye, caramba! You did it.
Woo Hoo! Great job, Merida.
Sorry about that technical difficulty. Now that the lights are back on, let’s go
on over to Team Princess with their final performance.
5, 6, 7, 8… Princess Pride we can’t be beat.
Clap your hands and stomp your feet. Princess Pride we bring the fun.
Sorry villains we’re number one. Princess Pride.
Hear our cheer. Vote for us.
We’re champs this year! Woo!
The crowd is going wild! Great job.
Now, let’s go on over to Team Villains. Uh.
Wake up. Maleficent.
It’s okay, guys. We got this!
Give me an H. H!
Give me an A. A!
Give me an, uh … N. N!
Wait a minute. Are you trying to get us to spell out your
name? Oh!
You always make it about you. Well.
Well. Give me a Gas.
Gas! Give me a ton!
It’s me. Gaston.
Boo! Well, this is just embarrassing!
I’ve made the unanimous decision. The crowd has chosen Team Princesses as your
national cheer champions! Woo Hoo!
Are you guys ready for my favorite class of the day?
It’s art class time. Look what I’ve been working on.
Rapunzel, you’re such a good artist. You always know how to draw a crowd.
That’s hilarious, Cinderella. Oh, Oh!
Do you know how artists grade each other? How?
Yellow! Okay, okay guys.
I get the picture. Wait a second.
Where’s Miss Easel? It’s been awhile.
Maybe we’ll have a sub. Hopefully, its Genie with all of his magic
markers. Even better….
Wait. Who said that?
I’d know that voice anywhere. Hello, princesses.
Welcome to art class. I will be your substitute teacher today.
Oh my gosh! Fairy Godmother!
It’s so good to see you. Hi Cindy.
Hi girls. I’m so thrilled to be here today.
We are going to have a magical time. Oh!
Do you have magic markers? Yeah.
Genie gave us these magic markers before. And whatever we drew came to life!
Well, I don’t have any magical markers for you.
But we are going on a magical field trip to an art museum.
The bus is outside. I’ll meet you there.
Snow excited! Let’s go.
School field trip, eh? To an art museum?
Well, I think I’ll crash this little art party.
After all, everyone says I make a good artist. I’m sketchy.
Shady. And I’m great at framing people.
Haha. This is so cool.
There’s so much art. I know.
Wait. Didn’t Fairy Godmother say she would meet
us here? Yeah, she should be here any….
Bibbidi, Bobbidi, boo. Are you looking for me?
Oh, F, G. You’re hilarious!
F, G. Fairy Godmother!
I like that! Are you already to experience some magic art?
Yes. But, wait.
What’s magical about it? This just seems like a normal museum.
Maybe at first. But this is actually a museum of magic art.
Oh! Wait.
What does that mean? All of the paintings are actually windows
into other worlds. All of you will pair up and choose which world
you want to visit. Oh my gosh!
That’s snow amazing. Also to make things more fun.
Each painting contains a golden key. Once you find the golden key you’ll be transported
back to the museum. And we’ll all share about our magical, artistic
experiences. How do we get into the paintings?
Easy. All you have to do is say the magic words.
Bibbidi, Bobbidi, boo. Just remember.
The triple B from your old F, G. Whoa!
Let’s do it. Elsa, do you want to be my partner?
You know it. Aurora, want to be partners?
Yeah. If the shoe fits!
And you know what that means. Time for classic Anna, Belle mess around.
Yeah! Have fun princesses.
Take your time. Just not all day.
If I’m here ‘till midnight, I’ll turn into a pumpkin.
Tu, tu. Bye.
Okay, are you guys ready? Yeah.
Let’s do it. Man, there’s so many cool paintings to choose
from. Hmm.
Look at that one. It’s a detective painting.
That could be fun. We could solve a mystery.
Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Bibbidi, bobbidi, boo.
Whoa! Now, what are you two dames doing in an office
like mine? Sour patch?
No thanks. Trying to cut out the sugar, sugar.
Plus, we got bigger fish to fry. Woah!
Why am I talking like this? I don’t know.
Listen you. We heard you were the bees knees.
So we came straight to you. We’re two girls Friday looking for a Monday.
We’re here to solve crimes by dinnertime. And we heard, you’re the detective to team
up with. Now, I didn’t know what to think.
These two blondes came into my office like they stepped right out of a fairytale book.
But I needed to get a case solved. And I could use their help.
Let’s do it. So here’s looking at you kid.
What do you think, Aurora? None of these are jumping out at me yet.
What about this field of flowers? Wait!
Are those fairies in the field? Come on.
Look closer. It is.
Let’s go. Bibbidi, bobbidi, boo.
Oh my gosh! Cindy, we’re in Pixie Hollow.
And we look like fairies. And you both look very good if I do say so
myself. What a second.
Are you Tinkerbell? That’s me.
Tink for short. And I must say you both look flitterifick.
Flitterifick? Yeah.
That’s how we pixies saw terrific. Tinkerbelle, you look just like Fairy Godmother.
She’s teaching our art class right now. Oh yeah.
She’s my cousin. Man, I could really use her help right now.
What happened? Captain Hook has stolen all of our pixie dust
so none of the pixies can fly. That’s horrible.
Don’t worry. We’re here.
We can help you. We have to find Captain Hook.
And if I know him, he’s on a ship looking for Peter Pan.
Let’s go. Follow me.
Following the leader. The leader.
The leader. Oh, what?
What? Dragon.
Anna, it’s just a picture of a dragon. See.
He actually looks really nice. Haven’t you seen How to Train Your Dragon?
They’re so cute. Oh, yeah.
I guess it’s not so scary after all. Let’s go in and see if we can ride them
like they do in the movie. Okay.
Let’s do it. It’s gonna be fun.
Bibbidi, bobbidi, boo. Belle.
Belle. Belle.
Oh my gosh! Where are you?
Oh, she must have been taken by the dragons. Woo hoo!
Belle. Where are you?
Anna, I’m up here. What?
Oh, my sandwich. You’re riding a dragon.
I sure am. Hop on.
This is amazing! We’re so high up.
This is perfect. With Belle out of the picture.
Or into the picture. That leaves dreamboat Prince Eric up for grabs.
Now. I just need to make sure she stays there.
Darkest power. Take on my foes.
Take this painting and seal it closed. Haha.
Perfect! Now, they’ll be stuck in that painting forever.
Haha. Well, you get the picture.
Ah ha! Now, its time to see you this bank robber
really is. Ah ha!
It was the dame who worked in the bank in the first place.
I never saw it coming. If it was a snake, it would have bit me.
And I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling detectives.
It’s off to the big house for you, Miss Bank Robber.
Thanks ladies. Here.
Take your reward. A gold coin?
Whoa. It’s the golden key.
This must be it. Well, Mr. Detective, it was fun solving crimes
with you. And just like that the blondes were gone.
But they learned a valuable lesson. Always carry a frying pan and let it go.
But not the frying pan. Not literally.
It’s a metaphor. Give us the pixie dust, Hook.
In your dreams. And look.
They’re tiny. Like little ants.
Afterall this is Neverland. And we’re never gonna give you the pixie
dust. Haha.
Wait. What’s that sound?
Sounds like ticking. Oh no!
Not again! Smee, to the lifeboat!
Ah, ha. Nice work, ladies.
Nice work you! Smart thinking using your alarm clock to make
them think that was the crocodile. I can’t believe you always bring that with
you. Oh, yeah!
I have to. When I take a nap, I can sleep for ages.
Let’s try this out, ladies. Are you ready to fly?
All you need is faith, trust and pixie dust. Well, Tink.
This is amazing. Or as you would say, flitterifick.
I’m so glad you girls are having fun. You can come to Pixie Hollow any time you’d
like. Wait a second.
Can I see that pixie dust bag? Here you go.
You found it! Well, we’ve got to get back.
Bye Tink. Bye ladies.
Belle, we’re going so fast this is crazy. We’re on fire.
But not literally though, I hope. Oh my gosh!
It looks like we’re going in for a landing! Woah!
Thanks Fluffy. Fluffy?
He just seems like a Fluffy. Look.
Anna. Golden dragon egg.
Oh, and look. The key.
We should be home any second. Bye Fluffy.
This was fun. Um.
Why aren’t we being transported yet? I don’t know.
Something must be broken. Hello?
Anyone out there? So princesses, how was your magical, artistic
experience? So fun.
We got to fly like fairies. And take on Captain Hook.
We were detectives. And solved a mystery.
Wonderful. And what about you, Belle?
Anna? Belle?
Anna? Where are they?
Oh, you don’t need to worry about them anymore. Maleficent!
What did you do to our friends? Well, they seemed so keen to go to dragon
world. And as a dragon myself, I figured they would
love it so much they would want to stay forever! What?
No! You stopped them from getting out of the painting!
I sealed the gap. They’ll never get out now.
Sorry ladies. Guess you’ll have to find two new princess
friends to pal around with. Haha.
Fairy Godmother. You have to do something.
That’s my little sister and my best friend! Oh, I’m sorry ladies.
I was hoping it would work. But unfortunately, Maleficent’s magic is
stronger than mine. We need someone more powerful to help break
the spell. Who do we know that’s more magical?
Wait! I have an idea.
Hello. Beast here.
Sorry, Prince Adam. Gosh, it is just so hard to get used to this
name change. Hey Adam.
It’s Elsa. Oh hey, Elsa.
Are you guys having fun on your field trip. Well, you see, that’s the thing.
We were having fun. But then Maleficent showed up.
And she trapped Belle and Anna in a painting. Oh my gosh!
How did they get stuck in a painting? Long story.
But we need somebody very magical. And I kind of thought you might know someone?
Oh, wow. You mean her?
I think it’s our only hope. Oh hey.
It’s me. Prince Adam slash Beast.
Remember how we’re cool now. I need a favor.
Hang on guys. If you can hear us.
Help is on the way. Hello.
Wait. Anna, did you hear that.
Yeah! Oh, it sounded like our friends.
Help! Help!
We can’t get back! Help!
We’re here. Uh!
I hope he gets here soon. Me too!
Sorry ladies. I came as soon as I could.
And I brought the most magical person I know. Oh, hello, Adam.
Now that Belle’s out of the picture. I figured that me, you, we could get out of
here and go grab a milkshake or something. I’m sorry, Maleficent.
Belle is the only one for me. Well, sorry.
But she’s stuck in that painting forever. And who’s that old hag?
Don’t be deceived by appearances, Maleficent. Beauty is found within.
I call it like I see it. Go on.
Shoo, Hag. I have a date to go on.
What’s happening. You messed with the wrong enchantress, Maleficent.
Uh! We’re back.
What happened? Maleficent tried to trap you guys in the painting.
Elsa thought to call Prince Adam. Who brought the most magical person he knows.
Thanks so much, Enchantress. You’re the best!
Wait. You said Maleficent.
She’s not here. Oh yeah.
She’s gone. Let me out of this painting!
Come on princesses. Ugh!!!
Oh why, Maleficent. I think you look picture perfect.
Haha. Someone let me out.
I’ve been framed.

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