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Pro Athletes That Aren’t Nearly As Rich As You Thought

Pro Athletes That Aren’t Nearly As Rich As You Thought

Pro athletes can make a fortune through contracts
and endorsements, but managing that wealth requires a skill set unto itself, and certain
pros have definitely needed more practice pinching pennies. Here are some world-class athletes who are
poorer than you thought. Lindsey Vonn has won multiple Olympic medals
and claimed plenty of top titles in her journey to becoming one of the greatest skiers of
all time. She also has a high profile off the slopes,
having appeared on a number of talk shows. So considering all that, it’s a little surprising
to learn that the now-retired Vonn has a relatively small fortune, at reportedly just $6 million. “Getting paid through ski racing is very,
very difficult. It’s a very steep pyramid. If you’re not in the top five or 10 in the
world, you’re struggling.” Vonn has actually made a significant amount
of her money via endorsement deals with the likes of Red Bull, Rolex, and Under Armour. She’s revealed that she hopes to get female
ski racers more publicity while giving them the push and the platforms that they need
to make more money than they do through competitions only. Claiming her first Grand Slam tennis title
by beating the iconic Serena Williams at the 2019 U.S. Open proved that tennis star Bianca
Andreescu has the potential to continue to win no matter who she faces in the future. She can thus also look forward to potentially
earning a formidable fortune. And the funds that she will earn from her
time on the court will surely be just a fraction of the amount that she’ll make via endorsement
deals. She’s already sponsored by major brands like
Nike and BMW, and she’s expected to ink even more money-making contracts down the line. However, despite all of that, it’s reportedly
estimated that Andreescu only has $4 million to her name as of November 2019 That’s largely
due to her U.S. Open win, which netted her $3.85 million. She’s maintained a focused attitude as her
earning potential has gone up, and she credits her parents for keeping her humble and supported. “They’ve always told me to dream big, and
that’s what I’ve been doing, so I can’t thank them enough.” Landing flips and rolling across the mats
doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be landing a fortune and rolling in dough. Just ask Simone Biles. Despite being the most decorated female gymnast
in history and branching out on the likes of Lip Sync Battle and Dancing with the Stars,
she’s estimated to be worth only $2 million. Fortunately for her bank account, she’s also
locked down her fair share of endorsement deals, including contracts with Hershey’s,
Nike, and Kellogg’s. Fittingly, you can find her name on gymnastics
leotards from GK Elite Sportswear, and she’s been known to rock some Beats by Dre Powerbeats
Pro earphones while twisting and flying through the air. Thankfully for Biles, she has the kind of
financially-minded motivation that keeps her earning and prevents her from overspending. “I have a fear of going broke.” “And does this fear, is this every day, you
wake up, like, I don’t want to be broke?” “Yes!” After retiring from Major League Baseball
in 2001, Jose Canseco is still one of the most recognizable names in the world of baseball. However, he now has a net worth of reportedly
just $500,000 despite the tens of millions he earned over the course of his career. Maybe that’s one reason why he’s been playing
in independent baseball leagues into his fifties, including a three-game stint with the Frontier
League’s Normal CornBelters in 2018. Since his MLB days, Canseco has tried to boost
his bank account by stepping into the realm of reality TV, with appearances on the likes
of The Celebrity Apprentice and the Esquire Network’s This Is Mike Stud. He’s also tried his hand at celebrity boxing,
though that ended in a breach of contract lawsuit after he sent his twin brother Ozzie
to fight in his place. Perhaps all of this is why in 2005 he decided
to sell his 2000 World Series ring, among other treasures. In 2008, he told Inside Edition, “You know my life, this financial thing, is
a very complicated issue.” That’s surely putting it mildly. Sheryl Swoopes was one of the most dominant
forces in the early years of the WNBA, earning multiple MVP awards and championships. In 1995, she signed a signature shoe deal
with Nike, becoming the first woman to do so. Despite this, she didn’t end up becoming a
billionaire like fellow Nike spokesperson and basketball legend Michael Jordan. Instead, she filed for bankruptcy in 2004
with over $1 million in debts. She’s now estimated to be worth just $200,000. Apparently, being one of the best basketball
players around doesn’t mean that earning a fortune is going to be a slam dunk. While Swoopes may not have the biggest personal
budget, she at least seems to have a grasp on how to responsibly manage funds. In October 2019, she had the good sense to
seek assistance by tweeting, “I need a little help. I am in need of someone in the Houston area
who can help me with some financial services for my nonprofit. Any suggestions?” We suggest that other athletes follow Swoopes’
example and find their own financial professionals to work with. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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  1. Andreescu is 19 and has barely started her pro career though. And the WTA site has her career prize money at 6.5 million.

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