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Prom Girl in Beautiful Dress How to Draw People – Cartoon Tutorial | Fun2draw

Prom Girl in Beautiful Dress  How to Draw People – Cartoon Tutorial | Fun2draw

Hey everyone! This is Mei Yu, the creator of Fun2draw. Some of you viewers have been waiting for a cute prom girl in a beautiful dress So here you go! It’s gonna be Fun2draw her! First, I’m gonna start with a nice “bean” shape for her face. Just like in my other “how to draw people” videos. There’s a cute little ear. And because she is at the prom, she’s going to be wearing some nice jewelry. So I’m gonna add a nice dangling earring, like that. And a little bit on this side. Let’s draw a tiny nose, and a cute little smile. And now I’ll add those big Fun2draw eyes. Ok, so there’s the big pupil in the eye, and to make the eye look shiny, I’ve added a highlight on top there. Let’s get the shading done. And let’s get some nice, long eyelashes. There we go! She’s got some nice mascara on. Let’s go into the other side here. Okay, let’s get some killer eyelashes on this side as well, there we go. And maybe she’s wearing some blush, so let’s draw some rosy cheeks… and some nice eyebrows! Ok, as for her really nice, fancy hairstyle, I’m going to draw a big curve, like this, going around the head, and I’m going down towards the ear. And on this side, I’m going to draw a wavy line I’m going to repeat that, so it’s going to come towards the ear, er, sorry, towards the eye. And now this side will come towards the ear like that. And let’s draw a bunch of these wavy lines and curves. Just fill up all this big space. And of course, the more curves and lines you draw, the more layered the hair’s gonna look like. Ok, so there’s one part of her hair. I’m going to draw the other side like this. It’s going to come around, and, it’s going to taper into a nice point, like that. And these lines are also great if you want to give your character some streaks or highlights in her hair. Okay. So we’ve got her awesome hairstyle all drawn. If you want your girl to be the “Prom Queen”, you can add a cute little crown, just like that, on top, with some nice jewels. And here comes her awesome ponytail, with some more lines, just to break it up. Okay, so once we have her nice hairstyle all drawn, I’m going to draw a cute little body. So there’s a cute little hand. She’s got a little bracelet on. And her waist is going to taper in. I’m gonna draw a little “V” shape for her dress. And add a little jewel on top, too. Ok, so here’s her arm. And as for her beautiful dress, I’m going to draw the bottom part kinda like a fan shape, or a triangle. And you can add as many layers as you want, I’m going with two… followed by some cute little jewels or sparkly beads on the dress. Okay, we’re almost done drawing this cute prom girl! And after you’re done drawing this, you can go to my Fun2draw channel on Youtube, where you’ll see hundreds of my other cute drawings, including my movie star, or singer! There you go! One of my highlights of the day is reading all of your awesome comments on my Fun2draw videos. I really feel lucky to have such wonderful viewers and fans! Thank you so much for all the support, everyone. I’ve got new Fun2draw videos coming every Thursday and Saturday. Please subscribe here so you won’t miss any new ones. And go ahead, and choose another video to continue watching.

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  1. OMG IM YOUR #1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you r vids I subsibe all of them .I think your a profisonal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. can you draw a prom queen with a prom King from your number one fan not that other girl I love your drawing so much

  3. Hey Mei Yu I am a 46 Year old girl, and I am an artist now because of you, thank you so much for inspirering me to draw.

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  8. Lots of girls in my class watch your videos and I recomended to other people. They all LOVE your drawings and I subscribed. Thank you

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