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Questa è la Vita – Film Completo Full Movie Pelicula Completa by Film&Clips

Questa è la Vita – Film Completo Full Movie Pelicula Completa by Film&Clips

SUCH IS LIFE Are we going? I’ve been ready for a half hour.
I’m waiting for you. Start with the sound, then the visual.
– OK. OK, just like in rehearsal.
You know the pauses by now. Starting! Film, in some of its
most characteristic stories, takes from life elements
of truth to represent fiction. Thus, we have on the screen:
workers, fishermen, teachers, etc. Sometimes their characters are depicted
with a remarkable truth and authority. They represent themselves. Fortunia Film wanted
to switch this around.. and has given to directors and
professional actors, an author.. who has written from life and for life. Above all, for the teachings
which can be taken from it. “Such is Life” is a film with
its lights, shadows and teachings taken from four novellas
of Luigi Pirandello. “The Jar” tells us that common
sense is preferable to squabbling. “The Fan”..
“The Fan” is a hymn to life. It is made up of charming,
vain, foolish things. “The Certificate”. “The Certificate” shows that superstition
when carried to excess is like a plague. I said when carried to excess. “The Tight Tailcoat”.
Well, you’ll see.. and each will draw his own conclusions agreeing that, “Such is Life”. THE JAR Blessed Virgin! Trisuzza! Trisuzza, the clothes!
– Why are you yelling so? A storm is coming!
It’ll rain! Hurry! You’re not glad?
It hasn’t rained in 3 months! The clothes! Get them!
The storm’s about to burst! The harvest! What’ll the boss say?
If it rains, he’s going to give me hell! Who’s singing? Shut up and hurry!
Can’t you see it’s going to rain? What’s eating you?
– I hope it does rain! If Don Lolò goes to the window and
hears you singing, how mad he’ll be! You can’t even sing around here!
– Damn, the manure! Shut up! You have to come now!
What can you do now with this weather? Unload it.
– The boss expected you this morning. The manure needs better timing.
A storm’s coming! – Boom! Trisuzza! Trisuzza! Yeah, let’s go flirt now! Don Lolò! Don Lolò! I’ve come to tell you
the donkey’s arrived with the manure. At this hour?
In this weather? Right down! Come and
get the lawyer’s suitcase! Don Lolò, may I have a word?
– What is it? Don’t leave it out there, bring it in!
– No! No! A hundred times no! It must stay there!
– But with this wind and the storm! Damn, you want to drive me crazy!
– Don Lolò! The jar! May I, counselor?
– Ah, good, it’s you! Take my suitcase and take it to the car. Is it ready?
– Yes, it is. Does your lordship really want to leave
in this bad weather? It’s gonna rain. I’m leaving even if
it were the Second Flood. Oh, my head is pounding. Go! The doctor prescribed
me a little country air and like a fool,
I accepted your master’s invitation. I’ve been down here for three days
and all I heard was about that jar! I know! He never lets it rest.
– Do you know what’s this jar like? It’s huge! As big as a man!
It looks like an abbess. – Really? And he says they ripped him off,
that it’s too small.. that he wanted it bigger.
– Bigger? Impossible! I can’t stand your master anymore.
I’m outta here! – Counselor! You hear him? No way!
Come on, let’s go. Let’s go! Counselor!
– He’ll be right down in a sec! I’ve never been fooled by anyone! You put the bags when and where I say!
And now that it’s raining, you can’t! I’m unloading then I’m leaving!
– Ntoni! Try it! – Ntoni!
– You know what this is? A prayer book.
– It’s the law code and it’s clear! I’ll report you, got it?
– Do what you want! You ordered 5 loads of
manure and I brought it! There’s the law! Let’s hear the lawyer!
– Be still! Counselor! Counselor!
You be the judge! This idiot comes with five donkeys
to deliver a load of manure. A storm’s coming and he threatens..
– It’s not true, Counselor! I didn’t threaten anyone! – Leave the
lawyer alone. He’s here for me, not you! He’s ignorant, he won’t let me speak.
It’s going to rain soon and he threatened to dump the manure.
– And if it doesn’t rain? Not rain! – No, no, come with me.
You’re wrong. You’re wrong. What happens now? Why am I wrong? – Because he delivered
the manure on the agreed day and place. But there’s a storm coming! – But you
don’t know for sure. Come, cheer up! No, Counselor. How can
you abandon me at this moment.. And the jar? What are we going to do? Reconsider before you leave.
These storms are dangerous. You can go tomorrow morning.
– Impossible, Don Lolò, I must go. Come on, flick the whip!
Goodbye, Don Lolò! The jar? – The jar! The jar! How many
times have I told you? Put it inside! With this weather, God deliver us! Pass long! Don’t get close!
– Why? – What is it? Go pick the olives
but don’t get too close! Afraid we’ll steal that?
– I know nothing! Get away! Go on! Get!
Fillicò! Tararà! Come on, hurry!
– What is it? – We’re coming! This is important, you understand?
The boss paid dear for it. We’ll carry it and bring it inside.
You with me and you keep guard. Let no one near it, got it?
Let’s make room in the cellar. – OK. How nice! It rains, it rains, it rains.
The cat dances and sings.. while looking the other way.. Blessed Mother! Mpari-Pè! Mpari-Pè!
The jar! Huh? – The jar is broken!
– What? It’s not my fault! I swear on the cross!
– Holy Mother! How did it happen?
– Holy Virgin! – Oh, God! It was you! – No, I swear!
It was cracked! Look on the back! God’s wrath! – Don’t involve me!
I’m leaving it, I’m out of here! My legs are shaking.
And who’ll tell Don Lolò it’s broken? I won’t! Either you go or you!
– I’ll go! – You? Yeah, I’ll go.
If you knew how much I’ll enjoy it! But you’re crazy!
– What will he do? Eat me? Come on, be happy!
Now the laughing begins! Don Lolò! Bad news, Don Lolò!
– What’s with this idiot? Hurry, I’ve no time!
Spit out what you have to say! Don Lolò.. the new jar..
– Well? broken!
– Who was it? Nobody. It broke by itself.
– Nobody? Really? Nobody? And you enjoy telling me!
I can see it in your eyes! But as God exists, this time.. Don Lolò!
If you even dare touch her this much! All in cahoots, eh? All against me!
I’ll send you all to jail! In jail!
The law is clear! In jail! How did it really happen? – Those guys
were dying with fear, so I came. Because you knew I was here, right?
Because of that, right? Repairer! Who has broken dishes?
I fix broken bowls! Uncle Dima! Uncle Dima!
For heaven’s sake, come with me. There’s been an accident! The jar..
Don Lolò Zirafa’s jar is broken! All cracked! Only you can fix it!
– Did you say Don Lolò Zirafa? I don’t like him.
I know he fights with everybody. Uncle Dima, don’t forsake us!
He’s furious! He’ll take it out on us poor wretches!
What could it cost you to come? You can fix the jar with your glue stick
and we’ll all breathe easier. Only you can save us!
– Let’s go. – Thank you, Uncle Dima! Sometimes when they cook in the oven,
some sparks get caught inside. It explodes and bam!
Like someone fired a shot. I paid a fortune for this!
I’ll sue that damned potter! In the Courts! In appeal! In cassation!
I’ll wipe him so clean they’ll say, “The potter has nothing!”
– Don Lolò! What? – He’s here!
– Who now? – Uncle Dima. What does he want? What?
– He’s a man of few words. A little crabby. And don’t you greet anyone
when you are presented? Greet him, greet him! He’s the boss! Do you need my work or my greeting?
My work, I bet! Tell me what I gotta do and I’ll do it. If words cost you so much,
why don’t you spare me them? Can’t you see what must be done?
Dima, fix this nice jar with your glue. He doesn’t show his glue to anybody. And what is it? The consecrated host? I want to know if you can fix my jar! Like this? Now? I’ll believe it when I see it.
I need time. Let’s see what he does..
– He’s taking from the bag.. Are we done? That must be the glue.
– I’m starting to feel something here. Glasses! Glasses.
– It looks like a halter. We thought it was the glue!
– Yeah. Who knows what we thought! Look at him.
He’s in no hurry! Well? It can be fixed. – At last,
the court has delivered sentence! Know that I don’t trust your glue.
I want it patched! Hey, what are you doing? – I’m going.
– Goddamn it! Is this how you behave? You miserable pain in the ass!
I need it for oil and it’s leaking! Just glue for a mile of cracks?
I want it patched! It’s all the same.
– How? – Ignorant! Yeah? – Patch it!
The old lady with the creaky teeth says, “I’m broken and fixed.”
Now listen to me. If this jar doesn’t ring like
a bell with just glue alone.. Leave off the preaching! If everything screams to patch it,
then it’d be wise to patch it! Wise? Ignorance!
– Ignorance? Pigheaded! Here’s the jar. If you agree, fine. Otherwise, you can get out,
because nobody will deal with you! Alright. – Do it fast! Fast!
The storm’ll come any moment! Three months without rain! Three months!
And just today, I had to pick olives! Give me someone to help
me remove the broken part. The jar is large. You, come here! Help him! What are you doing? Back to work!
Go unload it in the storeroom! Hurry! Is it true you received
the glue formula in a dream. Yes. – And who appeared to you?
– My father. Ah, it was your father who
told you how to make it? Idiot! Do you know who my father is?
– No, who? The devil who’ll devour you!
– Holy Virgin! Mother of God! There, take this.
Now help me get inside. Inside?
– Of course. If I have to seal the cracks,
I need to seal them inside. Help me now to put it here.
Good. Slowly! Slowly! Easy! Easy! Very good.
Good. Set it in place. Very good! Pull it now! You see?
It won’t come off anymore! Go tell your boss! Hand me the pliers.
– Excuse me.. – What is it? Are you sure you can get out of there? You horse’s ass!
I’ve always gotten out of the jars! But that one looks
a little narrow at the mouth. Try it. – Nonsense!
Here’s how it’s done! – Your arm! Put out your arm.
– What? Holy Devil, I can’t get out? Go easy, please! Easy! The belly’s
so big, but the mouth’s so small! I told you! Let’s see if forcing it..
– No, no, no! That’s worse! My shoulder is stuck.
– I see! You have a lot there. You saying I’m a hunchback? No, no, no.. – You said before
the break was at the mouth of the jar. What do we do?
– I know. Take the hammer from there and
break the jar. – The hammer? – Yes. Your honor is crazy!
– What? You’re crazy! I want out!
– It was expensive! Help!
– Don Lolò! Help!
– Punishment of God! Uncle Dima! I’ll pray to my
grandma’s soul for you! Drop dead!
Get me out of here! Well? Huh?
– Break it with a hammer! What? Now that it’s fixed?
– You want me to stay here? That depends.
– Break the jar! No, don’t break the jar! Don’t break it!
Don’t touch that jar! This is a new case that
never happened before. Either break it or at my own risk,
I’ll roll into a tree! Quick! Saddle up the horse!
The horse! I’ll go to the lawyer! This is a new case!
It needs a lawyer! In the meantime, I’ll pay what I owe.
Here you go, here you go. 10 lire for the work. You all saw that!
– I don’t care! Open it or I’ll break it! Take the rope and tie it quickly!
You’ll come out if the lawyer says so! Help!
– Uncle Dima! The horse is ready.
– And the box? How am I going to get on? Here it is.
– Tie it well! Tie it well because if that jar breaks,
I’ll have you all in court! Where are you going, master? Who knows
where the lawyer is now? – Go to hell! If that jar breaks, you’ll get it too!
– Don Lolò! It’s starting to rain! What will happen now? Hey, bad people,
is this how you repay me? Calm down, it’s just rain.
– I can’t stand you. I told you I didn’t want
anything to do with your master! I’m here because of you people!
– Calm down, they’ll be here soon. Oh! There they are!
The boss and the lawyer! Lawyer or no lawyer, I want out!
Hey, I’m getting all wet! You hear him, counselor? You hear?
You laugh because it doesn’t affect you! You mean you kept him in there?
Don’t you know that’s a crime? Yes, indeed: kidnapping. Who kidnapped him?
He kidnapped himself! Hey, come here! You get out!
Get out! Get out! The jar is mine!
And the land! And the olives! It’s all mine! Get out of there!
– You try to get me out! May I say something?
– Yes, speak! They’re are two cases: on your side,
you must free this man and on the other side, you must
answer for the damage caused getting him into a jar without
warning him how to get out. And so, what do you conclude, sir? Take it up with the potter
who made the mouth too narrow! And did the potter
also make your humpback? You ordered it. This hump has
gone in and out of every jar, like the doors in my house! I’ve been doing this for 30 years!
Counselor, I want out! You were obligated
to measure it before entering. Then he must compensate me for the jar! Easy! Compensate you, yes,
but as if it were new? It’s broken! But he fixed it!
So, it’s sound! If I break it to get him out, he couldn’t
fix it anymore! And must I lose the jar? Uncle Dima must also answer
for his part. – Part? What part? No more umbrella!
It stopped raining. The sun is out.
Wait one moment! Let me pass. – Yes, come, counselor,
there’s only you here.. Listen, your glue is good
or it’s not, you agree? If it’s not, you’re a fraud. If it is..
the jar as is must have value. With me inside?
– No, I’m not joking. Like so, how it is! This is as leaky as a sieve.
What do you think it’s worth? A third? I paid four ounces.
That’d be 1 ounce and thirty-three. Less yes, more no.
– I’ll take your word! Give Don Lolò,
one ounce and thirty-three. Who? Me? To him?
Someone’s crazy, counselor! I’ll rot here!
– This is good! You said it! Bring the carriage, we’re leaving.
– Counselor, what’s to be done? But he wants to stay there
of his own free will, Don Lolò. Sorry..
– Don’t leave me right now! Don’t! Counselor! Hey, Counselor!
I’ll rot here! You’re all witnesses!
It’s he who doesn’t want to leave! So as not to pay what the lawyer
arranged! – You’re wrong! I’m not in here for the fun of it! Get me out and I’ll cut a jig! Counselor, couldn’t you site
him for abuse of lodging? Why not? Send him a bailiff
with an eviction notice! Here’s ten lire. Run and get me
some wine and fried fish! And pickled peppers?
– That too. Let’s have a party! Have a little patience.
– Any advice, sir! Any counsel? Let him stay there all night
and you’ll see by tomorrow morning he’ll want to be let out.
– You think so? Be careful, Don Lolò!
Be careful! One more advice!
– Don’t get angry, Don Lolò! Sir.. A snack, sir? Don Lolò! They’re dancing! It’s Trisuzza! And the muleteer!
What a nice couple! Enough! Enough!
I’ll do something crazy! Crazy! What’ll you do?
Where are you going? Out! Out! Don Lolò! Where you you think you are?
In the tavern? This is my house! This land is mine! This is my house!
Out! Enough! Out! Get out!
Get out of here! For the last time,
are you getting out of there, yes or no? Break the jar and I’ll leave. Oh yeah? Then go to hell!
– Holy Virgin! You’ve killed him! Uncle Dima! Uncle Dima! Is he dead? Uncle Dima! He’s alive! He’s alive! He’s alive! He’s alive! He’s laughing! He’s not dead!
Viva Uncle Dima! Shall we carry him on our shoulders?You see how one loses
by being crabby and litigious?
Common sense in life,
life teaches.
THE FAN# I want to be with you
every hour and moment.
# I want to be with you
all my life.
# Always with you, near to you,
you won’t suffer.
# Without you, away from you,
I die.
# I want to live with you
the good life.
# I want to be with you
in your arms forever.
Thanks, sir.# You beside me, I beside you,
always so.
# And do you know why?
I want to know to live.
Oh, be good! Sir, for God’s sake,
spare a coin this poor creature. Go on now. We’ll get by.
God will provide. Ah, damn it! What a way to behave! How old is he?
– A year and a half. You have a husband?
– Married by the Church. Ah, by the Church?
– So? Isn’t he still my husband? Eh, no, it’s not good enough.
– How is it not? It’s not and you know it.
You need to be married at City Hall. I do know.
God, how I know. That’s why I decided to come to Rome. Man is a hunter, you know.
First he wheedles you, then he gives you a child,
and then it’s “see ya”. But you should’ve used your head.
Should’ve got some money from him. Instead, I bet he’s a deadbeat, right? He’d say that my money is in my chest. But how could I with a child
no more than one and a half? I didn’t want to come to
Rome to be a nurse, but he.. He wanted to sneak off, I bet.
– Who knows. Where do you live now? At the broker’s, near the station. I don’t have to pay zilch. His wife, Mrs. Adele, was nice at first. Now she’s beginning to ask me to pay for
the bed and soup that she’s given me. Bah! Since I wasn’t paying a cent, one day she asked me if I go and
be nice to a gentleman friend of hers. You understand? Me? Why not? – You believe that?
My milk dried up due to rage. Not even a drop left, poor thing!
– Then what happened? What happened was Mrs. Adele
wanted to take everything. The coral necklace, everything. Since
this morning, I’ve been on the street. You’ve made him? Deal with it!
– I’ve made him? Yeah, I did.. And God has punished me,
but he makes him suffer too, poor thing! What has he done? God isn’t fair. And if he were, just imagine! We’ll scrape by.
– This world! Is a great pity, this world. Here. You want it?
– Yes! God will repay you. I’ll eat it. Can you believe
I’ve been fasting since this morning? Look! Food, Nino! Good! This is a luxury! Food! Food! Let’s see the soldiers! Look at the soldiers,
so handsome! Let’s go play!
Let’s go! Come! Come on! What a cute kid! You like the military, eh? When you’re older,
you’ll make a nice corporal! Eh! How fast you go!
How they want you to grow, poor child! What a beautiful girl! Look how many children!
Go play with them! Go on! You want to? Ma’am, with your permission, if you ever need a woman to
do laundry or for other chores.. No, thanks. No? OK. What a bore! Must I have you always
tied to my apron strings? You want to see the baby? Come!
– Go! Go! No!
No! No, poor boy!
He took your bread! He’s crying now, you see?
He’s hungry. Give him a piece. No!
– Ma’am! Ma’am! Come now.. Let me take a piece!
– Mommy! Mommy! Ninni! Ninni, dear! What is it, Ninni?
– Nothing, ma’am. Your son took my baby’s bread.
– Oh. He’s crying because he wants it.
Now what do I do to calm him? Ninni, darling,
what do you want with a piece of bread? Don’t you see it’s gross? And hard!
Who knows how old! Ninni! Obey mama!
– No! It’s mine! You really want it?
Would you eat it, Ninni? He never eats, you see. Never. I’m desperate!
How he wants it. It must be a whim. Let him have it, please.
– Yeah, fine, with pleasure. Take it, sweetie and eat it.
– Thank you, you’re so kind. Ninni, what have you done? Are you crazy?
You threw the bread. Why? For the fish, right, Ninni? And this poor creature
hasn’t eaten anything. I have no milk,
I have no home, I have nothing. It’s the truth, ma’am. Nothing! Here, take this.
– Thanks. Come. Ninni.
– God will reward you. Wait! Come now!
Come now, be good, sweetie! I’ll buy you something nice, OK? We’ve earned two baiocchi
giving that bread to the lady. Hush, my child, we’re rich! Come, be good, good! Come now! We don’t even have a bed, you know? And tonight?
And tomorrow? Go back to Cori with dad? How?
He didn’t even want me. The broker’s wife? No!
Better to die hungry, much better. Hey, Nino?
In the river both of us! Like this? Eh, no. Come now! Be good. Hot, eh? So hot! One can die. How cool this feels! How much? Two baiocchi.
– Go on! What are they? Paper? What do you think? Silk? Why not? I’ve only these two baiocchi. How about a soldo?
– Two baiocchi or nothing doing. Damn you! I’m dying of heat, give it to me. The child sleeps, we’ll get by. God will provide! THE CERTIFICATE Why are you getting undressed, papa?
– Because I must go out. I don’t understand.
– No? A change of clothes, it’s obvious. And you really want to
wear that black tie? – And so? We’re all still alive.
– By a miracle! By a miracle! What did you eat last night, eh?
How about your sister? Your mother? It doesn’t matter
what we ate last night.. Today some money came
from Corradino. – Oh, yeah? And you think things
can go on like that, eh? Your brother is taking
bread from his own mouth! You must also remember
his family, his children. He can’t be always worrying about us!
Get me my jacket. Not that one, the black! March! Here are the glasses, papa. Not these, the dark ones.
– But, there’s no sun out. Sun or moon, it’s none of your business! Don’t argue! Obey!
I’m the parent, march! Here’s the black hat, papa. Why do you dress in mourning?
Who died? Me. Your father.
Haven’t you heard? They killed him!
They killed him! A poor laborer who worked honestly. Fired! Put in the middle of the street.. with three daughters to raise..
and a paralyzed wife. He asked for a black jacket,
like he was going to a funeral. Oh, God, with the reputation he has! Imagine what’ll happen in the street
when they see him dressed like that! Rosario! – What do you want?
Let me dress, I must go out. Please, not that suit.
– No! What do you expect to achieve, papa?
– I know what! Let me do it! You like living like this?
With the war they make on us? No, the one with the nice knob.
Go! You see enemies everywhere, papa.
There are good people in the world. Oh, yeah?
And who would these good people be? Your boyfriend? The professor?
The educated man? The superior man? He who doesn’t believe in superstitions? He dumped you.
– No, we weren’t getting along. I left him. Yes. Because he wrote you
that letter that broke your heart. You see, I read it.
He left it for me. Because I’m a jinx.
A plague whom all must fly from. Won’t this hearing make it worse? You go against the assessor Fazio
and the mayor’s son, why? – Why? They touch their horns in such a way,
every time I pass, one can see it a mile away.
– A coincidence. A coincidence that happens always?
Every time I pass? They only touch their horns.
Give me patience! But if this slander is said in court,
nobody’ll touch you with a ten foot pole. So be it!
No matter! You want me to earn again?
So that I can buy medicine for you? So that your daughters can marry?
– Of course! – Then let me be! Understood?
Oh! Enough! What’s the hearing?
– That one filed by Rosario Chiarchiaro. For God’s sake!
Touch it! Touch the iron! What, you still believe in that nonsense?
– And you don’t? Come on! Give me a break! What is it? Come in! He’s here, Cavaliere.
What should I do? Show him in! Come in, come in, present yourself. You still don’t believe? Pappalardo! The phone!
– The phone? Holy Virgin! What happened? Hello? What is it? A telegram? Open it!
No, no, no! Don’t open it! Rather, open it!
A leg? In the hospital? I’ll be right there! Coming!
– What is it? My brother-in-law.
An accident! An accident! What the hell does
Chiarchiaro want with us? The certificate, Judge.
I want to lose the case. I myself have gone to the opposing lawyer,
to give him documents.. irrefutable of all the frightful deeds.. on which has been built steadfastly..
my fame as a jinx. Furthermore, judge.. I’ve given all
of the names of those who can testify. Ah, yes. In fact, I’ve questioned them. I want it to be officially recognized,
this terrible power of mine.. which now.. is the only capital that remains to me.
– Nice capital, poor Chiarchiaro! And what will you do? What will I do?
– Yes. You, your honor,
to be able to exercise this profession even if it’s done poorly,
you needed certification. Yes, of course, certification.
– Therefore, I want my certificate. A jinx certificate, with lots of stamps.
Legal! A jinx certified by by the Royal Court. What will you do?
– What will I do? I’ll put it on my business cards.
Is that enough for you? A certificate!
It’ll be my profession. How will you earn by that?
– How will I earn? I’ll tell you, judge. In our country there are many
places of gambling, factories, shops. I’m going to put myself first in
front of one, then in front of another. There, for example, is a jewelry store. What do I do? I go there and stand right in front. Like so. I look at the people coming out like so. Who is going to want to enter
that store to buy a gem.. or look in the window?
Nobody! What will result? The owner will come out
and he’ll give me 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 lire begging me to remove myself and go
place myself before his rival’s store. Got it?
– Chiarchiaro, you’re crazy! I heard too much nonsense and
can’t take anymore. Please, go outside! Oh, yeah? You say it in that tone?
– Certainly. This hearing will be refused because
I’ll declare there’s no reason to go on. Or if it does, you’ll lose it!
I mean, you’ll win! Damn it! You’ve messed up my head,
I can’t think straight! One thing, I can promise you: The mayor’s son and the assessor
will be convicted of defamation. This way, they’ll be the certified
ones for calumny. Not you! And the evidence? The witnesses?
– What witnesses? They came here and made the fullest
declarations in your favor. Yeah? Judge, tell me, in what sense? In the sense that they consider you
and have always considered you a jovial man, in good spirits,
with a nice sense of humor and even one who brings good luck.
– Oh yeah? – Yes. While touching themselves for luck?
Touching the horns and the keys! And who knows how many
times you did it yourself. – No. Then if you haven’t
done it yet, you will! If you don’t want the chandelier to
fall on your head! – I’m tired of this! Please go.
– I’ll go! But I must have justice.
I must have the certificate. The certificate will give bread to me
and my daughters. Is that clear? Bread and justice! What happened?
– The chandelier. The jinx! Shoo! Shoo! Buy a fan!
Buy a pan to cook the beans! Get a good broom and sweep.. Villain! What do you want? Are you crazy?
– Come inside, we have to talk. A minute! Come here! – Wait..
– Come here! This is the second time you’ve ruined me!
– Me? When? Where? When? You went to the judge and said..
– Everything in your favor. That you were a nice guy with
a good reputation. Really lucky! Lucky? Then why did you fire me? You have to ask? I work with fireworks.
It’s very dangerous! You have a stiff hand.
– You admit it! Why not? – Why didn’t you tell
the judge about my stiff hand? Why didn’t you tell him
that at the Feast of San Gennaro, due to me, fireworks exploded
on the veil of the Madonna? And caught fire.
– Yes. Why not tell him last year, fireworks exploded in the pharmacy
and killed a doctor! That was the worst!
– Didn’t you kick me out? Son of a bitch! And didn’t you tell
the whole town I was a jinx? But it’s not true!
– It is true! I am a jinx! And you must testify before the judge! You want me to tell that to the judge?
– Yes! Rosariuccio, no!
Say whatever you want! I curse you!
– No! Put down that hand! A curse will get you! Curse you! A poor excuse for a professor!
You dumped my daughter, eh? Let me be, Don Rosario. I’m still
in mourning for my parents. What did my daughter have to do with it?
– And what did my parents? Look how he’s dressed!
– This is getting dangerous. How is it possible you always
get the ace? – Look, who’s here! Ah! I quit!
– No more playing. Then we agree, eh?
Tell the judge all. OK, Don Rosario. – Got it?
– I’ll do what you want. For your dead! I don’t have anyone dead,
but if he starts, I soon will. You, assessor Fazio, and you,
Mr. Agnello, son of the mayor, you lack the courage of your actions! Calm down. We’re your friends!
– No! You’re cowards! You make the sign when I pass! – Never!
– Yeah, then what are you doing now? What’s in your hand? Let’s see it!
– Let go! A horn! And you? What’s in your hand?
Open it! A key. There it is! You see I’ve nothing, eh?
– Yeah, but you’re leaning on iron! I won’t say anything to you.
Pig! Moreover, I don’t blame you. Everyone is entitled to
think of their own welfare, but when the judge questions you,
you must tell the truth! That when I pass by,
you touch your horns, keys, iron tables, you put your hands
in your pockets, etc., etc., etc. Tell all that you know.
All that I can do with my power! Death and miracles!
And if you don’t.. Hey, pay attention, eh? It’s coming! I knew it. I’ve listened to numerous testimonies,
examined the documents.. and considering the distant and
recent events, the court acquits.. assessor Fazio and Mr. Agnello
from the charge of libel. Because they have provided
evidence of the fact. Write. Jewelry shop: 100 lire. Planting myself at the rival
jewelry shop: 150 lire. What is it? We’re ruined, papa!
Completely ruined. What “ruined”? It’s a new life!
The money will pour in! And when you have a dowry,
they’ll forget my reputation and will come begging to ask your hand! Then I’ll remove these dark glasses, take off this black funeral suit
and dress myself all in white with a red flower on my buttonhole!
Because I too, believe in bad luck, but from others. Like those
who ruined me. Got it? Write! Cafe/gelateria: 30 lire.
No, wait, 35! Did you write it? I wrote it. Then, a house with a sick person..
S.C.. S.C. That is to say according to
the economic conditions of the family. A speaker in the square: 100 lire.
A government speaker: 200. Car races.
A straight road: 300 lire. A curved one: 500!“And now, the two of us!”But the fight with the town
will not happen,
because for Rosario Chiarchiaro toolife will begin to smile again.
With or without a certificate.
THE TIGHT TAILCOAT Well? – I’m almost done ironing.
It’ll be a few minutes. You should’ve waited
and brought it to me. The colonel said, “Go, go!” “Tell the professor that I’m coming
down to give it to him personally.” What a nice man!
– For sure! But if my ass of a student wasn’t
his son, would he have lent it to me? Also, when he starts talking, he never
stops and I don’t want to be late. Did you remember the tie?
– Oh, yes, yes. May I? Good day, professor.
Forgive me if I’ve kept you waiting, But it was at the bottom with mothballs.
We emptied three chests to find it. My wife stashed it. It was a little
crumpled so I said, “This needs ironing”. What was I just saying?
He’s so nice. Forgive me for disturbing you
for such a thing, but you see one of my former pupils, an orphan, asked me to witness it
and I couldn’t refuse. She considers me like a father.
– I see. The tie..?
– Yes, it’s here too. I won’t tell you hard it was
to find this darn tie! It’s been years since
I wore ceremonial dress. I wore my uniform when I was a colonel,
but since I lived in the boarding house.. The last time was five years ago! For the opening of the Vittorio
Emanuele Bridge. – I remember. A memorable day! It was raining.
– But you had an umbrella. No! It got wet, soaked,
but it never shrunk. A glorious coat.
A fabric that lasts. Yes, just think I bought it 25 years ago
and it’s still intact with moth balls. And the cut?
– It’s preserved with moth balls. No, I mean is it the same
size it was 25 years ago? Yes, the length doesn’t change,
it’s the fabric that counts. No moths! Professor, moth balls does miracles! If they had put mothballs on the Colosseum,
it’d still be intact as well as the lions. You’ll be so elegant
and make a great impression. You’ll be the most elegant.
– By the way, I wanted to ask, colonel, do you think a tailcoat
like this is fitting for a wedding? Because I don’t know. I’ve led my life
here like a bear among my books, I wanted to put on my gray.
– Your gray? I have a double breasted gray suit,
but it’s a little shabby. I haven’t worn it in a long time.
– Forget the gray and put on this coat! I wouldn’t want to stretch it,
you’re a little bit less.. I think not. Yes, you’re a little bit more
robust than me but this size’ll be fine! And if we hurry, we can try it on. Let’s try it on quickly.
Here, first the pants. I wouldn’t want to waste time. If it’s too tight,
I may undo the threads. I’d like to measure the coat first.
– As you wish. In front of the mirror.
Excuse me. Do you want to disrobe?
– No need, it’s silk and won’t add to it. Adele, could you close the curtain?
– Right away. – Never mind. The colonel has already seen my bed.
– It’s no big deal to me! Just think, my son Pietruccio,
your pupil who loves you well, sleeps in the dining room!
Remove the robe so we can see. Don’t expect a Parisian model
with my underpants and shirts. No need to be bashful before me,
professor. I’m a man! A man is indeed not a boy.
– And if I were a boy? Just look at this! – Don’t fret,
the vest must be so. – Really? – Yes. I think I can’t move.
– It’s just been ironed! But it’s pure wool and wool
is very elastic. Try moving. It feels really tight.
What moves can I do? Swedish gymnastics? Move anyway you’d like.
See? It’s starting to feel looser. Yes, like a sausage.
– Greet someone. Yes, someone imaginary.
Take off your hat like this. Good morning, sir. I greet like I’m paralyzed.
I can’t raise my arm! A toast! – Huh?
– Take a glass. Get me a glass.
– No, an imaginary one like me! A toast to the newlyweds! You see how far I get with my arm?
I can’t raise it higher. Raise you arm.
– If I do, I’ll rip the coat. Heavens, just a small toast.
Take it off and let me show you. Try the pants, that’s what’s
most important. – I know. But now we’re back to
my being in my underwear. I get it. I’ll fix it immediately.
– Yes? – I won’t look. There! Now, go ahead.
– Thanks, colonel. It’s a sort of modesty. I’m not
ashamed to be seen in my underwear. Of course. You changed them this morning!
– What does that have to do with it? Adele, you mustn’t look too.
– If you want, I’ll go. No need. Just turn around
like the colonel. – Alright. Tell me if today I must follow
the silly custom.. of putting myself on display
just to be witness for a bride? You see..
the things you make me do? And me who is so comfortable
in his double breasted grey suit! At the wedding of my general’s daughter,
I had to present myself in blue. It’s a curse to have this
hippopotamus body, of an antediluvian beast. You can come.
– Immediately! You see? It’s hopeless.
– It’s a little tight. A little.
– Let’s fasten these buttons. Fasten what? – Yes, let’s try.
It’s wool and very elastic. You were very thin once.
– But no! Look. One and two. 25 years ago!
– Now the hook. It must hold. I can’t.
– Breathe out all the air. And where do I put it?
– The belly in, like so! Yeah, I’ll put it in the drawer!
– That’s it. Like so. Wait. OK.
– Is it done? There. You see?
– Must I stay like this? No! Breathe, let out your belly.
Whatever you like. – And if it rips? No, it’s like steel!
You see? OK, but I’m afraid that behind..
– What? – I felt something.. Holy smokes!
– Sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose. It only needs a few stitches.
– It can be resown with some fabric. I don’t want to be late, will it be long?
– No, just a few good stitches! You couldn’t do from behind?
– Professor, impossible! How could I? I must take them off again.
– Of course. Go ahead. I know. OK, then excuse me..
– Ah, I see. There you go. Is it possible a man..
must wear this crap? Why? Are they dirty?
– No, I mean this ridiculous comedy. A gravedigger’s costume. Don’t look! Please!
– My blessed Virgin! Now you may. Professor!
– Sorry. – But why apologize? A relative of yours?
– She’s the bride. – She’s very pretty. Yes, but never mind. I’m on the floor.
– It’s a shame it broke. What can you do?
But maybe it’s me who’s broken! I’m sorry.
– Imagine how I feel. Come, I’ll help you. – Thanks, but I
prefer you help me with my pants. – Yes. Wouldn’t it be better to remove
your shoes? – No, no, no! They came on with them.
– Yeah, but this is a bit tight. There, Professor. Up!
There we go. Thank you. Ay yi yi! Are you in pain? – Yeah.
– The usual pain? Sort of.
– Where are you hurt? Here? A little higher.
– Let’s sew the pants quickly, eh? Give me this to me.
Please sit, Professor. Please sit. I’ve done myself some harm.
What a shame, this picture! “To my beloved professor, Fabio Gori
with sincere affection. Angela Reis.” Poor child!
– Why? She was a girl who suffered much. To support herself and her mother she sometimes worked as a seamstress,
sometimes giving private lessons.. and sacrificing much she achieved
a teaching certificate. I admired so much the devotion
and strength of spirit, by praying and begging, I got her a job
in Rome.. at the elementary school. But please sit, colonel.
– No, thank you. And then? Then came the groom.
A certain Mr. Gritti.. Migri.. Not Migri.. Gri.. Well, now I don’t remember.
It doesn’t matter. He was looking for a governess
and I recommended Ms. Reis. A few days later, I saw him
distressed, embarrassed, because the girl had refused
the post of governess.. considering her age, her mother
whom she didn’t want to leave alone and especially the easy
slander of people. – Eh.. These things were said with
such a voice and expression that.. She’s a pretty girl.
– One could say beautiful! A beauty that sorrow had given
a certain grace, a certain nobility. Of course Mr. Grimi..
I’m afraid his name was really Grimi.. didn’t expect a rejection. And without hope, he came back
three, four times.. and then they wound up in love. These things happen.
– I understand. Imagine the day that I met my wife.. Then they asked, indeed,
begged me to intercede. He said, “Tell her if she
doesn’t want to be governess,” “if she wants, she can be
the mother to my daughter.” And the girl was thrilled to accept. And so this morning, they’re getting
married despite the relatives of Mr. Gri.. Mi.. Grimi.. anyway.. Despite the groom’s relatives
who’ve been always against it. Interesting story.
– See, now they’re good to go! Good, Adele.
– Very good. Here. Now you can put it on with ease.
– Good. – There. Are you going to watch me?
– Right! Here we go. I don’t know why they have to make.. these pants so tight.
– Professor, do you need help? No thanks, I’m good.
– And if you fall again? Well, I can still see the floor. Professor, even at the most trying time,
you never lose your sense of humor. My son Pietruccio says the same.
By the way, how’s he doing? Fine, thank you.
– No, I mean my son. How’s he doing? Fine, fine.
If it doesn’t tear in any other place, I think we’ll be good to go.
Ah! May we?
– Yeah, yeah. Yes, professor, we are good to go.
– I think so. – Here’s the tie. Thanks. – Now the vest.
– Thanks a lot. And the suspenders? – No need.
I doubt the pants will fall. Unless I pop. Let’s hope not.
– You wouldn’t like that, eh, colonel? I understand: you tend to like
what you’ve had for 25 years. Not so much me as my wife.
She wanted to make it into a dress. Not a bad idea indeed.
When it’s no longer useful, make a pair of pants for your son.
– Pietruccio! Yes. By the way.. I never could do the tie,
even when I was younger. If you don’t mind, I’ll do it,
professor. Allow me. There. Wait, it’s not right. It should..
– The other side? – Yes, pardon me. Like that. It’s easy.
No, no, it’s fine. Was I right?
– Yes, right on, professor, pardon. Now it’s done.
Then we do.. Perhaps it’d be best to let it hang.
– Strange, I can’t seem to get it. Now I know why!
I always do it on myself! On another person, it must be
done from the opposite side. If I may, professor, let me do
it like I was doing it myself. Maybe it’s the headache I just got,
but I don’t get it. It’s very simple. Stand in front of
the mirror. Excuse me, if I may? Is it too tight? – Wait, wait!
– It’s just a little skin. The knot is very small.
It’s not here either. Fine, put it there.
– Your head! No, no, the other side. Like so.
– Not too tight, eh? It’ll be a little tight around the neck..
– Better tight than strangled. What size is your neck?
– Forget it. If you don’t mind? Done!
– Now, the coat. – Thanks. Upsy-daisy! OK. Let’s take a look. Yes, yes, yes.
It looks really good, doesn’t it? Maybe I can wear a scarf
to cover myself here. No, I’ll hold my raincoat,
they won’t see a thing. The watch? – You need a watch too?
– No, my watch. – On the coffee table. Ah, yes! Where’s my head! But when I’m sick,
I can’t function. I understand.
– The watch, wallet, the handkerchief.
I think I’m missing something. Ah! The wedding invitation.
– Excuse me, Professor. Go on.. By the way, colonel,
where is Piazza Sant’Onofrio? In Sant’Onofrio!
– Oh yeah! Of course.. This is a gift from a parent
of a student of mine who I couldn’t promote
because he was hardheaded. I’ll bring it, instead of flowers.. Excuse me, Professor..
– Professor, aren’t you late? Heavens! As soon as I get out of church,
I’ll come back to take this thing off! Excuse me, professor..
– And food? Shall I make something? No, I’ll have some pastry.
Let’s hope there are snacks. Colonel, I appreciate your kindness. In two hours, it’ll be
back safe and sound. – Sir.. Thanks.
– Maybe you didn’t understand before. Go on. – I was asking
how’s it going at school? By foot. A little movement..
– No, my son! How is he behaving? Well, you see..
this morning he was a little late. But apart from that, he’s getting on?
– Yes, he’s always first to get out. As soon as the bell rings,
he’s already in the street. Good day, professor.
– Good day. Adele! Adele! Adele! Adele! What is it? – See, you made
me leave without my hat. Get it for me, the black one.
Hurry! Just throw it down?
– How else? It’d be better to lower it in the basket. Come on!
You’re wasting my time! But if it falls, it’ll get dirty.
– If you throw it right, I’ll catch it. Careful. Oh! Sorry! What’s the matter?
– I’ll ask what’s the matter. I’m resting.
– Are you ill? – No. Aren’t you getting up?
– Yes, give me a hand. Thanks a lot. You’re welcome. Shall I throw down the brush? Now you want to throw down the brush? Oh, God! There’s another! Another rip! Look at this!
– It’s all coming undone! How I wish I had my
double breasted grey suit! You want to come up or
shall I come down with a needle? I don’t have time, Adele. Let it be a punishment.
I just can’t shake hands with anyone. Goodness, look what the time it is! Professor, what are you doing?
Throwing away the moth balls? You want me to go out smelling like that? My wife says it’s like perfume.
– Bless her heart! If there are more, I won’t throw
them away. Don’t worry, colonel. Beginning to feel
more comfortable, right? Goodbye.
– You see? I do. It’s you who can’t see.
Check this out! My poor pants!
– Eh, what can you do? Good day! You saw that?
– Luckily, he’s wearing wool underwear. Coachman! I need to go to Piazza Sant’Onofrio.
– By all means. Please. How long?
– What? How long is what? No, how long will it take?
– Nothing at all. Because I’m in a great rush.
– We’ll fly! Allow me.
– No thanks, I can do it myself. Do you feel sick?
– No. Excuse me, but it doesn’t
look like you’re in a hurry. I’m good. Go on. You must excuse me,
but you looked so strange getting on. I have rheumatism.
– Ah, my mare does to! Have you tried drinking onion juice?
– No. And the mare? She doesn’t like it.
You take four or five onions, cut them into slices,
put them in a large bowl with a little water and
place it on the window sill. In the morning, when you get up,
get that stuff in your body. Do this four or five days
and you’ll feel like a kid. Forget the onions, I need something else.
– What? My gray double-breasted.
– What’s that? A new cure? Something like that.
– Forget about that gray stuff! And do the onion cure,
if you want to walk right! Take four or five onions,
cut them into slices, put them in a large bowl with
a little water on the window sill. In the morning, when you get up,
get that stuff in your body. Such is life. Is it true? How did it happen? How? She was lovely,
already dressed and ready. She said, “Now I’ll call mama. Mama!” The mother opened the door and saw her daughter
dressed in white, a bride, with the veil on top,
so beautiful like a dream! Poor lady! And she froze like so,
as if she had a heart attack. – Ah, yes! She tried to talk a few times,
as if she were trying to say, “Mama’s joy, how beautiful you are!”
Instead.. she looked thunderstruck, like this. And fell to the ground like a rag. Just think, the happiest day of her life. She died from joy. Yes, for certain emotions,
one needs a strong constitution. I speak as a mother,
but the day that Eufelia marries I think it’ll be a great blow!
– Mom! What? Don’t worry, you run no risk of that!
– Why? Well.. one can see how healthy you are
and that your heart is strong. Did she die right away?
– No. Luckily, my wife was there to dress her. She lifted her and carried her to bed.
Then she called me. The relatives, keep this to yourselves,
I could be mistaken but.. remained indifferent.
As if nothing important had happened. It was clear there was nothing
to do when the heart is touched.. The daughter, poor thing,
seeing her mother in that state.. Didn’t they call for anyone?
– Yes, a professor.. A famous cardicol..
cardiolosis.. something like that. But he hasn’t yet arrived. Ah! That must be the teacher.
– Nice timing! She’s already dead! How much?
– Whatever. – Here’s two soldi. Thank you! And remember the onion water!
– Yes. You’re the professor..
– Yes, I’m late, am I not? Yes, unfortunately. – Poor thing!
– Why do you say that? At least her suffering is over.
– Yes, that. Thank you. Just think, it had to happen today! Why, is there a day set for these things? For this, no! – Well, if you must know,
it was me who chose the day. Yes, because tomorrow is impossible
and tomorrow is Tuesday, ma’am. Not that I believe it,
but they say Tuesday is bad luck. “Neither Friday nor Tuesday,
marry or go away.” Excuse me. You could leave the door open. How lovely they are.
– A pity! What an annoying scent! Excuse me,
ma’am, what kind of flowers are they? It’s all money wasted. Carlo!
Who is that? Hello, everyone! I beg your pardon,
but you know how it is. Mr. Grimi?
– Migri, please. Ah, Migri! I was saying,
Migri, Griti, Grimi.. I’ve been trying to remember
for the last hour, but couldn’t. Not because the name is hard to remember,
but because I have no memory. I’m Professor Fabio Gori.
Forgive me for being late. You know how it is: you can’t
find something, it makes you late. When the devil puts his hoof in!
– This time he has put it in for good. Well, no big deal. I should’ve
been here at 9:00. What time is it? No, leave it. – Eh?
– Don’t worry about the time. It’s obvious you don’t
know what happened. No, what happened? The mother of Miss Reis..
– Yes? She’s dead. Dead? A heart attack. When? This morning. Then you must be that one..
yes, I mean, the author.. indirectly of this marriage.
My brother has told me all. You must be.. – Carlo Migri,
at your service. – A pleasure. If I may, I’ll introduce
you to my mother. I’d be very honored. Mama, Professor..
– Fabio Gori. – Gori. As you know, he’s the one
who set up Andrea’s marriage. “Set up” are not the right words.
I actually, let’s say.. contributed indirectly.
I simply.. Wanted to give a governess
to my granddaughter. Fantastic. That indeed would’ve been good. Yes, knowing the merits
and modesty of Miss Reis. Oh!
A fine girl. That nobody doubts.
And today we’re very saddened. A misfortune. So suddenly. As if it weren’t truly the will of God. A cruel fate. And Mr. Andrea, the groom? I don’t know. He was here a while ago.
Maybe he’s getting ready. The marriage will go on all the same?
– No! Don’t say that! Good God, with death in the house! I meant he was getting ready to leave.
He should’ve left for Turin with the bride. We have our paper mills there
where he is sorely needed. – Exactly. And.. is he leaving like this? He has to.
If not today, tomorrow. We were the ones who persuaded him,
rather pushed him, poor guy. And it’s no longer prudent nor
convenient for him to remain here. On account of girl, now alone.
Evil tongues! – Yeah, exactly. And then there’s the business. You see, it was a marriage rather..
– Hasty. I’d say off the cuff.
And now, this great misfortune.. that so fatally arose,
as if to give it more time. A postponement is necessary.
Especially for the mourning. And this way there’ll be time to
reflect on both sides, I believe. Well, yeah. – Eh?
– No need for words. Miss Reis, where is she?
May I see her? She’s inside, in the poor
lady’s bedroom. – Thank you. Excuse me. If I may, I’m the bride’s
other witness. – A pleasure. This is my wife.
– Nice to meet you, ma’am. Were you there? – Unfortunately!
– And how did it happen? Miss Angela didn’t want her mother
assisting her while she dressed. She wanted to surprise her.
Poor lady! Her hear couldn’t withstand so much joy. You see, Professor?
– Yes, dear, yes. But rise. Come on.
Get up, do me the favor. Why?
– Because my daughter.. First you get up.
You must get up.. because I cannot bend. Angela, listen to me,
you mustn’t cry. Calm down, my daughter, rise.
You mustn’t cry. Listen to me. How can I not cry?
– Because this is not your time to mourn. You are left alone, you understand.
Now you must help yourself. Yes, now! You must grab your courage
by the hands, grit your teeth and do exactly as I say.
– Do what, professor? First of all, dry your eyes.
That’s it, good, like that. Now, go out there, put on
your bridal veil and come with me. Where? – To church, my girl.
– Professor, what are you saying? I said in church, got it?
This marriage must take place this morning or you’re ruined. You see how I messed up
my tailcoat for you? Look! This damn suit! And I’m going to be one
of the witnesses, just as you wanted. For now leave your poor mother here.
Don’t think about her. It’s not a sin. And you know your mama wanted it.
Put on the veil. Meantime, I’ll go organize everything
for the ceremony. This very moment. No, professor, no!
How could I? Angela! Listen!
– It’s impossible! For me it is over! He’ll leave and never return.
He’ll abandon me! But I can’t..
I can’t.. Angela, listen.
This damn sleeve! It’s ripping all over! But no matter!
Even if I’m a witness with one sleeve, this marriage must take place today!
Get up. Listen. Do you understand? Understand that if
you let this moment escape, you’re lost? What’ll become of you without a job,
no one to help you? You want your mother to be blamed for
your ruin? Hasn’t she yearned so much for this marriage? Because of her,
you want it to fall apart? What are you doing wrong?
Courage, Angela, I’m here. Put the responsibility on me
for what you’ll do. Go get ready, dear.
And without wasting time. Who are you? I’m the porter. I was there..
because I helped dress the young lady! After donning the veil.. Well, do me a favor
and put it back on her. Where is your room? You mustn’t have any fears,
or scruples, understood? Angela.. Come on! Do it right, because she must be
the most beautiful bride ever seen. Yes, sir.
Come on, miss. Hurry, Angela. Is the groom still not back yet?
– Is the young lady feeling ill? The young lady feels very well. Indeed, I have the pleasure to inform you
that I convinced her to suppress her grief. We’re all here, aren’t we? Who are the other witnesses? I asked, please,
who are the other witnesses. As I said before, it was me.
– Ah, good, thanks. But I meant the ones for the groom.
– I am one. And I was the other.
– Good. Then we’re all set. Then we need one of you..
– Excuse me. – Let me finish, please. I was saying we need one of you.. You for example, who were so quick
to declare yourself, to be so kind.. to run to the church and let the priest
know.. – What are you talking about? Please, let me finish! Why shouldn’t this marriage take place?
The mourning of the bride, perhaps? But if the bride herself..
– I won’t allow it! I will never allow my son..
– Do his duty? This you won’t allow? Why are you interfering?
– I interfere because you’re a gentleman, my dear Grimi.
– Migri, please. Grimi, Migri, it doesn’t matter. But I assumed I was speaking
to a gentleman, correct? It is neither right nor honest to
shirk one’s duty at a time like this! One must confront the misfortune
of that poor girl and save her! Because this marriage will happen!
It will despite the tragedy and.. and despite this sleeve which has
been tormenting all this time! You’re joking!
– No, sir, it was sewed up. No, I think you’re joking
because these are just outbursts. It’s what the case requires.
– Or interest! Hey, Mr. Grimi.. – Migri!
– You shut up! How dare you? – It’s not possible
under these conditions! – Andrea! Allow me, mama. Eh.. allow me. What’s happening Professor?
– It’s like this: I convinced Miss Reis
to be strong and control herself.. considering the gravity of the situation
you have placed and left her in. If it pleases you, Mr. Migri.. This time I got the name right
because I like this young man. I was saying, if you please, Mr. Migri,
if you could without too much confusion go to church and celebrate
the wedding immediately. Sounds good? Dear son, look at me.
You’re listening to me. If this misfortune hadn’t happened,
that girl would already be your wife.. and you have the heart to go
and leave your fiancee alone? The woman who you said you loved,
who you offered your name to, your life? You understand that without
her mother, she’s all alone. Her mother died from
the joy of seeing her married. And this joy you must give her though
she’s gone or else she died in vain. I am speaking to a man of honor. Answer, talk to me! Speak!
– Andrea! – Ma’am.. I forbid you to answer! Mama!
You’re making me look like a child. Yes, but if I may, remember in this
situation we must obey our mother. And if you don’t mind,
your older brother also. You may not.
And I do mind. Yes, it is useless to stare at me.
The words of this man.. have made me feel ashamed of myself. And for that I thank him. Professor, if Angela wants.. Ah, finally!
– Finally what? Finally, the debate is over.
Finally. Yes. Finally, there’s a word which comes
from the heart. God bless you, my son! And now.. And now you.. you who look so happy
and was so nice to declare himself earlier, Do me a favor: run to the priest
and tell him we’ll be right there. No, don’t go. You’re too fat
and will arrive out of breath. You’re thin, come here.
You’re a witness for the bride like me. Tell the priest we’ll be right there. And now, gentlemen, let us
understand the feeling of that poor lady. All the flowers from the dead.
– Right! – Help me! Please. Hold this. Accountant! Take these flowers away!
Ah! A thorn! – Excuse me. Be careful! Accountant, please..
– And this.. – Ah! Take this.
– Come on, dear. Don’t cry. Angela! It would’ve been a shame. You can cry later.
Now we must go. The others are not needed and
this poor child mustn’t be left alone. Only the witnesses. You’re one
of them, right? – I must be.. He’s one and.. – And me!
– I’m the wife of another! Now we must run to church, Andrea.
Go. Please. Please, please, please! And me? – What?
– Am I not coming? – Where? To church. – Why for?
– I’m the brother of the groom! This is a blessed sleeve, you know? Professor..
– Morning. Thank you .. Did you see what we had
to endure from that man? But he’s so nice.
– What vitality! What is it? I can’t. Forgive me, love. Are you ill?
– No, no. He’s.. not running, see? He flies! – He’s young
and happy. – Bless him! Professor, forgive me if I seemed
before a little against it, but I’m an administrator of the Migri
firm and I couldn’t contradict my bosses. I’ve been working for them for 30 years
and you were magnificent! I’ve never seen such strength
and impetuosity. Let me shake your hand! It’s only due to the fact that
I didn’t have my usual clothes. In that suit, I’m good.
There would’ve been no reaction. I would’ve acted like an imbecile.
But this tight coat, that was lent to me, irritated me so much and put me
in such a fury as soon as I wore it. And when the sleeve tore and I pulled
it out, I had the strength to rebel! Sometimes, the fate and happiness
of a person depends on a tight tailcoat. Gentlemen! Hurry, it’s late!
– Yes, Let’s run! Easy to say!
I don’t want to fall! Take off your coat!
– I’ll look a mess! – Oh, no! Then I’ll take it off.
– Here, give it to me! – Thanks. Were you hurt?
– No! But hopefully it’s the last.. and they marry soon. Thanks.
You’re not entirely unlikable. Very nice.
– Shall we do it? – Eh!

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