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Ralph Breaks the Internet Everything You Missed

Ralph Breaks the Internet Everything You Missed

>>Crazy Nate: We’ve already Concurred Wreck
it Ralph and all of its little secrets, and I have to say it was totally fetch.>>Regina George: Stop trying to make fetch
happen, it’s not going to happen.>>Crazy Nate: But before you go to Litwak’s
Family Fun Center, first you need to see everything you missed in Disney’s latest, Ralph Breaks
the Internet.>>Team Member: You know it!>>Shank: Let’s make a video (intro music plays)>>Crazy Nate: Just like in real life the
movie takes place almost exactly 6 years later, we know this because In Wreck it Ralph Litwak’s
sign says happy 5th birthday Suzy, and now if you fast forward to today in Ralph
breaks the internet we have it saying happy 11th birthday suzy. That’s six years.There’s a few other things
we see here in the parking lot, like it no longer promotes Walt Disney on the freeway
billboard it now says Loftis, as in Cory Loftis the Production Designer. Now we’re going to talk about all your favorite
easter eggs, but first I have to get this off my chest. The billboard is just the beginning of the
changes that we on this scene. Litwak’s Sign changed as well, now Family
Fun Center is capitalized and it’s red font instead of black. He installed benches out front, got rid of
the lighthouse, and he even planted a bunch of trees. He literally raised the roof of his building
as well. Trust me I counted, He only had 6 rows of
tiles in the first movie, and now he has 12. That’s double. Not only did he add in new street lights in
the parking lot, he removed the old ones, and apparently He used magic power before
to power the building and all the arcades. Because now we can see power lines run right
through the parking lot, but in Wreck it Ralph there were no power lines, and for all of
you that are defending all those errors in the comments, and you’re just saying well
the power line is just for the internet. Watch closely when Vanellope and Ralph are
going to the internet, you can clearly see the internet cable they are riding through,
and there’s also power lines going into the building. he even redid the sign by the road, if you
look closely, you can clearly see the bricks have moved. Keep in mind this is Mr. Litwak we’re talking
about here, you know, the guy that can’t afford a $200 steering wheel because that’s
more than the what the arcade makes in a year.>>Mr. Litwak: That’s more than this game
makes in a year.>>Crazy Nate: And that’s weird since Sugar
Rush is like his biggest game in the last movie. He even had signs hanging from the building.>>Mr. Litwak: It might be time to sell Sugar
Rush for parts.>>Crazy Nate: But if his average arcade is
making less than $200 a year, we can expect to see Wreck it Ralph 3’s going to be about
Mr. Litwak losing his business, because most of these changes that we saw up front would
individually cost more than the entire arcade makes in a year. But hey, at least Arlo’s still there. If you listen closely, Surge Protector mentioned
that there hasn’t been this many homeless games since Space Invaders, so then space
invaders got shut down then right?>>Surge Protector: Good lord, I haven’t seen
this many gameless characters since space invaders went down. Space Invaders went down.>>Crazy Nate: but if we fast forward you
can see clearly see Space Invaders is still alive and well. No out of order signs, and no power offs. OK, fine, I’m off the soap box now, let’s
uncover some secrets. I’m going to do my best to not mention easter
eggs that we already found in Wreck it Ralph like Zengeif and Chun-Li. So if you want to see those you need to watch
Everything you missed in Wreck it Ralph first, then come on back to part 2. One correction I need to point out from Wreck
it Ralph is that I was probably wrong.>>Megamind: You were right, I was less right.>>Crazy Nate: and these two lovely ladies
probably are not Belle and Princes Arora like I thought, and they’re more likely Rosalina
and Daisy from Mario Kart. Thank you in the comments for kindly letting
me know about the mistake. One way Mr. Litwak makes money is with the
light scam game, which according to Mark Rober on YouTube, it’s one of the most profitable
games in the Arcade, which makes perfect sense as to why Mr. Litwak has it parked near the
front door to maximize profits with the foot traffic. But if you look closely it’s not the famous
Cyclone. If you ask me, it looks like an upside version
of the Incredibles 2 logo. Not only was the outside updated, but Vanellope
got an update as well.>>Vanellope: Hello!>>Crazy Nate: If you look closely at the
heart candy in her hair, in Wreck it Ralph you will see her heart is just a normal candy
heart, now we fast forward to Ralph Breaks the Internet and the candy got stamped with
a hidden Mickey stamp. Inside Felix and Calhouns apartment they have
Tetris pieces as decorative pieces on the coffee table. But if you don’t drink coffee is it still
called a coffee table?>>Ralph: We want to report some malfesense
over by the wack a mole.>>Crazy Nate: By the way Ralph, it’s called
Wack a troll not wack a mole. In Mr. Litwak’s office, slash storage closet,
slash hot water storage room, we see a few cool easter eggs. Mr. Litwak has the same taste in music as
Mr. Big. Who’s that?>>Pumba: They call me Mr. Pig.>>Crazy Nate: He’s the most feared crime
boss in Tundra Town. That’s Jerry Vole’s music record from the
limo in Zootopia. We also have Star Wars Yoda and Chewbacka
collectors plates on the shelf. Along with a poster of Reptillior which was
Freds costume in Big Hero 6. Anyways let’s go to the internet. Oh wait, wait, wait a second, before we go,
look at this Mickey themed computer, let’s go ahead and climb into the interNEAT. Some of the Internets most famous websites
can be found here, I’m not going to name them all because that would be super boring,
but some of them worth mentioning are Cisco, yelp, DAUM, and no that’s not slang for
the bad word, it’s actually company, then there’s Snapchat, and all the movie facts
over at IMDB. The best one probably, YouTube! But why in the world is the YouTube building
smaller than snapchats building? Technically speaking, YouTube is the worlds
second largest website, google being first. Of course, I’m probably just a little bit
bias. I mean even Pinterest has a bigger building
than YouTube. Come on people! Then there’s National Geographic which is
now one of Disney’s new baby pets. And purple mattress which is probably going
to be the bed we will see Sleeping beauty use from here on out. Maybe that’s what Grumpy Cat needs to fix
his little attitude issues. Oh yeah, we can’t forget facebook’s here,
and rotten tomatoes love them or hate them, and who invited myspace to this party? I didn’t even know they were still around. If you look at KnowsMore’s eyes, they’re
hand drawn, just like the little Mauis on Maui’s chest in Moana. Speaking of Maui, in the eBay checkout line
you can see Maui’s hook is on display. I would buy that in a heartbeat, the only
problem is I’m a little bit broke, can you cover it? All’s I need is an account number.>>Banker: What is your account number?>>Spanky: Uh, seven?>>Teller: A credit card number?>>Ralph: Number? Right. Seven?>>Banker: Seven? Seven?>>Teller: Excuse me?>>Ralph: Sorry, I know, you’re right ridiculous.>>Spammer: Get rid of belly fat using this
one weird trick.>>Ralph: Oh, I love weird tricks.>>Spammer 2: Sassy housewives want to meet
you.>>Ralph: They do?>>Crazy Nate: Take a closer look at the sassy
housewives, that’s actually Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6. If you look closer in eBay you can see Anna’s
toy horse from Frozen is in the Toys and Hobbies section. eBay is obviously full of secrets. and the
rubber ducky behind the horse looks like it came straight out of the Snuggly Duckling
in Tangled. and this unicorn behind Ralph is for sure one of the unicorns from the bandits
musical in Tangled.>>Rapunzel: Well, tell that to my frying
pan.>>Auctioneer: Ladies and gentlemen the next
item up.>>Crazy Nate: So this is Brian Curless the
2017 World Livestock Auctioneer Champion, so basically he’s like the best auctioneer
in the world, basically. Also look closer at who’s selling this wheel. It’s eBay seller P Johnston, and that is an
easter egg. Because Phil Johnston Co-directed the movie. When Ralph finally broke the internet we see
a famous Cameo to one of our own, That is YouTube’s Miranda Sings. In reality though, since they don’t give
YouTube a very big building, I’m thinking it’s probably giving her a shout out because
she used to work for Disney, not because she’s on YouTube. If you look on the shelf behind her though
you will see Miranda decorated her room with artwork from Disney’s short, paper man. Now this one I might be called crazy for,
but I couldn’t find any other unicorn that looked like this unicorn, except for one,
Rainbow Unicorn from Inside out.>>Fear: Boo!>>Crazy Nate: and In case you didn’t know
this, Inside out is from Pixar. You know, the other studio. Now, I’m sure you caught this next one,
but just in case, BabeRaham Linkin is a pun to Abraham Lincoln, you know the president. Before Ralph wrecked the internet there was
another famous game with no boundaries called Twisted Metal, we talked about that before. and it was most famous for its ice cream truck
with a scary clown on it. I think this ice cream smash was a reference
to the video game. But let’s slow it down for a second, and
in fact let’s slow it down many seconds. This homeless guy has a coffee mug that says
you want it when? He was probably the best character in Zootopia,
that’s right Flash had a coffee mug that said that exact same thing, but he’s probably
drinking decaf. (Flash laughs)>>Crazy Nate: Now this isn’t Shanks first
time being an expert driver in a movie. Shank is voiced by Gal Gadot, and she also
Played the character Gisele in the Fast and Furious franchise. but probably cooler then that is the fact
that she is Wonder Woman. So yeah I think it’s safe to say she knows
how to handle a sword. The old original internet is covered with
older internet stuff like Y2K where everyone thought the world was going to end so everyone
moved out into the middle of nowhere. OR the Dial Up Express, if you had aol dial
up you know compared to today’s internet speeds it was like the slowest train on the internet.>>Robot: You’ve got mail.>>Crazy Nate: Or Geocities which is essentially
myspace, which is essentially what we had before facebook, which is essentially what
we had before we all turned into an orange. Over in Buzzztube, another building that’s
bigger than YouTube. Inside Yes’ office, if you’re wondering
if there’s easter eggs in her office, the answer is YES. You can Beelieve it!>>Assistant: Bee puns.>>Bee: Let’s bee friends.>>Crazy Nate: If you look on the wall she
has a golden YouTube play button. When Yes is going through all the viral videos
trying to determine what’s trending, because we all know that trending is actually just. my point is that if you look at the cat sitting
on the chair you will actually see a hidden mickey on the seat cover. Fortnite. and then the screaming goat is probably
a reference to the famous goat, or they’re making fun of despicable me.>>Ralph: Ok, shift it into a floss.>>Crazy Nate: Careful Disney, they’ll sue
ya. In the building full of productive office
workers that aren’t stealing company time, we see all sorts of fun stuff. Like this guys tie has R2-D2 printed on it.
and if you look closely at Buzzztubes website you can actually see HeiHei freaking out on
the boat. (HeiHei screams) And the calendar on the wall is San Fran Sokio,
and it’s the same calendar that’s in Zootopia. Even though just a few moments ago he had
a different calendar hanging on the wall, and keep in mind this all happened in less
than 8 hours. And even though he’s a sloth, Flash is making
his way around the office, We see another one of his coffee mugs, and if you like rooting
for the bad guy you might remember Bellwethers mug says world’s greatest dad only dad’s
crossed out and says assistant mayor. Well Bellwether should switch mugs with this
guy, because his literally says the opposite, and it looks like someone got a postcard from
Olafs warm sunny vacation.>>Olaf: Snow up against the burning sand
probably getting gorgeously tan.>>Crazy Nate: But where’s Olaf in this
picture? He melted. Just like the world, the internet is shaped
in a globe, and just like the movies, the internet is full of hidden mickeys. One thing that annoyed Walt Disney, is when
he first built Disney Land it was in the middle of nowhere. Then all these cheap run down hotels sprung
up all over the place around his happy kingdom like cockroaches. So here’s his chance for him to throw a
little bit of shade at these shady hotels, there’s also a version of let it go being
played in the background as they celebrate bringing in Oh My Disney.>>Vanellope: Geez lewise.>>Crazy Nate: Disney pulled out all the stops
decorating Oh My Disney, and I’m going to try to point out everything that’s in Oh My
Disney. The obvious and the not so obvious. The spotlights are in the shape of mickey,
we have mickeys all over the floor, that was Iron man that you see fly by. We have Cars characters, over here is the
Blue Fairy from Pinocchio, in front of that is Gazelle from Zootopia, way in the back,
that might be the island from Bugs life but I can’t really tell, because it’s blurry. Big Hero 6, then there’s Bambi, the Up house,
the Muppet show with Kermi the frog. Star Wars, and an Xwing chasing an imperial
tie fighter, the deathstar. Fun little fact, R2-D2 probably has the most
repeat cameos than anyone else in the entire movie. you can see the Disney hat from Fantasia and
also commonly found inside Disney stores, and it has film strip wrapped around it with
images from other Disney movies like lady and the tramp, or Lion King. and clearly Mickey
Mouse himself is on top of the hat. Welcoming in Marvel we have Captain America
shield, and the clock tower with the Pirate ship from Peter Pan. Eve, wall-e’s girlfriend, and they’re kind
enough to include Pixar with the luxo lamp and ball. There’s also glowing Wall paper from Toy
Story, Buzz and Woody, Dumbo’s flying around, Sleeping Beauty, Jungle Book, the Sword and
the Stone, Cinderella, Steam Boat Willie, the Mallinium Falcon, Arlo, Baymax and Buzz,
Disney Tsum Tsums. Mickey hats are everywhere, Lilo and Nani,
Elsa, Elsa again, but if you ever go to any of Disney’s parks
there will only be one Elsa in the entire park at any given time, because it’s magical
and it wouldn’t really be realistic if you saw two different Elsa’s in the park at the
same time. So that means that this one technically is
not Elsa, but in reality it’s a fan dressed up as Elsa, you know like a cosplay. which would also mean that this isn’t actually
Darth Maul but a Disney fan dressed like him. Just like we see Mr. Litwak’s Net User looks
like him, how he’s dressed in the real world. So we can’t have Real life Elsa that we
see on stage is the one who lives online, and that’s called a Netizen, and then the
Elsa that we see in the crowd , that is a Net User, because they don’t live on the internet
they live in the real world. Mystery solved. And since I’m suspicious about the vibes
towards Pixar, I gotta point this out here, it seems Merida had the least amount of on
screen time here out of all the other princesses, oh yeah, and she’s not even smiling.>>Eeyore: Hey, easy there.>>Crazy Nate: Speaking of not smiling, there’s
Eeyore. (survey music plays) Survey Time. Now Some are going to call this cheating,
but Today’s survey question comes right out of the movie. and you know you wanted to answer this question
the second you saw it in the movie. So what would your friends describe you as? Smart, Funny, Kind, or Brave? Also the girl taking the quiz has easter eggs
in her bedroom. Obviously the shirt that she’s wearing has
the Disney castle on it. We also see a plush Mickey on the upper shelf,
then Bambi, Thumper, and Flower all on the poster, Arendel from frozen is actually stuck
in the Snow Globe, of course Olaf in a snow globe would be cool. Because we haven’t seen a snowman in a snow
globe before.>>Vanellope: Hey, wanna meet my BFF? It’s Wreck it Ralph, just click here to see
his new video.>>Crazy Nate: So then wait a second, are
they saying if you go to Oh My Disney you’re gonna get pop up ads?>>Storm Trooper: Hey, do you have a permit
for that pop up?>>Crazy Nate: Never mind that’s right, we
have storm troopers blocking the pop ups? Well apparently it looks like they stop pop
ups about as good as they can shoot a blaster.>>Pop Up Blocker: Back off pop up!>>Crazy Nate: Hey Disney, you need to hire
this dude. That’s Claribel the Cow, and unfortunately
every Disney meet up always has that one angry fan that seems to hate being a Disney fan. I don’t get it. One of Disney’s most favorited cartoon shout
outs here to is Humphrey the Bear and Ranger J from In the bag. There’s Honey Lemon behind the Storm Troopers,
and the front of Small World ride. If you listen closer to the storm trooper,
it’s the Wilhelm scream. We also have Beaker from the Muppets, Thor’s
hammer, Winnie the pooh, The Nightmare before Christmas, Mickey themed crowd control ropes,
Gamora from Guardians, or at least a cosplay Gamora. 101 Dalmatians, Rey hanging out with iron
man. Stan Lee. Of course we have another R2-D2, and Juddy
Hopps is talking with Rocket, and he’s probably complaining about everyone thinking he’s
a rabbit.>>Thor: Thank you sweet rabbit.>>Crazy Nate: Here we have Grumpy with a
bowl of soup, and Hei Hei going nuts… But why in the world are they serving a plate
full of night howler balls on the snack table? Security is like non existent in this place. Of course we also have Pan’s shadow hanging
out with tinkerbell. And it’s true Nick wild might have gone to
the good side of the force, but it looks like his old partner is still hustling the paw
pops, and if you ever been to Disneyland or always like watch people go to Disneyland
on YouTube, then you know the trashcans are magical.>>Trashcan: What do I have to do to get in
a movie around here?>>Crazy Nate: Well, Disney finally put PUSH
the trashcan in the a movie, well if it’s not PUSH, then at least it’s one of Pushes
friends. Give yourself a high five because you noticed
the famous A113 which is literally plastered on the side of the wall. On the other side of the door to the Princess
room is the Avengers room. If you look closely right here, that’s Baymax
walking with Fred. Inside The Princess’ room the secrets don’t
stop. Starting off with Mushu, we see Lumire is
on one of the tables, and Jasmine treats Rug like it’s some sort of throw rug putting
furniture on it. There’s the two dolls from the beginning
of Frozen, Gennies lamp, the old Batman shows used to transition like this. If you look closely at the Magazine on the
floor it says Paradise and that island in the background is Moana’s island. We’ve got a little hide and seek going on
with Pascall, he’s hanging out in the room as well.>>Ariel: I never thought I’d get to wear
a real, what’s it called again? Oh yeah, shirt.>>Crazy Nate: When all of the Princess get
comfortable they’re all wearing shirts customized to their movie. Most of them are self explanatory, but some
of you might not understand the connection on this one. So just in case, NOLA stands for New Orleans
Luisiana which is where Princess Tiana’s from. By the way, there’s another Arendel snow
globe in there. I’d be willing to bet they sell those in the
gift shops at Disney. Product Placement.>>Meredith: fjdsfl fdshfijewj feifjdf dsfsdf
lassie.>>Vanellope: What did she just say?>>Tiana: We don’t know.>>Moana: We can’t understand her.>>Anna: She’s from the other studio.>>Crazy Nate: So since we can jokingly tease
the other studio, I got a question for you Disney. If the other studio is soooo weird, then why
did you have to put your Disney short at the beginning of their movie. One thing that makes Disney and Pixar animators
some of the best in the industry is that they put so much detail into all their work that
we never see. for example, this room is in a circular shape,
and if you look up you will actually see little circles representing each of the princess. They even took the time to decorate the other
side behind the camera you don’t even see, unless of course you look in the mirror at
just the right moment for a fraction of a second. That is dedication editing. Alright, let’s give the princesses a break
for a second, they probably need their beauty sleep.>>eBoy: Let’s hop along Butch Cassidy.>>Crazy Nate: Little EBOY calls Ralph Cassidy,
referring to the famous train robber Butch Cassidy, because he’s obviously convinced
theft is the only way possible that this hobo raised $27,001 in 24 hours. When Vanellope finally finds her voice a one
legged pigeon shows up. Call me crazy if you want, I don’t care, I’m
still going to say it. This is the same famous broom we’ve been
seeing in all these Disney movies. And in the shopping cart there’s a toy of
Fred’s lizard from Big Hero 6, and also Hero’s helmet. That Hazmat suit is from Zootopia and Zootopia’s
hazmat suit is from Breaking bad. Now let’s take a second here and look at this
hotel Lodge sign, if you look closely it’s a little character falling off the sign, but
if you look really closely they land asleep, so they’re literally falling asleep, and if
you really overthink it like the animators of Disney did, it’s Sleepy from the seven
dwarfs falling asleep. Now if that doesn’t kill you this hatchet
might. I mean it almost killed Venelopee. But who threw it? I don’t know who, but I know where they came
from. It probably one of the Pub Thugs from the
Snuggly Duckling in Tangled. How do I know this? Because the hatchet that got thrown is the
same exact one that killed someone in the Pub. Literally. Now for this next one I took extra care to
double check, because me living in the middle of a desert it’s obvious I’m not an expert
at ocean life, and as a lot of you corrected me in my Moana video. That is a manta ray, not a sting ray, and
before making that video I honestly didn’t know the difference between a manta-ray and
a stingray.>>Jenny: Are you stupid or something?>>Crazy Nate: But we all learn something
new every day. And keeping that in mind, Disney is learning
something new every day as well, so I’m not trolling here, but we do need to clear
the air. In this case it looks like Disney didn’t
know their sea creatures either. The shark that comes out of the sewer is a
Great White. Now there’s a lot of similarities between
great whites and a tiger sharks, and I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference
if one of them was swimming right up towards me, so I’m going to go off of what the movie
is saying. And shank calls this shark a Great White.>>Shank: A Great white in the sewer.>>Crazy Nate: Another famous great white
we all know, is Bruce the shark from the iconic movie that makes me scared to even swim inside
a lake, that’s right, we’re talking about Jaws. But what I’m talking about is the license
plate. The license plate that the shark has in it’s
mouth is the easter egg I’m talking about here. It’s the same exact license plate from the
movie Jaws. The problem is Bruce the Great White didn’t
actually swallow the license plate. It was actually this shark which is a tiger
shark. And since I’m not good at naming sea creatures
don’t take my word for it, Matt Hooper, this guy right here, calls it a tiger shark.>>Matt Hopper: Tiger sharks are like a garbage
can, they’ll eat anything. Someone probably threw that in a river.>>Crazy Nate: So this is a great easter egg
to a non Disney movie, but this easter egg is a little bit cracked. If you look at the road map, Slaughter Race
is named after the people of Disney. Check out the map. Johnston St, is named after Phil Johnston
who also voiced Surge Protector as well as co-directed the movie.>>Bing Bong: There’s deja vu.>>Crazy Nate: Moore Ave is named after the
other co-director Rich Moore, Spencer St is named after Clark Spencer the producer. Chen Parkway is named after Helen Mingjue
Chen the Associate production designer.>>Andy Bernard: Nailed it.>>Crazy Nate: Fritz Parkway. I don’t know what that’s about. Lechner Ave is named after Matthias Lechner
from Art Direction, Kersavage St is named after Scott Kersavage which is the visual
effects supervisor, and lastly we have Berts Chop Shop, and no it’s not named after Bert
and Ernie. It’s probably named after Bert Klein who
is one of the animators. I’m willing to bet that they worked on this
scene. Now we all saw the A113 on the wall backstage,
but did you see the A113 in the virus? Keep your eyes open for the disturbing font
and you will see in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen this is a camouflaged A, then
sneaking over right next to it is a 113. Put them together and what have you got? A113. There’s a Disney sign, and a 2D Mickey sign,
and this building is literally in the shape of r2D2. Which is also bigger than the YouTube building. All in good fun of course, even Disney can
troll sometimes. If you watch closely in the credits you can
literally see a mickey troll, and of course another 2D Mickey If you remember before the movie came out,
they had a trailer for the movie with a girl playing a game on her iPad, but it wasn’t
anywhere in the movie. Well, if you wait till the credits ended you
would see a post credit scene addressing your little complaint.>>Mom: Hey Mo, did you like the movie sweety?>>Moana: Well, there was a scene in the trailer
that wasn’t in the movie, and that makes me sad.>>Mom: Awe, that’s too bad, maybe play your
game will cheer you up.>>Moana: OK, Pancake. Milkshake. Pancake. Pancake. Milkshake.>>Wreck-it Ralph: Ooh! Ooh, ooh! I wanna try, I wanna
try, I wanna try! My turn, my turn. Pancake. Milkshake. Milkshake. Milkshake. Pancake. Pancake. Milkshake. Milkshake. I’m starting to understand why people like
this game! Very zen!>>Vanellope: Hey, everybody! Look what I found! More pancakes!>>Wreck-it Ralph: Sweet! Let’s speed it up! Pancake, pancake, pancake, pancake, pancake,
pancake, pancake, pancake, pancake, pancake, pancake, pancake, pancake, pancake. Eat, little bunny. Eat, eat, eat!>>Vanellope: Ralph, you might wanna try feeding
the kitty for a little while.>>Ralph: No, the kitty gets the milkshake! The bunny gets the pancake! (Moana screams)>>Crazy Nate: If you made it this far that
means you enjoy the show, so you should probably subscribe and click the little bell so you
don’t miss our next adventure. Let me know what movie you want to talk about
next, and remember most importantly of all Gents and Gentlets, share a smile, they are
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