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Ramon pursue karate and study for his family | MMK (With Eng Subs)

Ramon pursue karate and study for his family | MMK (With Eng Subs)

Sensei! Why? I… I would like to
study again, Sensei. He couldn’t express
himself in English. That’s why I’m here
as interpreter. I want to study again because… …I promised my mother that
I’ll train and study. After that, I’ll go to work. He’s asking if he can go back to
school while he’s training here because he promised his mom that
he would finish his education to be able to get a
decent job in the future. Uchi-deshi! Yes, Sensei? Who among you have
have not finished highschool yet? Okay. Whoever wants
to study like Ramon… …should study. I will provide everything
you need in school. There’s life outside
of this dojo. I want you to value education so you can be successful
in other fields, not only in karate. You should not stop learning because life
never stops teaching. Yes, Sensei! With Sensei Steven’s help,
I went back to high school. I juggled training and school. While I got better in karate, I got closer to my dream
of graduating. Nay! – Ramon!
– Kuya! How are you? I have a surprise for you. – Congrats, dear.
– Thank you. Come here. You’re just in time. We’re about to eat. Dear, I’m sorry. We weren’t able to
go to your graduation. Your Ate Grace and I
couldn’t get off work. It’s okay. We still have my
college graduation. Let’s eat the cake! – Let’s celebrate!
– This looks good! Open it. When’s your next karate fight? I promise, we’ll all watch. We’ll cheer for you. Ma, if Papa were here… …would he be proud? Your father’s been gone
for years now. Let’s not get our hopes up… …that he’ll come back. I’m not hoping. I just want to know
why he did that. Why did he give up? He’s the one who told me
never to give up. He left this family and
when he did, we all suffered! Did he ever even love us, Ma? The important thing is that
we got back up. We managed to get by
without him. Your brothers will
be able to go to school. You… You’ll go to college. Dear… I hope you can
forgive your father. He didn’t ask for forgiveness. Even so! What’s important is… …you get rid of
the anger in your heart. Until you learn to forgive… …you’ll never get by in life. You’ll never be truly happy.

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